One thought on “DMR gets new furniture for the 6th Floor Executive Offices…..”

  1. My Fellow Americans,

    This may come to a surprise to some but I will interject an honest opinion here. Even though I have my reserved opinions about the RRRSM and Cronys installed at the DMR, Inhabe to call it like I see it.

    First off, the price may seem outrageous, but this is no fault of the DMR. Office furniture is far over priced and it’s nothing but pressed wood junk. When you combine this with the fact that government agencies must purchase certain goods from government suppliers, this can have an outcome on the final price. The manufactures and distributers are having a field day selling junk at a high price and people fall for it.

    On the other side. I will claim ignorance because I’m not sure if this is reckless spending or furniture was actually needed. I wouldnt be surprised either way and I am sure we will find out soon enough. 😉

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