Profiles in courage: Ocean Springs Planning Commission Tables Walker B&B Use Permit

Folks if a B&B in Ocean Springs requires only a Use permit instead of a Conditional Use permit Walker family attorney Billy Guice is right. Wes Muller’s story quotes Billy Guice as saying “Use Permit” and if that is the case the people over on East Beach that will be impacted may well be screwed.

If all that is true the problem is not the Walkers, rather it is the City Ordinance. File this one under there goes the neighborhood.

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  1. Connect the “dots”. Billy Guice – attorney hired by JCBS for SRHS scandal. Danny Guice – appointed interim director at MDMR in midst of Walker debacle and claimed to have found the missing millions of dollars of Tidelands monies but wouldn’t produce the proof and we never found those monies. Jeff Guice – qualified and won spot that Danny Guice once held and that Scott Walker was trying to qualify for with the Gulf Hills property bought with public funds and the blind eye of the Land Trust – all involved can be tied to the corruption running rampant.

    And, who did Scott Walker work for? Maxell-Walker consultant. Robbie Maxwell – former Pascagoula police officer and mayor – front man for Trent Lott. I remember Maxwell from my teenage years as one of the officers picking up the “vig” from Jimmy Touchet’s betting office behind the old po’boy shop and bar he ran on Ingalls Avenue. Same ole bunch of good ole boys recruiting the likes of Scott Walker, his Dad, and others to join the KoolAid train and carry on the legacy.

    1. Easy Hotrod.

      I beg to differ about Danny Guice as I do not believe he is apart of the RRRSM. I am quite sure he has political connections but it’s obvious he is not a member of the inner circle like the fuck stick who runs the place now.

      Guice took the job and started doing what was right. He didn’t go in there like a wrecksless robotic machine and start firing people left and right and hiring his buddies.

      Maybe the reason he was moved out of the picture was because he wouldn’t play the Frontier Strategies game and fired the Hebert Cult. He wasn’t there long enough for anyone to judge his overall performance.

      1. Agree on everything about Guice. He was top notch while at the DMR. He was friendly, respectful, and encouraged us to speak to media about what was going on and has the employees respect. He was truly a stand up guy while he was with us at the Bolton building

    2. You need to do some investigation J C, because it is my opinion that you should post an apology to Danny Guice for the misrepresentative remarks made on his behalf.
      Danny Guice tried to do what was right and is NOT part of the gang…and that is why he was forced to retire imo. He was replaced by a much lesser individual with much less qualifications and experience; and further isn’t qualified or capable of being a dog catcher imho. There is no way he could come close to filling Danny Guice’s shoes….but he is a great puppet and yes man for Puhl-ass-o and Philly and Billy the boy. Their time is almost nigh, and they know it. Let the charges and lawsuits begin!

  2. Sun Herald says’ ….other homeowners are on a list ahead of the Walkers..’

    If others are ahead seeking a permit why are the Walkers’ case being heard now ?
    I know – Sly Walker drinks powered Guice with its Vit $$$$$.

    Can you image weekend weddings in your neighborhood ? I would file a civil suit against the Council for degrading the worth of my home!

    1. You’re confusing the short term rental ordinance covering AirBnB type rentals which requires a conditional use permit with the one covering traditional Bed and Breakfasts, which based on Guise’s remarks requires only a use permit.

      1. The SunHerald says there is a list for permits with other people on. That list is for B&B right?

        What use is a wedding classified as?

        The Sun Herald needs to author a clearer picture so people can understand the issues. Like print the ordinance and definitions of use Sun Herald that’s your job.

        1. So if it’s a “bed and breakfast” who will be doing the laundry and making the beds? Who cooks the breakfast part of the “bed and breakfast”?

          When there’s a light bulb to change, or a stopped up toilet overflows, who will be handling it?

          So what I’m asking is can a “bed and breakfast” have employees? If so, where do the employees park?

        2. Luckily for us Ocean Springs has a very good website with all the Municipal Ordinances available online. The permit limit was on AirBnB type short term rentals. Here is the related ordinance adopted last year [pdf file].

          RFP, given the impacts of the two plane crashes Scott Walker has survived I can’t imagine he could physically perform the routine housekeeping tasks day in and day out that goes with operating a B&B. Given the Sun Herald’s welcome home reporting when Scott was released from jail Trinty Walker lacks the experience to efficiently perform those tasks. I think she also has a full time job at Memorial Hospital.

          The housekeeping could be contracted out along with the meal prep but the parking issues would be the same.

          1. Section 401- R-1 Residential Uses:

            Under 401.3(8):’ Owner must live on property of B&B and there shall be no more than four rooms for rent and under parking there is to be one space per room ( in parking ordinance says also need two extra parking places beside one for each room). Signs are not to be lighted and less than 6′ in any dimension.’

            Peeking Tom Alert : Also under Section 902 Violations and Penalties>>>>>>>>>>

            ‘Any person, firm or corp. who shall knowingly willfully violate any zoning shall be guilty of misdemeanor and upon conviction be sentenced to pay $100 per day for violation…….’

            Old Sly Walker is on probation so get yo’ field glasses out and lets make him tow the line or give him some misdemeanors and fines for probation officer….

            If Sly had rented property earlier without first getting use permit that would automatically be one misdemeanor already.

            1. Does the kitchen where the help will be cooking breakfast ( breakfast ONLY- see below) need to meet some codes?

              What about things like smoke alarms emergency exit signs and etc?


              401.3 Uses permitted after public notice and hearing and recommendation by the planning commission and approval by the mayor and board of aldermen.


              Bed and breakfast type enterprises, including the furnishing of board or lodging, not to exceed four (4) rentable rooms, provided that the facility is in accordance with all applicable fire and health codes as would apply if such facility was located within a commercial zone and designated as a commercial venture therein; provided that off-street parking is available to accommodate one vehicle per room of the facility including resident manager(s) and provided that the owner of the facility resides upon the property. Meals furnished to guests only and shall be continental breakfasts.

            2. Locke

              Bingo. He should be held liable unless Trinity is the person who set all this up. If in fact Scotty Boy did, he should be charged accordingly and it should be reported to the parole board. There should be no special favors but there probably will be. After all, the SH still labels him above anything else as a “businessman” rather than a convict.

              1. EyeSpy:

                But in Truth Sly Walker is a “businessman” – however the SH forgot the adjective of “crony” which is a specialty which carries the post graduate designation of Ph.D. CB.

                Which brings up the idea of a B&B business card ….

                House of Crony Cards
                ‘stay with us and dream of becoming a crony’

                Host: Scott Walker Ph.D. CB
                On premises and Probation

                Join us and select from four plush rooms each with its distinctive motif featuring a powerful political crony principle,namely The Graft Room with green walls and bedspread,The Fisheries Room with wall deorderizers featuring fishy odors, The Jail House Room featuring shower soap on a rope so you don’t have to bend over and finally The Probation Room with DVDs to watch helping those that don’t want to get caught again.

                Image seeing yo’ host flip his infamous crony bacon, bake his famous Crony Cornbread topped off with a bounty of greasy,graft gravy and served with with either freshly squeezed Guice or hot herbal tea served by an in -house waitress dressed in Gucci Gucci from head to toe.

    1. LOL

      Mr. Rodgers, my thoughts exactly. Scott Walker has been documented telling some fairly contridictary stories since his departure from the FEDERAL BABY SITTING PEN.

  3. All Scott Walk needs is help going back to Jail. No sympathy no special treatment.He is a pile of shit from head to toe.

    1. LOL Hammer

      A pile of shit is about right and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Walkers are a staged marriage. I think there is a lot more happening behind closed doors than the public sees. 😉

  4. I had a close encounter with an East Beach resident yesterday who told me that Scott and Trinity Walker do not care if the city approves their B&B request. They are currently renting the place out to all kinds of folks with different strokes and continue to take reservations.The will not cease and desist.This has me wondering why Mayor Moran make such a big deal about a fake KKK flyer produced by teenagers? She calls a news conference and claims this is terrorizing LGBT residents. At the meeting of the Mississippi Rising Coalition she told all that the city of Ocean Springs will not tolerate this type of activity. Why does the good mayor and other city officials not do something about the Walkers terrorizing their neighbors.Call a news conference and demand that this type of inconsiderate behavior displayed by this “local businessman” be stopped immediately. Maybe a flyer about the Walkers illegal activities could be produced. I think if someone placed in the flyer in a Ziploc bag, then placed in the driveway of Doug Myatt for he and his fiance Brandon Hall to read, just might get city hall in gear. They could even get the Mississippi Rising Coalition involved. Just some Sunday morning thoughts about some real issues that deserve immediate attention

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