DMR Miscellany: Public Notice plus meet the Marine Fisheries Employee of the Quarter

First I’d like to introduce everyone to Jeff Grant, who was recognized as Marine Fisheries Employee of the Quarter less than a year ago.

Courtesy of Jeff Grant
Courtesy of Jeff Grant

Jeff was even recommended for a promotion last October.

Public document courtesy of Jeff Grant
Public document courtesy of Jeff Grant

About 6 months after being promoted, Jeff was fired from his job at DMR. It is a stunning turn of events considering that at the time he was 9 months removed from being employee of the quarter. A week or so ago Jeff stopped in and shared some of his story, which can found in comments to this post. Jeff welcome to the community here at Slabbed.

DMR Executive Director Jamie Miller’s reputation as a “blunt force” manager continues to the topic of much chatter there at the Bolton Building as well as among former employees.

And of course we have public notice of a public hearing. Folks, June 14, 2016 is one happening day here on the coast with Scott Walker’s B&B Hearing in Ocean Springs and the DMR Oyster Aquaculture meeting in the Pass.

Courtesy of a Reader
Courtesy of a Reader

24 thoughts on “DMR Miscellany: Public Notice plus meet the Marine Fisheries Employee of the Quarter”

  1. Again I would like to say nobody “provided” said materials that I have in my possession. The prospect of having to find or look for a job at age 40 is a very ill feeling. I got 3 months behind on an almost paid off mortgage. Plus I was still going to University of South Alabama 3 days a week driving 110 miles. So not exactly a schedule conducive to finding employment. I had no choice but to take a lump sum on my retirement money a small but usable 22,000 after taxes and 11 years of working for the state.

  2. How “dirty” is this,..??? My direct supervisor and his boss were out of town and not at work. They absolutely had no knowledge or say in the decision. They also are not in contact with me so for the record there should be no blowback or retaliation done to them. The deed went down in the “masters” office with any information being given to me. An employee in HR said they had a question for me. I went upstairs and there was a dismissal letter for me.

  3. How “dirty” is this,..??? My direct supervisor and his boss were out of town and not at work. They absolutely had no knowledge or say in the decision. They also are not in contact with me so for the record there should be no blowback or retaliation done to them. The deed went down in the “masters” office with any information being given to me. An employee in HR said they had a question for me. I went upstairs and there was a dismissal letter for me.

  4. In the HR directors office stood two Marine Patrol officers. When I entered they searched my person. I was asked if I had any weapons, really people??? Then HR director said this meeting is not going to be good. I was then handed a dismissal letter. In all my life people I have never been treated like such a piece of s.,.!!! They refused to allow me to even get my school books and items from my office. Everything was boxed up for me. My remaining time and leave balance was greatly reduced be a they made my pay that of a hourly employee after my dismissal. Truly people, I was one of only about 8-10 people left over from the last administration. I was as loyal as loyal can be. I filed for unemployment and received my first pay last week. I waited a little while because I knew I had money left from work. Then the unemployment agency made me wait because I received my retirement. Any question I can answer I will do my best. I will not however, publicly bad mouth or character assassinate anyone from my former work place or on this blog, thanks..

  5. Jeff

    Thanks for sharing your DMR experiences. It seems yours is quite familiar to all the others I have heard. I think I can see that you would not be a favorable employee within the DMR. You speak up and stand up for yourself.

  6. Yes Eye, indeed I have never been too politically correct. I am more of the man type that gives respect when I receive same said respect. Unfortunately in that building and in many parts of our society today, that word has lost a lot of its meaning.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised that being politically correct or pimping your buddy out to HR or Jamie Miller are two of the secret requirements for holding a job at the DMR. I say this because all the stars seem to align this way. Also, probably as soon as this post is publicized the HR women will be scanning and copying this post for her own useless files which amount to shit. She is treading water and her own known survival technique is to attempt to attack and thwart others to save her own ass under the barbaric dictatorship Miller has created.

  7. I have met Miller and he seems pompous and another Napoleon, has the short man syndrome. Give them a little authority and next thing they think they are King…. Too bad the Governor still calls the final shots.
    So sorry for you Jeff, yes politics are brutal.

  8. Are we surprised that the ‘short man syndrome’ Miller fired someone in the way that Jeff Grant was shown the door? Hell no, Miller was hired by Bryant even though more qualified people had their resumes in for the position. Business as usual at DMR! I’m just sorry so many good people work there because they need the job and have to work for a dictator.

  9. It is not surprising that another employee bits the dust. I have been hearing of Jeff’s departure for several weeks now. I was not aware of the military style of the firing. Is this how they dismiss all DMR employees or just the Fisheries employees? Or was there something is particular Jeff that upset the Cake Eater? Seems awfully extreme to be body searched and thrown out by law enforcement. Was it the law enforcement officer that was having the sexual affair or was it the officer that got away with the DUI on the Biloxi Bridge? Maybe a member of the political cook team or the nephew of the aunt that is pillaging the grants to support the lifestyle of the rich and elite on the 6th floor. Can’t rap too many DMR vehicle around them trees and not have replacement funds. The irony of it is laughable.

    1. As the details on Jeff’s termination trickle in, the word that comes to mind to describe the events is cowardice and that would not be on Jeff’s part.

      1. Thumbs up Doug. I prey each day for labor lawsuits to smoke this crony heading the DMR. If one were to ever come to light I bet the HR director would be one of the first to be thrown under the bus by the Regime.

        1. Your wish may be coming true Miss Eye. You and Doug Handshoe should take a look at that site that you all go to when you want to check out current lawsuits. I think that only attorneys have access to it. I was shown a copy of a lawsuit today that is circulating. And it looks to me like someone at your favorite agency has messed with the wrong person! And it also looks to me like the “Cake Eater” you people speak of must be woofing down ulcer medicine and/or changing her depends hourly because she will have a lot of explaining to do. As will many others.
          I tried, but could not get a copy of it to post for the site. Maybe you or Doug can work your magic and will be successful!

          1. My Fellow Americans,

            I am sure we will see very soon if this is true. If it is, it could open up a pile of other stuff and I hope it does. Hold on tight, this may be the start of a dirty legal war. 😉

          2. My Fellow Americans and Mona,

            I can assure you that I am not a legal guru nor a lawyer. However, I have been around long enough to have learned about employee rights in the workplace and understand what turns on lawyers.

            If a lawsuit was in fact filed, I am pretty sure by theory of probability that it has merit and it is most likely related to some sort of violation as outlined in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This is just a guess.

            If a lawsuit was in fact filed, I would guess that it most likely holds some significant weight in order for a lawyer to take the case. I say this because Mississippi a right to work state (typically against unions) and a lot of lawyers around here do not tackle or pursue cases in regards to employment unless there is loot to be made. A perfect example would be a race related issue which violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

            Time will tell but I gotta hunch this one may be the tip of the iceberg. Also, if a suit was filed on a legitimate claim against the DMR, I see it already playing out like a video recording. The HR director will stand tall that management directed her such actions while Jamie Miller and the management regime will claim they were going along with the guidance and advice from HR. It would be dog eat dog–but, Jamie has already established created a path to self destruction which entails multiple witnesses and a pattern of behavior based on what I have heard. 😉

          3. Mona,

            Would you care to elaborate on what you actually saw? I have no interest in names but what was the allegation against the agency? What court was it filed in?

            1. I do not remember the exact words for the charge, but it had to do with the same type of thing that the leaders at the DMR specialize in. This was about a termination that was unwarrented among other things. As far as the rest of the legal mumbo jumbo – where is it filed, etc. – I didn’t notice as I am not the legal eagle type. Sorry. But it did looked pretty official to me. I guess we will all know about it before too much longer.
              Isn’t there someplace that you or one of the bloggers used to go to and look up these things? I can’t remember the name of the site but someone on here knows how to search for these type of things.

    2. Brilliant post Point Park. I find it funny how certain individuals appear to be able to get away with alcohol related incidents but Mr. Bradley appears to have been worthless in the eyes of certain people.

  10. As the grape vine goes i hear Jamie is up to having secret meetings. If this is true i am sure people are getting screw. The grape vine also has the commission holding short notice meetings to keep the public attendance down. If all of this is true it looks like the same old bullshit is live and well at the DMR

    1. Yes to both. And they don’t tell us about the CMR meetings either in fear of us leaking the information. If we are lucky enough, we stumble across the sign on the door downstairs a few minutes before the meetings start

  11. Hammer Time, yes I have now heard the same. The 6th floor is doing everything possible to save a sinking ship. Doing everything possible to deny the public the right to speak on how this is going to impact them. And doing everything he can to protect the silly little politically assembled Governor’s Oyster Plan. All the while doing everything he can to funnel back door “sub” contracts to his political connected best buds, Joe Cloyd and Adam Dial. Jamie has given them so much untraceable money they have open a cute cottage on Porter Street in Ocean Springs so Scott Walker can have a place to book all the customers at his bed and breakfast and to arrange charters on the DMR Boston Whaler. And the Marine Commission is now on board they are having a secret meeting tomorrow morning. Sneaking in under the publics eye by posting a “notice” at 5 oclock today for a meeting tomorrow morning. That’s the way the “new” transparent DMR operates. Going to discuss ways to give more of the publics resources to the seafood mafia in Bayou Caddy. Nik Gollott will have to call in favors of ole Uncle Chairman to get some prime bottomland real estate. All the while DOOFAS HOSEman is standing on his Deer Island pier due south of the Gollott leased Margaretville property waving the Jackson folks to come on over and see the 1,000 piling oyster operation on the “Coastal Preserves.” Ya’ll come back ya hear.

  12. Jeff Grant was given a second chance after his 2008 incident. He should have been immediately fired from his position back then, but was given help and another chance to do right. It looks to me like he can’t keep it together. While he was in a certain facility, I watched him spit in another mans face to get a reaction. Apparently, they both had Alpha personalities and he didn’t like that. The other guy kept his cool, which I understand, because he would have faced 5 years if he reacted to Jeff’s nonsense. I commend that guy for that. It’s good to see that Karma is real. Jeff did it to himself. Crack is a hell of a drug.

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