2 thoughts on “Hank Greenberg, where have I heard that name before???”

  1. http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2010/10/meet-the-leader-of-eliot-spitzers-smear-campaign/64361/

    These guys play dirty. His attack dog has a tattoo of Richard Nixon in his back. Strange to say the least. Spritzer and Greenberg probably were members of the same religious and social clubs. So I would imagine it is a blood feud for the direction and control of the group-in some level. More a blood bath now. Hank Greengerg would have delayed this but his 10 million dollar donation to Bush seems to have been wasted money.

  2. Than again never believe Hank Greenberg would not bet in two horses in the same race—
    Very interesting work on Trumps political advisor going back to the days of New York Casino operations. Small world and sounds like a guy who used to post on the AIG message board circula 2005.


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