Supreme Court grants Cert on Ex Rel Rigsby….

Breaking news this AM on twitter folks. Look for State Farm to do well in what has been a very favorable venue for them so the case is bound to die there. After all, the NFIP ratepayers are really a bunch of freeloaders and all 5,206,241 of you don’t equal up to one member of the Rust family let alone State Farm in the eyes of the Supreme Court.

Finally for those that missed it last week we have this from PBS and our own Magnum:

The Business of Disaster ~ PBS Frontline

5 thoughts on “Supreme Court grants Cert on Ex Rel Rigsby….”

  1. Different court. I have a hunch the Supremes will leave the decision alone. Is there some type of legal issue such as immunity in play?

    While I do believe the 5th Circuit’s decision will be affirmed, I am surprised the Supremes even granted Writs.

    1. I’d like to think you are right and hope you are but there are some seriously out of touch people on the USSC.

  2. There is no assurance with insurance unless you have the best legal team on the planet and willing to see the case thru for years and years. What about the increase of 20% or better in auto insurance policies coming? Is this due to the losses from floods or just pure greed.

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