Let the Midnight Special….

My experience is a semi-monthly payroll works best for salaried employees due to the vagaries of overtime calculations and such for hourly employees. Holding back two weeks of time is at least one week more than what I’d term normal in the local private sector (and the limits of what is legal in many states) but don’t take it from me:

Are you paying your employees correctly? A guide to payroll frequencies ~ Carla Savchuk

Holding back two weeks of time tells me it is either understaffed in accounting, the people in accounting are lazy and/or incompetent or that Jamie Miller and his executive team did not think this memo that he sent out completely through before he sent it. It was leaked here to Slabbed as DMR employees are too afraid to ask these very basic questions of their leadership. Make no mistake however, the new DMR payroll frequencies are within the limits of what few Mississippi laws there are in this area so you employees would be wise not to complain or you’ll get in trouble with the man.

Courtesy of Anonymous
Courtesy of Anonymous

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  1. WOW !!
    So for the month of July the employees will not be receiving any money until the end of the month???
    Very poor planning. These employees will not have any money to pay their monthly obligations until end of month. Why not pay first month on 15th as scheduled in new payroll period?

    1. If everyone is salaried it is easy to figure leave and hold no time back except under extraordinary circumstances.

      If DMR has hourly employees then going to a semi monthly pay period is moronic from an accounting standpoint. From a management standpoint playing with people’s paychecks is very ill advised.

    2. Because they do not care. Seriously the fact that the email is on this site tells you of the conditions those people are working in some for only like 32,000 and that’s with a bachelor’s degree.

  2. It sounds like a spoiled child that just feels because he has the right to he has too. I’m being told that Jamie has credit card issues and needs his money now and he knows that and cares less how the employees “feel”. Remember this is the man that brought you dress policies, clothes policies, social media policies, PFD policies, so he can control the employees. All this while roasting turkeys in the parking lot for the Commissioners, free fish fry for the politicians and let’s not forget all those inside contracts to Joe Cloyd, Adam Dial and Gulf Coast Frontier. I am told they hire more and more unqualified insiders on the 6th floor because they are unable to perform their duties. But rather than hire a qualified outsider and risk being exposed they prefer the next door neighbor’s daughter, the politicians nephew, a fellow pew member, or the patrol officers aunt. Just because you can doesn’t meant you should.

    1. No doubt about it. These people are nothing more than spoiled privliged brats. To bad nothing will ever be done because the Regime is so thick and deeply embedded.

  3. I agree the current Governor and Steven Palazoo are covering deep. But one day like all other corrupt politicians that think they are untouchable they will be exposed. I won’t blame they the most. I’m going to blame the corrupt and morally bankrupt citizens they keep electing these thugs. They have to be held morally accountable for their vote. They are the ones that are ultimately responsible for these thugs and the complete waste of our tax dollars.

    1. Point Park

      I could not agree more. The Regime and majority of ignorant voters in Mississippi are what keeps this machine alive. A welfare collecting machine that is.

    1. I worked there almost 11 years until this year on March 17. I contracted a bacteria in my hand while cleaning a fish and almost died. I told the HR department it was not actually workers compensation and that I was at home on a Saturday when I did it.

  4. I was told by Christry Royals the HR director that she would decide what was workers comp. Anyway I was in the hospital for 3 days and two weeks later I get called up the HR department for a meeting. It was a dismissal letter. They discontinued my employment for no reason except that of course I was a time limited employee. I have since filed unemployment and was approved for that, I had never filed unemployment in my life. Would you all like to know some of the crazy stuff that goes on down there??? Doug I would like you to get in touch with me maybe we can call it, the lying on certified seafood testing chronicles,…

  5. The move to getting two paychecks a month thing was because masters secretary wanted to get paid twice a month. So out of the entire agency one employee has messed up the bills and pay period for about 100 employees.

  6. That memo ain’t nothing Doug I have flash drive with the entire budget on it. Including and not limited to the entire budget and management of the EDRP I and the EDRP II.,,

  7. And yes this is my real name. I was the hardest working state worker that place has ever seen. I was literally washing a state vehicle when I was called on my personal cell phone to come up to the 6th floor,, you see I happen to be from Gulfport and my ONLY fault at that place was having the misfortune to have known master since grade school

  8. And yes although educated I still felt no problems washing trucks or anything thing else. The only thing I will miss is going to schools and doing stuff like explaining marine resources and having fish dissecting classes at local high schools. I did get called in an office about 1 month last year after being named employee of the quarter. I was asked why I had a non-agency hat on the Wednesday before. I was told that the agency director had called me out for this issue in a meeting with all department heads. I told the person questioning me that, “that last Wednesday I was off and visiting the Mississippi State Tax Commission to pay some taxes. I said that I will were whatever hat I choose when I am not working. ( I promise I’m trying to get over all the going baldness thing,) I then told the person that the director should have never mentioned an employee in your department in from of everyone. I told the person it was disrespectful and that you could tell management I said so. I left that office saying that I Also intended to tell the director what I thought about it as well.

  9. I was Not scared when I worked their, although a lot of people are. I can understand that. You see my “job” is not what defines me,… I am first a full grown man that only answers to my family. Second I have not managed to get myself caught up in the oh we are buried in bills thing. Getting my retirement and getting my house within a year of being paid off at the age of 40 is a great thing. I wish no one at that agency Any ill will and have no resentment, ( well um,.. Ok maybe just about 10 percent),…

  10. They had been reimbursing me to go back to school at the University of South Alabama or a year and a half before all that happened this year. I was supposed to be promoted when I was done this May. I guess it would be easier to hire contract workers with no degree??????

  11. Oh Well, Jeff, I guess you better than anyone knows how the system works. Sometimes when a person is put in a position of authority, it definitely goes to their head and forgets where they come from. Jamie is young and feels he is untouchable. He is the “Director”….. Maybe more good people will come forward and tell us more unsatisfactory conditions that are being put on the little guy.

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