Supreme Court grants Cert on Ex Rel Rigsby….

Breaking news this AM on twitter folks. Look for State Farm to do well in what has been a very favorable venue for them so the case is bound to die there. After all, the NFIP ratepayers are really a bunch of freeloaders and all 5,206,241 of you don’t equal up to one member of the Rust family let alone State Farm in the eyes of the Supreme Court.

Finally for those that missed it last week we have this from PBS and our own Magnum:

The Business of Disaster ~ PBS Frontline

Let the Midnight Special….

My experience is a semi-monthly payroll works best for salaried employees due to the vagaries of overtime calculations and such for hourly employees. Holding back two weeks of time is at least one week more than what I’d term normal in the local private sector (and the limits of what is legal in many states) but don’t take it from me:

Are you paying your employees correctly? A guide to payroll frequencies ~ Carla Savchuk

Holding back two weeks of time tells me it is either understaffed in accounting, the people in accounting are lazy and/or incompetent or that Jamie Miller and his executive team did not think this memo that he sent out completely through before he sent it. It was leaked here to Slabbed as DMR employees are too afraid to ask these very basic questions of their leadership. Make no mistake however, the new DMR payroll frequencies are within the limits of what few Mississippi laws there are in this area so you employees would be wise not to complain or you’ll get in trouble with the man.

Courtesy of Anonymous
Courtesy of Anonymous