Feel free to place your DMR dirt here

Its been a while since I’ve heard this much chirping out of the Bolton Building but I’m not ready to repeat specifics quite yet:

Anyone wishing to add to this is welcome to share in comments.

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  1. The RFP is out for engineering management services pertaining to the Restore Act money. Some think the selection has already been decided by the shadow powers that have the ability to place who they want in this crucial position. As we know from past experiences these large pools of money get the schemers scheming and the BP money is already being proposed to be used for everything but restoring the marine environment. Watch this selection process. All money spending decisions flow through the hands of the men who get this contract.

  2. Here’s another one you can add to your files Royals.

    No big surprise here. As soon as the governor put this slimy crony in this position I knew it would all be the same shit but a different look. The operations units have been mobilized.

  3. According to recreational fishermen who witnessed the deed:

    a) 4 pogy boats with nets in the water just off Long Beach harbor. Vacuuming fish onto the mother ship.

    b) Call goes into marine enforcement (DMR) to report that they’re fishing inside their 1 mile limit.

    c) No one sees enforcement respond.

    d) All boats abruptly quit fishing and disappear.

    e) Dead fish (primarily pogies) begin washing onto the beach in West Gulfport.

    f) DMR reports no evidence that Omega Protein (the pogy plant) was involved.

      1. DMR unable to admit real cause?

        Due to the upcoming long weekend and recent rainy weather there is much more lawn mowing being done on the coast. The lawnmower fumes when blown offshore and then precipitated into the GOM and the near shore waters can kill fish.

        Ever since Phildo’s infamous lawnmower fumes proclamation all mention of lawnmowers and their fumes has been embargoed by all state agencies. All official PR mouthpieces must obtain prior approval at the highest levels to use certain words. Lawnmower and fumes are on the censored list. As are: pollution, cronyism, theft by appropriation, living high on the hog, slopping at the trough, and all mention of Walker.

  4. DSA Department of Sexual Affairs. First they hire the ex-Governors pardoned sex predator in Coastal. Haley and Phil working together for a second chance, but all “those other” sex offenders can go to hell. Then the sex scandal in Marine Patrol would have never come to light had it not been for the Shampoo Girl in OS. I have heard that the female officer was fired but the male officer is still there enforcing “men” haden interactions. Now they have a new attorney that is on the Ashley Madison list. This all at taxpayers expense. Speaking of expense I keep hearing of the $2,000 rugs on the 6th floor for the rich elite to wipe their feet on. High backed leather chairs to lounge in, $30,000 in “artwork” lavish the walls of the crystal palace on the 6th floor. No expense spared for this group of thugs. I am hearing they are bleeding the grants dry to afford this. Barbara Levine is front and center in draining and funneling all the money into this lavish lifestyle of the rich and elite on the 6th floor. That name should sound familiar. She’s the aunt of the Marine Patrol officer that has the habit of wrapping state vehicles around trees off duty. So much for the new “transparent” administration. Same old news. And remember that donut eater from the Sun Herald hired to suppress it all. Gets the bonus perk with that big wide screen TV. Trying desperately to see how the new DMR is any different from the old DMR.

  5. Also just heard that Miller and the Cake eater are conspiring together to steal two weeks salary from the DMR employees. I am being told that Jamie and the HR director have switched the DMR employees to a two week pay cycle and are withholding the first two weeks in a special interest paying account to pay for all the upgrades on the 6th floor. The story I’m hearing is that these thugs will force all the employees without any consent or input to participate in this pat program. They will work an entire month and only be paid for two weeks. I was told they had a big meeting and the Cake Eater handed out a memo and then asked if anyone had any questions. The employees were so fearful they would loose their jobs no one spoke up. Sounds like they are about to pint the walls gold up there on the 6th with all the employee salaries.

    1. Correct. No one dares to speak up against the adminisyration. Its either shut up and do your job or find another one.

  6. So Sad our new Director is just another puppet for the Governor. We all know the Gov appoints this position, but can’t we get someone who is independent in their actions.
    Oh I forgot, this is politics…… Too bad Dave Dennis did not win for Governor, this state would be run so clean and good for all. But as we all know, the good guys don’t win in elections. But maybe Trump will prevail. He’s no politician and says what he wants.

    1. I spoke up and I have a lot more to say. I am not scared and have a truck of dirt to share stay tunes friends. Read my comments yesterday under the pay period article on the first page!!!

  7. Shrimp season off to a slow start… Lol. It wasn’t science that opened our season this year, it was your CMR chairman Gollott making a call wanting it open. Send him your thanks

    1. Richard “Fish The Gulf Dry” Gollott should be removed from the CMR. He should have never been appointed in the first place but I’m sure we have Tommy to thank for that one. If you really want to see this dipshit in action wait until oyster season is in full swing. He will sit at the meeting and keep probing to open up polluted areas. He doesn’t give a rats ass about public safety or the resources as long as the cash flow keeps coming his way. I’m still waiting for the border patrol to raid his plant.

  8. Slabbed People-My friend told me there was some trash talk going on about the Gollott family on slabbed. I can attest to say that this family seems to run the seafood industry in south Mississippi and act like they are untouchable. From what I’ve heard, Richard Gollott seems to be a complete moron. His son Richard is a dumbass too and lives across the street from me and acts like he controls the neighborhood. For the last 15 years he has consistently complained about the most foolish things. He even has gone as far as throwing trash back into our yard because he thought it may have blown into his property. One year he even trapped our cat and took it to the humane society because it was making his neighbors dog bark. We later located our cat in Gulfport and brought him back home. After that I got into an altercation with him and was about to beat his ass in the middle of the street. While conversing he kept backing up towards his property line and didn’t have the guts to trade blows. The comment about the border patrol was funny. I actually took pictures of his Mexican workers a few years back when he had them come over to mow his lawn. Once I did that he started having his lawn mowed during the mid day on week days while I was at work. I notified the local border patrol agents for them to investigate. They didn’t do anything but after a while I saw no more Mexicans coming over to work on his lawn. Hehe

    1. Your comments are pretty awesome. It seems me and you are of the “Man” variety that when all is said and done, will stand up and fight when needed. Keep being a man in light of all the pussies that surround us in Politics….

  9. HAHAHA They have a guy like that in every neighborhood! I have one too. Self appointed Neighborhood mayor. Usually somewhat connected but not enough to do anything but put shit in a tail spin and then they crash!

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