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  1. Well old news but the news at the DMR keeps coming in. Apparently Jamie Miller has gone on a spending spree to support is lavish Washington lifestyle. I have been told that he has purchased $30,000 of paintings that hand all over the 6th floor. New $2,000 logo rugs for the elite elected officials to wipe their privileged feet on. Thousands of dollars of taxpayers funded new furniture for the elite on the 6th floor to lounge in. While the proletariats on the lower floors operate in general issued state wares. I’m not really surprised by any of this. Walker had this elite mentality and see what that got him and now Mr. Miller is up to bat and doing the same things. Although Mr. Pickering will never investigate a Pill Bryant/Steven Palazoo appointee. Guess it’s up to us taxpayers to keep it real.

    And another thing I keep hearing that the DMR is aqua culturing oyster for some political heavy weights, as in big campaign donators. Does anyone have any facts about these rumors they care to share?

    1. You need to check into a friend of the Governor in Stone County. He’s very interested in growing spat for the oyster farms.

  2. Breaking news, I have been told another DMR employee has been fired. A Marine Fisheries Technician employee was fired with no just cause. I was just told the implication was unknown and the employee was not given a reason just shoved out the door with a law enforcement escort with no notification and no notice. I wonder if Mr. Pickering and his fine group of independent investigators are listening. Seems like there is no end to the lack of oversight with this agency. I have said it once before and I’ll say it again DMR need to go back under the authority of Wildlife. Only I think Wildlife would have them with the new group of misfits and Miller in charge.

  3. Bad news out of BR. Mike VI, an eleven year old Bengal Tiger, has cancer of the face, it is inoperable and even with radiation the cancer will eventually get into the highly vascular turbinate bones of Mike’s nose. There will be great debate whether Mike should be viewed in his habitat when his face starts to change. I hope MikeVI will be allowed into his habitat, live as long as he has will to eat and enjoy life without pain, and can see that National Championship crystal ball lifted high to his honor outside his habitat.

    Coach Miles failed to dedicated the second half of the Tigers’ 2015 season to the greatest LSU fan of all time, his name was SID and was a young kid living in Ala., had terminal cancer and was literally willing himself to live to see LSU play its next game .Thank goodness the Lord took SID before SID would see LSU loose to Ala. and its next two SEC foes.

    Hopefully Miles will now wake up and dedicate the Tigers 2016 season to Mike VI and will fight on with Mike VI to beat Ala. and win the National Championship for fighting MIKE !!!!!

  4. If anyone has more info on the aquaculture please share. The Governor has a committee that have identified the sites. So I guess the governor has the last say !!!
    Two of the sites are in Pass Christian. One is just off the shoreline of residential homes in Pass Christian between the 2 bridges and the other site is directly in front of the new Condos at Henderson Point. What a lovely view and location. 24 acres with 900+ pilings. Come on guys, we love oysters, but this endeavor needs to be in a better location. Not where boats are traveling daily and at night from the Gulf back to the Bay, Wolf and Jourdan River.
    They need to move on to the other sites identified in their application.
    Guess the elite were sitting on the new furniture on the 6th floor in their glass tower not worrying about the other end of the Coast… Glad to Have Marlin Ladner for their representative. Someone cares.

  5. As was stated in a comment on the SunHerald article published this AM re oyster farming:
    Whatever king Richard Gollott desires, the CMR will endorse.
    Just as the CMR turned down Jackson Co.’s recent request for minimal restrictions on pogy boats.

  6. I’m hearing the sites were selected specifically at those locations because they had the Governor’s approval. Miller and his aristocratic management style is using the “Governor’s Oyster Report” as a weapon against anyone that speaks up. A word to the wise for all these oppressed citizens and landholders. Read this document; it will set you free. And have your attorney read it because it don’t say what this thug Miller says it does. The concept is good but they are setting it up so a few rich political elite donators to the Governor and other elected official get a stake in this. Then when it goes bust the taxpayers will get stuck holding the short end of the stick. Remember Richard “Fish the Gulf Dry” has a family member that is married to one of the “politically” connected mob seafood bosses in Bayou Caddy. They entertain the Governor with booze cruzes in the marches. It’s an inside deal. I was told by one of the Commissioners that it was pulled from the May agenda at the last minute and switched to the June meeting. They are juggling it so the public won’t come and comment. I encourage everyone to keep and eye on the DMR website for the agenda. Hold a candle to this black storm of deceit and lies. Jamie needs to go back to interior design because he don’t know much about seafood.

  7. Thank You Point Park for this information. Anyone with any insight and knowledge please speak up so the wonderful citizens who are trying to rebuild their community can not have a 24 acres 900+ piling site in front of their homes. This is not only a detriment to their front yards but the safety of boaters in the bay. This plan is so flawed, the Coast Guard can’t even answer questions about the safety precautions that will be taken for night navigation of the Bay around the site such this is a heavy Boat Traffic area.
    The community is NOT against the Oyster Aquaculture, they are only opposing the site.
    I understand on Monday the Board of Supervisors supported their cause and voted 5-0 for a Resolution Opposing the 2 sites at Henderson Point. The Henderson Point community is making progress so far. Now all they need is for the Governor and Jamie Miller to understand the concerns of the homeowners paying taxes and not just the concern of their personal pocketbooks and friends. Most politicians don’t understand this concept.

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