Comments at about fatal Lamborghini crash allegedly reveal the name of the driver

There are facts and then there are what is known as journalistic facts. The former is true dat while the latter is often a contrived fantasy. That said I’ll give a tip of the hat to Emily Lane of for using a trick that Slabbed used to identify the NOLA JD Mystery John. In chronological order two links:

Lamborghini crash victim identified by Orleans Parish coroner ~ Emily Lane, May 5, 2016

No charges yet for Lamborghini’s driver in fatal crash on Tchoupitoulas ~ Emily Lane, May 11, 2016

On the first story commenter rosebud1 identified the driver in comments. The guy must be seriously politically connected because toxicology results come back far quicker than the NOPD is claiming and the local legal profession is beginning to agitate. Prodded by the story’s commenters to yesterday’s story, MS. Lane disclosed an hour or so ago that NOLA had reached out to a 30 year old named Jason Christopher Adams for comment on the persistent allegations he was the driver involved in the fatal crash. This is one of those situations where if the man wasn’t involved, while he certainly has the right to remain silent, he’d be a damn fool to do so. I recommend keeping an eye peeled on Emily Lane to see what they come up with at NOLA.