About this Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton Presidential match-up

For right now I’ll describe it as the most intriguing electoral match-up that no one wanted to see. A Slabbed informal twitter poll indicated that close to 8 in 10 of you think the Clintons are filthy crooks and it is clear to most that Donald Trump is a P. T. Barnum type huckster whose words seldom convey a sincere thought. Hillary Clinton is consummate political insider while Trump has a lifetime track record of renting political insiders like Hillary Clinton.

The delicious ironies and sheer magnitude of the hypocrisy is amusing, especially the competing narratives about evangelical Christians and the Trump candidacy put out by some of the same political elites that previously foisted depraved reprobates like Newt Gingrich on the party faithful. Trump has expanded the GOP voter base with a message that appeals to the blue collar crowd in places like Pennsylvania and Ohio like no presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan and despite the media’s attempt to paint Trump as a misogynist the reality of the situation strongly appears to show that he views women more like Hillary’s hubby Bill as sex objects. As an added bonus the Donald’s wife even has some nudies floating about online. Its picture perfect really.

I suspect we’ll be having some fun with this race here at Slabbed until November.

5 thoughts on “About this Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton Presidential match-up”

    1. True dat but we are a resilient bunch, after all if the country can survive 8 years of the Clintons, 8 years of the Bushies and 8 years of Obama….

  1. OK everyone buck up – this election is not the end of the world. According to the good book, we have the following to look forward to first:

    1. The first seal is broken and the first of the four living creatures introduces a white horse whose crowned rider, equipped with a bow, goes out to conquer.

    2. The second seal is broken and the second of the four living creatures introduces a red horse, whose rider wields a great sword.

    3. The third seal is broken and the third of the four living creatures introduces a black horse, whose rider carries a pair of scales, goes out.

    4. The fourth seal is broken and the fourth of the four living creatures introduces an ashen horse comes out, whose rider has the name Death and Hades follows him.

    5. The fifth seal is broken revealing the souls of those who had been slain for the “Word of God”.

    6. The sixth seal is broken “and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood; and the stars of the sky fell to the earth, The sky was split apart, every mountain and island were moved out of their places.”

    1. Holy Hope n’ Change Cartoons Batman:

      While we be waitin’ for dem’ Holy Seals to be opened at da’ pearly gate dis’ bees an excellent site to laugh at Hill’s redickuous Presidential race and Obama’s executive orders which attempt to produce/blow smoke ( executive toilet order) up conservative voters’ privates. And Trumpet Trump not bees takin’ da’ bait.


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