Guest Post: Heather Hilliard writes a book and introduces herself

Slabbed lifers should remember the story of Heather Hilliard, a story of sexual harassment out of Jefferson Parish government that would prove to be a major embarrassment for the Young Administration. In the time since settling her lawsuit against her former employer Heather has kept busy writing the first of several books. She sent the following to me earlier this week:

So. It’s been a busy few years. I give a heartfelt thanks to all of those who support the truth in general (be it in a private or public manner, as both are important). I applaud Doug’s efforts to keep conversations alive on a myriad of topics, as it is essential to accountability and I appreciate him giving me the opportunity here to say a general thank you to many people. And to let people know I haven’t “just gone away” as some may have, shall we say, hoped…

To provide some perspective, things that happen to us shape us, but outcomes depend on how we handle them. For instance, I once took a trip with my mother to Ireland, where (after a hilarious event) I was advised to leave the rear view mirror behind – literally, to put it in a box. There was also a time when I worked at a company where people would talk about other jobs as “their prior life” and focus only on the present. The storm was another life-changing experience, shifting everything known to surreal and unpredictable, forcing forward movement or you were left behind.

The recent adjustment was significant, though not nearly as profound as the three just mentioned. During the transition, I tried to live with dignity and grace, intelligence and professionalism – even if others did not. The high road always has the better view of things things to come, even if you have to hike way up a mountain to get there.

What I saw at the top of that mountain was my “next chapter” literally – I have written a book (actually, a few books). While this first one is not “the story,” it is a story about crime and mystery, set in New Orleans. It’s a novel, meaning it’s fiction – just a reminder. In this first book, Mirage, followers of Doug’s blog and twitter may be interested in themes, situations, and the make-believe world in which some make-believe people live.

It’s one of five books that I’ve set forward into publication, based on the five elements (water, fire, earth, metal and air). It also incorporates corruptible things and how crimes and mysteries in life come forward in different arenas (government, religion, economics, war and education). Learn from the past, but keep your eyes forward, ever upward.

So while this note is a thank you for previous support, it’s also a request for ongoing support in my new role as a fiction author (instead of “just” bioterrorism and that sort of thing). Publication was May 3rd and while the ebook is available everywhere and the hardbacks may be ordered on Amazon  or Barnes and Noble . I am afforded the opportunity to sell them directly at a discount to you (where you can continue supporting the Davids against the Goliaths). I will personalize and autograph a copy for you if you order through my author website .

From one adventure to the next, our attitude makes all the difference in the world. Thanks to Doug and his readers for remembering what’s important as well as true, and to everyone who takes a stand.

With gratitude,