A very wise man in the ways of the business world once said….

You better have a Plans B and C just in case Plan A doesn’t work out.  It’s as simple as Ezekiel 25:17 really.

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6 thoughts on “A very wise man in the ways of the business world once said….”

  1. Speaking of plans A, B and C, not only is Dogan and Wilkinson’s “Gautier office” now the city attorney and interim-interim city manager until Paula Yancey can take over as interim city manager, apparently Mississippi Press reporter-of-sorts and Yancey BFF April Havens is the grant writer and project manager for Gautier.


    Just what a broke-ass city needs – a $65,000.00 grant-funded splash pad, built by a company in another city with all sorts of questionable history, especially when the grant comes from the Tidelands fund at DMR. Amazingly, they didn’t go with the $337,000.00 bid; a shame, really, as a $337K splash pad in Gautier, MS would be a thing to behold – were the kiddies going to get to splash around in Chivas or Crown? With the ridiculous disparity in price, maybe Gautier is ramping up for its own little Kemper project in which a $65K splash pad ultimately costs $47 million before the first wee splasher gets dampened.

    And speaking of dampened wee splashers, I’d be curious, if anyone knows, what Yancey’s son/Havens friend is up to these days, having gone from selling fast food to south Mississippi’s own Jock Coostow to consulting firm intern. The taxpayers might be curious, too. And numerous folks whose names begin with “Agent.”

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