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  1. “Could you repeat your order, please – was that 8 orders of cheesy tater tots with smoked baloney or 18..?”

    1. Holy Jowls , Batman;

      Dat Lt. Gov gotts some dang big fat, porky jowls from eatin’ at the public trough too long.

      Needs to go on da’ treadmill fo’ remainder of term.

      1. Confusious have much famous advice about hogs and trough! (For best effect open another window and play the sound effect while reading!)

        Confusious say:

        Smart hog gets to be da fat hog!

        Smart hog know to feed quietly, not call other hogs to trough until smart hog done eating all it wants. Smart hog will have other friend hogs to visit and share in the trough on the low down! Smart hog prefer to eat in dark, other hogs can’t see what in trough, or see which hogs helping themselfs to how much. CONsultant hogs of all stripes also prefer feed in dark. Most smart hogs very very very friendly with CONsultant hogs! Smart hog will even takes the CONsultant hog money. Sometimes even in bidness with each other at same time!!

        Smart hog and CONsultant hogs be besties like cousins or brothers. They know how it go. EVERY HOG GET PAID with Other People’s Money!! If not getting paid or feeding at the trough then they be makin bacon. When the hogs run da show not never no happy ending for taxpayer!!

        How you know which hog is which? Be listen to what they say, or smell them coming to get your money!

  2. I’m not sure I understand the Lt Governor’s comments:
    -There are more legislators in the rest of the state than legislators from the Coast….Um, duh.
    -If we have a special session to decide how to spend BP money on the coast, that takes the money out of the general fund and shines a light on it….. Ok, the BP money is meant for the Coast, not for the general fund, and shining light on government spending of money is a good thing, as opposed to backroom deals.
    -If we have a special session on how to spend the BP money on projects for the Coast, that means only Coast projects can be voted on and other legislators can’t fight for it to be spent on projects in their districts, so the Coast would get a smaller share ….ok, that’s they way it’s supposed to be spent, for projects on the Coast, not for other legislators’ pet projects in districts not on the Coast. And if it is all to be spent on Coast projects, how does that mean the Coast gets a smaller share ? Keeping legislators from spending it on non-Coast projects would mean it all goes to the Coast and the Coast gets the full share.
    Maybe I just don’t understand, but it seems like having a special session to decide how to spend BP money on Coast projects only is better for the Coast, not worse.

  3. rfp and Speaker Box:

    Me tinks dis’ Lt. Gov needs a mo’ descriptive nickname… maybes da’ SlabbedNation can help?

    Lookin’ at dem big, rosy fat jowls I prepose da’ name ..”Mr.Jelly
    Jowls”… what say you SlabbedNation?

      1. rfp:

        On dat website of dat business “Tater Hog” yo’ displayed…. it actually sells fishin’ lures for $150-175 ea…..?

        Yo’ got to bees kidding me? What if yo’ get a lure hung up in the weeds/stump? Gotts to have scuba gear to goes find it fo’ sures.

        Another name fo’ Lite Gov. Reeves and “Caption of Story”…. hows bout ” Da Hog Father”?( stole dat name of a fishin’ lure from website yo’ listed – takes 5 weeks for “Tater Hog” fishin’ company to make dat lure bro’.)

      1. CON-Hog loves to makes “Public Trust” scream wit afternoon delight at dere open, transparent”Special Sessions” together….. like..

        “Take dat”- ugh- Take dat-ugh”….until “Public Trust” screams “Rape, Rape, Help”…..and finally,” STOP!,I can’t take it no mo’ “…

        “No problem, Public Trust”, says CON-Hog ME always gotts ME campaign funds to roll in and pleasure MEself wits…

  4. Anyway you look at it, the legislators will sock it to south Mississippi. They will skim the cream off the top and give the Coast the remainder of the BP money; other than what the cronies steal. What will be left?

    But we elected them and reelected them so what else is new in Mississippi?

  5. Politics in our state are corrupt at every level. The BP money will be plundered just as the public believes it will. Currently certain people are devising plans, forming LLCs, hiring the connected consultants and probably already spending the money they anticipate receiving from the fixed contracts. The only thing that is for sure about Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves is the fact that he will not allow some of the known consultants who are currently overeating at the trough to participate in anything he can shut them out of. His passionate dislike for one group in particular is a well know fact in state political circles. None the less,they will try to get their favorite Gulfport engineering firm to oversee restoration contracts which will open another door to move the taxpayers’s money through. The public needs all eyes on deck to watch this group of scoundrels.

      1. Trust me Charlene, The BP cover-up and Boondoggle has been going on for quite some time. With the Walkers in and out of jail and “Judy” remaining silent and “innocent”, I guess you would have to question Miller and Price at the DMR to see if that may lead you to something else…………………….Just sayin’……………..

  6. Tate Reeves is not our current problem. Our problem on the Coast, has been, was, and still is [email protected]@$$ and his group of merry CONartists; including, but not limited to: Philly Boy, Billy Boy, Snotty Toddy and Paw, Bushes in hiding, the crooks still pandering from the Bernie Madoff and Wall Street crash who have alit here in Mississippi, and the rest of the white hooded members who think their arrogant a$$es don’t stink. I personally believe that Mr. Reeves will stick it to the ones who have been robbing us blind. I do not know who else might move up at the trough – but at least the SRHS, DMR, and funnelled monies to Billy Boy and the Walker clan will come to a screetching halt. I can guarantee you that! I say, let the Tater Tot roll with it!!!

  7. I used to think different but the more I look the more I see Reeves as nothing more than a member of the new Radical Republican Regime establishment. Don’t be fooled folks, he is nothing more than a traditional extremist with a “fresh look.”

    1. That’s a “fresh look” you’ll never see on the cover of Vanity Fair. Vomitus Fair, maybe.

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