Friday Omnibus: Whoever picked Prince for their 2016 dead pool is going rake in some dough

I happened to be on Twitter yesterday when word of Prince’s death broke and when I was not tweeting I enjoyed seeing the reaction on social media, which included much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I’m personally a Prince agnostic so I wasn’t moved to grieve though I did wonder about an annual Dead pool some friends do instead of playing the lottery thus the post title. There was however, one tweet on the subject that stood out above the rest but since the Slabbed twitter account has an under age 18 component I didn’t re-tweet it. I am however happy to embed it below the jump:

Moving right along and since I’m covering Twitter happenings I must highlight Phil Bryant again finding the magic mushrooms before taking to twitter yessterday:

Topship has 1,000 jobs? Someone needs to clue Anita Lee in immediately since all her reporting has focused on the lack of promised employment with Topship but here in the Magnolia State, we love counting fictitious jobs as real ones since real jobs seem to be sorely lacking and this brings me to Port Expert Dan Norfleet.

Dan has been emailing the Governor, certain legislators, policymakers and the media with some very innovative ideas about maximizing the investment the state has in port infrastructure in both Harrison and Jackson Counties. The Port has been the beneficiary of several hundred million dollars of Hurricane Katrina rebuilding funds given by HUD in exchange for the promise of creating a huge number of jobs that have never materialized.  Even worse the Port is wasting money doing a Dog and Pony show, pumping worthless “job preparedness workshops” for months so people can be prepared to apply for the fictitious jobs that have never materialized at the Port.

Port of Gulfport to host job preparedness workshops ~ Jessica Heddings

At least the Ports in-house pumper spinning this BS has a job.

In any event it was yesterday, when Mr. Norfleet sent out an email blast about maximizing the value of the state’s port infrastructure investment to several members of the best legislature that money can buy (along with certain members of the media) that I was hit by some inspiration on how to get Governor Phil and the gang up in Jackson to listen without having to wave copious amounts of money in a brown paper bag at them.

Mr. Norfleet needs to include the bible, guns, refusing service to gays and banning transgender bathrooms in his policy pitch.  Mississippi doesn’t need just any high end development at the intersection of Highways 90 and 49 like Daniel’s Island in Charleston South Carolina no siree. Mississippi needs development that hearkens to its rich past. That way old school white folks from across the South will have a place to get away for a while, free from the corrupting influence of their moral inferiors.  Danny add this to your sales pitch my friend and as we used to say on the finance boards, “To the Moon!!”.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Friday Omnibus: Whoever picked Prince for their 2016 dead pool is going rake in some dough”

  1. Yes well, I’m in the land of transgenderless bathrooms here in NC. The cancellations keep rolling in, while Republican leadership heels dig in.

    I saw a pole that said that 60% of self-identified evangelicals agreed with the Republicans. Which sounds like a lot. But think about it, of the group you would most think would be all up in arms about the issue, 40% don’t really care, or disagree.

    1. Dan sent an email saying I was too charitable terming him a “Port Expert”.

      I don’t think these travel bans will hurt places like Cullowhee-Dillsboro. The Mississippi Coast OTOH is going to pay a financial price for Gov Phil’s tomfoolery and that is money out of an economy that does not have the luxury of companies like PayPal wanting in the market.

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