3 thoughts on “Writers notebook: What turns people on in the Magnolia State”

  1. How about sex, or better yet, kinky sex, with skeet-shooting (ex)SEC players turned lawyers? That isn’t an invitation…unless you are Kate Upton, Emily Ratajkowki or strongly resemble a young Hepburn (Audrey or Katharine). If so, then to be completely honest, yeah, it is.

    NB – Kate, Emily or Hepburn lookalikes: if you choose to accept, please email me a picture of yourself wearing nothing but a banana pudding thong, a shooting vest and cleats (traction will likely be a key factor) while holding a fine double shotgun. I’ll respond by giving “walk of champions” a completely new meaning for you.

  2. Holy Magnolia Turn- Ons Batman;

    How about a combination of Sex, Kinky, Lawyers and SEC football wrapped up in one TERRIFIC PAC
    KAGE ?

    First it was the Whopper that took two hands to eat, then two old ladies asking “where’s the meat” now watch this commercial for In-N-Out Burger restaurants :


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