How about a few more details on the East Beach VRBO

But first I’d like to welcome you folks in the Bulldog Nation that are salivating at the prospect of the another NCAA hammer coming at Ole Miss football from the Six Pack Speak forum before disappointing you with news that I have confirmed the amount of money the Black Spring Break Revelers told a “Curious Joe” they paid to rent the property which was $750.

I also know the identity of the owner of the vehicle parked in the Walkers driveway who I will not disclose beyond saying the vehicle is registered to what appears from Facebook to be a nice, middle age lady from Moorhead, Mississippi that would be at the right age to have college age child(ren) who would pay $750 for a weekend of fun and frolic at 435 East Beach. The 2016 Ole Miss roster does not list any player from Moorhead, Mississippi.

But the funny part about all this is SRHS Watch’s comment was prescient, the funny being Walker subsequently using the talking point in his interview with Warren Kulo at the Mississippi Press which now leads here:

Ocean Springs businessman admits NCAA violation ~ Hugh Kellenberger

A couple of other tidbits. I am told reliably by a source familiar with the operations of Ocean Springs City Hall that a prominent local Citizen that is invested in the East Beach neighborhood has threatened legal action against the City if the Walker’s unlicensed VRBO enterprise is not reigned in. The same source tells me the neighborhood has organized so as to better respond should short term renters again appear 435 East Beach.

And now a couple of comments from the Six Pack Speak Forums:

Well, she is/was best friends with my best friend’s wife (girlfriend at the time). It was some time between ’08-’13’, junior year of college to the time I met my wife. Went went to Crescent City grill with my friend and his girlfriend, couldn’t stand her, left and met some friends at Ropers. We’ve hung out with my friend and some other on probably a dozen occasions. She was pretty loose back then. She was one of those girls who are snobby for no reason, think they’re a 10 when they’re about a 5 and wears entirely too much makeup. She’s still all of those things with plastic surgery. She’s just a horrible person.

I always knew that she would end up with a wealthy, older guy who reeks of ole miss grad, but boy, I never could have picked it would end up this perfect.

It ticked me off something fierce last summer seeing his wife get the royal treatment behind home plate at the new Shuckers stadium like a VIP. There is not anything they own that hasn’t been paid for by John Q. Public. They think that’s where money comes from…which is why they have the attitude that they are doing nothing wrong. Scott grew up on free-flowing tax dollars via his daddy, and he’s just doing the only thing he knows.

I personally think they both should be tarred and feathered and paraded downtown OS – before both taking a nose first dive into a bucket of turds, of course. It can be a Louis Vouton bucket.

And then of course there is comment 18 on the same thread.

Something tells me we still have not heard the last of this. Stay tuned.

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  1. From the comments: “My brother-in-law has already called me saying they weren’t Ole Miss players – just spring breakers. He talked to someone that knows (Scott’s neighbor/OM grad).”

    1. Yes, I read that one too. That comment seemed out of place when you read the news story that says he mentioned that the players were not paying. Comment #18 was also funny. LOL

      Either way, it certainly seems the shenanigans continue right where they left off. Federal Prison must be a cake walk.

    2. Now THAT is interesting. If I’m not mistaken, Dr. Jeff Noblin, coast orthopedic surgeon and former all-SEC player from Ole Miss whose son also played at Ole Miss fairly recently, is one of the Walkers’ immediate neighbors. And I’d guess that he is likely the only person in that neighborhood who could look at group of 8-9 college-age black guys and make an arguably legit guess as to their status as football players. Of course, given his ties to not only Ole Miss but also the Roy Williams / Charter Bank / Dogan and Wilkinson crowd, all or most of them rabid Ole Miss superfans, he might have reason to guess they were not Ole Miss players. It has been rumored that many in that select crowd are no more familiar with or respectful of NCAA rules than they are with all sorts of other rules; however, I’d bet Dr. Noblin would know instantly that letting players use a “million dollar beach house” without payment is huge no-no. Assuming any or all of what has been reported is true, it is one special neighbor (and Ole Miss fan) that has committed to memory what every Ole MIss football player looks like off the field so as to be able to eliminate them as possible guests of Hotel Walker. I doubt this is over.

      Of course, it could be that the “official renter” of Chez Walker was not a player, but some of other “guests” were. If some kids with some extra cash (who aren’t players) rented Chez Walker and invited their buddies (some of whom are players), with nothing more to it, the NCAA will likely lose interest pretty quickly. The problem now is that the story has hit various outlets AND Walker said on the record to a reporter that the “guests” were “football players who absolutely did not pay.” Plus, that story has hit the newswire and been picked up by the Clarion-Ledger/USA Today network. The NCAA will not be able to simply accept the word of a neighbor, especially a potentially biased one, that they can move along as there is nothing to see here. That said, it is really a pretty straightforward investigation – eliminate any players who were someplace other than the coast. If there were any players on the coast, determine where they were staying. If it can be verified by objective information they were somewhere other than the Walker NoTell MoTell, that’s that. If they were there, it’s time for a come-to-Jesus meeting.

  2. before disappointing you with news that I have confirmed the amount of money the Black Spring Break Revelers told a “Curious Joe” they paid to rent the property which was $750.

    For what it’s worth the published rate at VRBO for 435A East Beach is $249.00 per night.

    Yet that doesn’t match with this:

    Tuesday, however, Scott Walker told The Mississippi Press he and his wife played host to four college football players who “were absolutely not paying” to stay in the guest house.

    “We’re homeowners, so we are allowed to have guests,” said Walker, who was released from federal custody in March after serving roughly 13 months after pleading guilty to public corruption charges.

    So it must be one or the other. Either a freebie to football players, or renting short term when the City of OS says they shouldn’t.

    Could it get any better?

    What about a Hotty Toady Twofer?

    Rent the main house for about half off the carded rate to some current football players and get in hot water with both the Athletic Department and the City of OS. I have no reason to think this has happened, but if it did, you heard it here first.

        1. Curious Joe:
          And did you happen to see this recent review in The Gulf Coast’s Playbill ?

          “Now appearing at his $1,ooo,ooo East Beach Palace….. Ocean Springs’ very own ex-real estate mogul, now aspiring comedian in the lol musical comedy, “All By Myself”, … booked for 30+ days, maybe mo’..”

  3. Has anyone verified that he has applied for a Sales Tax # from the State to operate his VRBO? He is legally obligated to charge 12% tax to all renters and pay the state. But you don’t think Mr. Walker would break the law? Violating the City Law is one thing, but this is a State Law that needs to be followed no matter what. If he is doing short term rentals, no matter the location, this tax needs to be applied. Only long term, 6 months or more, are exempt.

  4. Way to serious, as Trinity pointed out this is a big joke. Come on ladies and gentlemen this is an Orwellian joke to keep the Walkers in the spotlight. Lord knows Repo Joe Cloyd of DMR fame and his side kick Mr. Dial one for DMR paycheck get the humor in all this. As I said before and you all are just catching up with Repo Joe got game and won’t have a problem. Doc got connections so he won’t have an issue. To the east you got the DMR “Charnley” house. And the DMR don’t have a moral fiber in all six floors. That leaves Mayou Tulip Moron. Have you noticed the fresh flowers downtown. I bet Trinity and Scott did some community service and helped plant them, where’s the SH when a real story is abounding. I expect to soon see a whaler fishing charter trip being advertised for all those overnight Yankee ole Miss and State NCAA football players that get bored walking the beach.

  5. After reading all of the Walker stories I am curious to know who is the “Curious Joe”Scott Walker mentioned in one of the Ms.Press stories? Is it by chance the Joe Cloyd Point Park mentioned? I thought I read they were not only next door neighbors but also either best of friends or had some type of past business association thru the DMR? Surely based on this Scott Walker would have shared his business plans for his home with the neighbor(s). A wedding venue,Bed and Breakfast,short term vacation rental,long term vacation rental,the future shooting location of the”House Wives of SEC Felons” and the primary residence of the Walker family plus guests makes this one busy family home. I feel certain in the end all of the objections to the Walkers use of this home will quiet down because he knows to much about others he can feature in that new book he is working on.

  6. Read where the Aldermen are reviewing their rental rules and regulations due to some ole biddy complaining about seeing out of town vehicles in her neighborhood. Most people who rent these homes are law-abiding citizens.

    But what about the Walker’s rental? Are they trying to appease the rich and powerful? Oh, but I forgot, Scott told the judge he was broke. But it seems Scott tells lots of stories.

  7. Well Doug does have a point – Joe and Scott were the best of buds in the long ago past when the money was a raining. But then daddy got caught and Joe picked the winning side so the bucks would keep coming. Scottie felt daddy was betrayed and is holding a grudge. But I don’t agree Doug that the grudge is so big that a big money deal wont mend the fence. So to speak. And no John it’s not the same Joe, just the same morals.

    1. rfp:
      I do’s believe dat picture went viral last nite and as reported by the media caused Tunsil’s NFL draft to be delayed costing him $$$$$. Pretty expensive toke dude.

      If rental statement is true ? … if I was the Ole Miss Alumni president I wouldn’t let Sly Walker’s happy, arrogant arse anywhere near the Reb’s football stadium.

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