Scott and Trinity Walker rent guest house at 435 East Beach to Black Spring Break revelers…. (UPDATED)

Based on the reporting from a few weeks back that the Walkers were told not to rent their place out it will be interesting to see where this latest development leads to but I am hearing from multiple sources with knowledge of the neighborhood that those folks who reside in this exclusive neighborhood are not enthralled with this latest turn of events.

Reader Submitted Photo | Vehicles Belonging to Black Spring Break Revelers from Sunflower County at 435 East Beach in Ocean Springs
Reader Submitted Photo | Vehicles Belonging to Black Spring Break Revelers from Sunflower County at 435 East Beach in Ocean Springs

But there are property taxes to pay on the place to go along with the car tag for the new Mercedes Sedan Scott drives these days and in the VRBO market there is only one color: Green.

I suspect we’ll be hearing more about this latest turn of events. Stay tuned.


An astute observer sent me a link for the related VRBO listing so I guess the Walkers decided not to wait for any City permits as such formalities are evidently for chumps in Ocean Springs.

435 East Beach is a stunning 5 bed, 4.5 bath home nestled right in the heart of Ocean Springs. It sits neatly on one acre on exclusive East Beach and the sunsets are absolutely breathtaking. Inside the home you will find wood and Chicago brick flooring, chandeliers, a mix of new and classic antique family heirlooms, custom draperies, a baby grand piano, dining table for eight, marbled countertops, GE appliances, a gas fireplace and many more amenities.

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    1. Absolutely stunning. My working theory that Scott got out of jail to return to Ocean Springs with his middle fingers blazing remains intact.

  1. I thought they had to apply for a license and wait for some kind of zoning change??!!
    Sounds like Bsy St. Louis. They had rather ask for forgiveness than permission.

  2. I believe you could take the posted photo of Forrest County Sheriff Billy McGee,change that LSU shirt to an ole Miss one, then tell everybody this is a picture of Scott Walker giving his reply to his Ocean Springs neighbors and the rule of law. Most would believe it. I think Walker and McGee must be using the same image consultant from Fruitland Park,Ms. Yea,the one with the confederate battle flag mounted on the front porch of his mobile home office. The Walkers have turned his personal tax delinquent home into a short term vacation rental even after the city told him there was a process they must comply with. They continue to falsely advertise the 435 East Beach location on the VRBO site and probably keyed in the information from their computer using his middle finger. You gotta love the way the Walkers describe the furnishings as “classic antique family heirlooms” but forgot to say “paid for with money from the Ms.DMR. The photo of Scott and Trinity in the lower right hand corner is precious but they cropped out her thousand dollar shoes. I just hope his probation officer follows his every move,like the neighbors, because any illegal act can get him sent back to prison. I feel certain that the Walkers cannot even release intestinal gas at 435 without the neighbors knowing what percentages are oxygen,nitrogen,carbon dioxide,hydrogen and methane.

    1. Methane is a compound, CH4, and as such your list about what comes out of their anuses is a bit redundant.

      1. Bataka,While I appreciate your critique of my comment I do not think there is any redundancy. According to the Gastrointestinal Society as stated on intestinal gas is composed of various amounts of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane. Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide come from swallowed air and hydrogen and methane are by-products of the breakdown of food residue by good bacteria (probiotics) naturally residing in the colon. I feel certain the wealthy East Beach dwellers can distinguish between a compound and the smelly breeze coming from the real turds at 435 East Beach.

  3. And I did not even mention the Black Spring Break renters who were probably recruited by the Walkers just to show all of the other waterfront mansion owners in the area that he is not going to loose his house to a tax sale without first disrupting the lifestyle of all around him. Maybe some deserve him.

    1. You mean he would invite some Ole Miss students to come to Ocean Springs to enjoy his “Walk of Champions” for free ? Not a chance. He has more shoes to buy for his Stone County Imelda.You can bet he will be trying to sell something like that when the neighbors force the city to take action.

    2. SRHS Watch, Did you already have information that Walker was going to say he had Ole Miss football player guests staying in his illegal short term vacation rental or did you just throw this out? I stated below your comment “You can bet he will be trying to sell something like that when the neighbors force the city to take action.” He may have read your comment and decided to use this as I so warned. I bet today he wishes he would have kept those jowls shut and never mentioned Ole Miss football players. He could have said “OK,I rented it and will not do it again.” With this he would have just had the city and the neighbors pissed.When his ego dictated that he acted like some big Hotty Toddy athletic booster when he told the newspaper he and his wife played host to four college football players who were absolutely not paying to stay in the guest house, he risked creating a possible NCAA violation for a university that is already under investigation.This probably infuriated the Rebel nation plus all local State fans in addition to the city and his neighbors including Curious Joe.If Scott Walker keeps it up he may just earn the right to be buried in the Grove over by the Walk of Champions much sooner than he planned.

  4. As seen on the Slabbed Tracker:

    It looks like Scott Walker has not learned his lesson. A big surprise. If found in violation, they should charge him with parole violation and put his ass back in the pen. Don’t worry about Trinity because I’m sure she would find another Sugar Daddy to provide the cash flow. I have a hard time believing that he had “football” players over for free or as guests. I could be wrong but it seem unbelievable.

    1. Trinity would have to find a crime family as good at stealing from the public as Daddy and Baby Walker to fund her expensive shoe fetish.

      1. Haha. You are probably right. Or another person hooked on state contracts like the Cloyd’s.

        It’s not just the shoes, its the whole lifestyle. She is still dreaming of being home on the Plantation were she is heavily serviced.

        I know how to deal with women like that 😉 he he he………..

    2. I wonder if the football players intend to be NCAA eligible next year?

      There are some NCAA rules concerning what types of freebies athletes can accept.

      Anyone connected in any way with the school giving freebies to athletes is a potential violation.

      But the Walkers should continue to proceed.

      Is there a mortgage on the property? If so, both holder of the note and the insurance agents will probably have some additional paperwork to do to keep things copacetic.

      1. From the article:

        “Tuesday, however, Scott Walker told The Mississippi Press he and his wife played host to four college football players who “were absolutely not paying” to stay in the guest house.”

        From an Ole Miss/SEC compliance handbook:

        “An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a booster to
        provide a student-athlete (or their family) a benefit that is not generally available to other
        University students or is not expressly authorized by the NCAA. Examples of extra benefits
        include tickets to sporting events/concerts, reduced cost housing, meals, discounts on services,
        use of a car, etc. Extra benefits will jeopardize a student-athlete’s eligibility.”

        A guy who is 1) fresh out of prison for public corruption, 2) an alum and known booster/supporter of the school, 3) trying to short-term rent his beachfront home for profit by advertising it to the general public, and yet 4) allows some number of NCAA athletes who “were absolutely not paying” to use it for spring break weekend (at a time such accommodations are normally at a premium) is just daring the NCAA to come sniffing around. Given his previous ties with all sorts of other boosters/supporters, it adds up to a double-dare. This could end VERY badly for any number of people, not the least of which are the possibly-unaware student-athletes.

      2. Correct me if I’m wrong but most loan agents draft home mortgages with wording that absolutely PROHIBIT homes from being rented.To rent without notice to loan agent /company is a default and may cause loan to be called in?

        Can said mortgage agreements be modified? Probably so , but perhaps addendums to original contract may not only call for additional insurance monies to be added to monthly premiums but additional down payment/increased interest rates?

        Wonder where infamous Ilmelda and the bird flipping Walkers are living-in mommie or daddies’ home?

        With Scotty’s Hotty Totty connections one could assume said football player guests were either Ole Miss players or incoming recruits and if Scotty is an alumni Hugh Freeze could be calling Scotty very soon as self reporting NCAA violations is beneficial to reduced penalties.

    3. If it was a bunch of football players as non-paying “guests,” presumably from Ole Miss, Hugh Freeze won’t be very happy and the NCAA is likely firing up the investigation as I type. Geez, it’s like a guy whose alibi for stealing a car was that he was all the way across town knocking over a liquor store at the time. If the NCAA comes sniffing around, I’ll bet his “Grove privileges” get revoked. Good grief, he beats some minor city fine, but gets the Ole Miss football program into trouble with the NCAA…yeah, along with tossing Haley under the bus, that’ll make him REAL popular around the state.

      1. This is going to make a great follow up post. I guarantee you that both Hugh Freeze and the NCAA will not ignore it.

        All that said I wonder if Scott checked with his “guests” to find out if any of the “Curious Joes” asked them how much they paid to rent the place? When I got the tip on the house, I was also tipped as to the exact price Walker’s “guests” said they paid to him.

        But this we also know for certain – to the extent the Walkers disclosed the house has been long term rented for several of the coming months means the Walkers must no longer be living at 435 East Beach. That coupled with those delinquent property taxes tell me they can’t afford to live there. What about those $1,000 shoes you might ask? Allow me to explain using an actual story from here in Stone County involving some folks that were not my clients.

        Once upon a time there was a lumber yard in Wiggins that by all appearances had a wildly successful ownership team. There were nice cars, clothes, expensive vacations, etc. and lots of copious spending money on such things. These people had big money and they flashed it all the way up to the point where the business filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on April 1, 2003 (MSSD Case 03-51748) and when I say “flashed” it was noticeable to the point that I would hear about it from people that attended church with them as in Doug you need to go get that account as those people have money.

        There were several local business that had to eat trade receivables and you can image, especially with local small businesses, having to eat your paper after seeing all the conspicuous consumption was especially galling and there was lots of talk on the community after the bankruptcy filing by those that got stiffed. There are still some hard feelings to this day in fact.

        As a financial professional, I see $1,000 shoes and a big delinquent property tax bill as an example of people with misplaced financial priorities just like those lumber yard folks.

        1. Are you by any chance referring to the business in which one of the Stone County commissioners was somehow involved? Or the one in which one of the Stone County commissioners is a partner (that one may still be active)?

          As to alleged football players getting free rooms at the Walker Hotel, just because Walker said they were non-paying football players doesn’t make it so; his credibility could be fairly questioned. However, assuming the non-paying guests were football players covered by NCAA rules, if they paid anything approaching a reasonable rate (and if it was “last minute,” a reduced rate wouldn’t be unusual in and of itself), they could be off the hook. If that is the case, the Walkers, however, may have problems. Where it could get even more interesting: if someone else gave the Walkers anything so football players subject to NCAA rules could have a place to stay/party.

            1. Don’t know if this means anything to anyone, but apparently Walker’s father-in-law is (was?) business partners in some sort of construction company with someone named Scott Strickland. Someone named Scott Strickland is (was?) the president of the Stone County Board of Supervisors. Based on rumor, I’m guessing it is the same person, but I don’t know it personally. Rumor also has it there are (were?) ties to another construction company named Bond-O’Neal and there are (were?) at least a couple of Bonds in Stone County government. I have no idea if there is any relation/connection between the various Bonds (or Lee Bond, formally of the IP, now at Singing River), but again, rumor has it there are various connections between them and at least some Stone County tax money has, ahem, wandered its way in that general direction. And then, there are ties to the Cains, the hospital and that whole situation.

              It would seem more than mere coincidence whenever taxpayer money down in the coast area winds up in interesting places, the same handful of names always seem to turn up right in the middle of it. On the other hand, it’ll make it easier for the investigators to giftwrap the whole bunch in a nice RICO package for the various prosecutors.

              1. Is the first entity DSS Construction, L.L.C.?

                Is the second entity O’Neal-Bond Engineering, Inc.?

                The Stone County Engineer was a Jonathan K Bond.

                There is a Jonathan K Bond listed as President of O’Neal-Bond Engineering.

                Check the list of references at this link.

                It’s last call.

              2. One additional thing to follow up on.

                L. L. BOND & COMPANY, INC. a local Ocean Springs outfit which was the holder of Mississippi Contractor’s License 16583.

                Not sure how that fits, if it does.

              3. RFP asked (there is no reply button beneath his reply, so I’m replying here):

                “Is the first entity DSS Construction, L.L.C.?”

                I don’t know the name. Do Ryals and Strickland own it?

                “Is the second entity O’Neal-Bond Engineering, Inc.?”

                I’d guess so – it seems unlikely there would be “Bond-O’Neal” and “O’Neal-Bond” in Stone County.

                “The Stone County Engineer was a Jonathan K Bond.
                There is a Jonathan K Bond listed as President of O’Neal-Bond Engineering.”

                I’d guess these are the same person (or a father and son, perhaps), but I cannot personally confirm it.

                About all I can add is that south Mississippi seems to be up to its ears in small “construction companies,” “consultants” and law firms that do business with various local governmental entities despite what appear to be rampant conflicts with various government officials. I am not accusing anyone of anything, but I will say that when things like the rampant conflicts in the Singing River Hospital and pension mess come to light, the likelihood of at least some of it being improper is pretty high. Of course, such stuff isn’t limited to south Mississippi or even Mississippi, but given the billions and billions from tobacco, Katrina, the BP spill, ports, military bases, Gov’t contractor shipbuilding, parks/forests/wildlife sanctuaries, etc., as well as the large “normal” amount of Fed “pork” brought to south MS, the temptations down there are all that much greater. It’s like Willie Sutton’s alleged answer to the question of why he robbed banks: that’s where the money is.

        2. Uh-oh:

          SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey: “I’ve been very clear across this league, we’ve got two matters right now that have produced notice of allegations across the league. We need not have more, period,” Sankey said. “We need people to follow the rules, we need to understand the significance of being subject to enforcement matters and we need to avoid those moving forward, period.”

          I’m going to guess this may be yet another time when numerous people wish Mr. Walker had been more forthcoming rather than attempting to save his own skin when caught having done something he shouldn’t have. I’ll further guess that this time it might include Mr. Walker doing some of the wishing.

          And aside from the NCAA aspects of this, the article states, “Scott Walker said they have already booked 3-4 long term (30 days or more) renters for their home, which does not require a permit.” If I remember correctly, the monthly rate is something like $10-12,000.00, so that’s at least $30,000 and possibly $48,000. I wonder if the feds might want to fight over whether the IRS gets paid first and the rest goes to restitution or the whole thing goes to restitution. Mr. Handshoe, aren’t you are a CPA – is restitution deductible? Are there tax advantages or disadvantages to doing it one way or the other? Could they take the whole amount toward restitution AND make him pay tax on it, too?

          1. In reference to the Bond surname there are many of them up here in the country along with a community by the same name.

            The O’Neal in the Engineering firm name is a stand up guy.

            The extended family had connections to misspent CIAP funds however.

            Regarding restitution, if the original ill gotten gain bore tax, then it’s payback can be deducted as a general rule. Fines and forfeits OTOH are not.

            1. I’ll assume you know what you are talking about since you are in that area. When the information I referred to came up, gathering every detail wasn’t necessary to determine that the potential for entanglement in unpleasant situations was too high for comfort. It had nothing to do with CIAP funds, however. It may have already been asked, but if not, I’ll ask – with tongue firmly in cheek – what area of Stone County’s magnificent coast was impacted so badly that it required assistance (or was it the fact that some sneaky bastard had long since made off with that whole magnificent coast the root of the problem)?

              Regarding the “the two matters” Sankey refers to in the article or anything else in that story, none of it has anything to do with any potential issues at Hotel Walker. It was just happenstance that the AP meeting took place as the story on the Walker “matter” developed/broke.

              1. Some of that same “extended family” have their hand in anything the GOP does that has money making potential so the questions you ask are dead on.

                I have no knowledge of Scott Strickland and Mr. Ryal ever being in business together. Strickland is the go to guy for dirt and heavy equipment up here which fits perfectly with being a County Sup in certain respects. I do not get the impression Strickland needs any business partners.

              2. On that wayback link I see the partners in O’Neal-Bond – like I thought they are all local guys that left, got educated and returned to the community. The O’Neal to which I referred is much older.

                I see some USDA contracts associated with DSS, which according to manta uses the NAICS code for residential construction, which makes sense given when it was formed.

                Interesting connection indeed.

              3. There are a Scott Strickland and a Darel O’neal who are brothers in law by way of a Strickland marrying an O’neal.

              4. If you go back to the wayback page for the engineering firm and scroll down the list of references the CIAP connection can be found. The name has appeared once before on these pages.


                The operative maiden name not listed on the references for the engineering firm is O’Neal. She is this O’Neal’s aunt who dabbles in everything from film to real estate development.

  5. You spell it TexASS?

    Rehab costs for ‘affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch total about $200,000


    Before he violated his probation and fled to Mexico, Ethan Couch received about $200,000 in “residential care and support” for more than a year, with the state picking up most of the tab, according to costs outlined in court documents made available this week.

    Couch’s case was transferred to the adult court system Monday, when he turned 19. He became known as the “affluenza” teen after attorneys used the term during trial to describe the consequence-free life they said he led as a result of having wealthy parents.

    As a 16-year-old in 2013, he killed four people in a DWI crash and was sentenced to 10 years of probation. “

  6. I can’t help it but when I look at the photo provided with this post the only thing I can think of is BBC and Benjamin’s. What do you think Trinity?

    1. The backend checks out. I poked a hole for you with the reverse proxy just in case that is the issue. FYI Cloudflare will block or challenge users with obsolete Web browsers.

      1. Mystery. I just checked and browser and OS is up to date, latest version of browser installed less than 24 hrs ago. I didn’t even have a link in the comment.

          1. Doug ,Papa Ryals will be paying you another visit if people keep digging into the family history.His daughter, Trinity, is doing her best to keep all private and quiet.Wonder if the have a Stone County fan club chapter?

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