Last night a couple of the commentators were hard on Laremy Tunsil

They were hard on him for throwing Coach Freeze and his staff under the bus after his phone was hacked and certain incriminating exchanges between he and the coach were posted to Instagram. In this day and age the whole thing was a made for Tee Vee moment and boy was the viewing public treated to one.

I suspect the under the table payments to players goes on in every SEC program. It certainly explains the sudden appearance of Ole Miss as a football powerhouse on the national scene. For the local recruits here on the coast, the lack of attention from Coach Freeze and Ole Miss is certainly a blessing considering where the program is headed.

Caption the story…..

Feel free to chime in with your own caption in comments. Here are a couple of examples:

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Way back in 2013 I made the analogy between BSL City spending and a compulsive gambler/alcoholic: The City is now out a cool million.

So now the official picture of exactly far in the hole Hizzoner has led the City comes into sharper focus the magnitude of the budgetary issues facing the City for FY 2016 also come clear. $450,000 in trade payables from the 2015 fiscal year sandbagged by the administration. An entire additional pay period due to leap year missed in the original budget for another $100,000. The total shortfall number I remember being mentioned last Thursday for the 2016 budget alone was $280,000. Some simple addition results in $730,000 with other financial skeletons still looming, most notably the $300,000 repayment demand from the United States Department of Justice which brings the total shortfall to over a cool million dollars. Imagine the disaster if the City council hadn’t belatedly taken steps to reign in Hizzoner, a compulsive spender/addict:

Mayor pays city back for raises, but budget shortfall still looms – Stacey Cato and Geoff Belcher

But those in attendance at Monday night’s marathon continuation of the week before Tuesday/Thursday Council meetings were treated to not only the Mayor showing up but also showing out, as he is prone to do when his spending addiction is threatened. The longer this drags out the worse it will get and worse it got as we found out last night:

Sheriff eyes allegation of ‘malfeasance’ in Bay ~ Geoff Belcher

You see folks while the Mayor decided to play hookie last week and skip the regular and recessed meetings Glenn Grannan from HCSO was there listening last Thursday to the Performance Audit Report presentation on behalf of Sheriff Ricky Adams. The reviews are coming in and they are not favorable on Hizzoner.

Is overspending and misspending a Municipal budget a crime in Mississippi? I would imagine it can be given certain circumstances. None of the peanut gallery, Slabbed New Media included, has accused Mayor Fillingame of illegal activity but the peanut gallery does not conduct criminal investigations for a living. But from a larger standpoint purposely steering the ship onto the reef “out of ego” can’t be tolerated. Someone has to stand down and something tells me it is not going to be the public that is now out a cool million dollars. Continue reading “Way back in 2013 I made the analogy between BSL City spending and a compulsive gambler/alcoholic: The City is now out a cool million.”

Lunch with the auditor a bad thing?

1. A formal examination, correction, and official endorsing of financial accounts; especially, those of a business, undertaken annually by an accountant.
2. A systematic check or assessment; especially, of the efficiency or effectiveness of an organization or a process, typically carried out by an independent assessor.
3. In computer programming: a process used to detect accidental input or processing errors as well as fraud, often using test data and special-purpose software.
4. Another aspect of computer programming in which a set of procedures are established to ensure the quality and integrity of a data base and to carry out such a process or procedure.
5. Etymology: from Latin auditus, “a hearing”; past participle of audire, “to hear”.

It now stands for the official examination of business accounts, which were originally oral or spoken. The verb is from about 1557.

OK folks, now that I let y’all in on one of the secret questions you must successfully answer to learn the secret handshake of becoming an auditor, namely that to verb “audit” and the term “auditor” are derived from the Latin word for “listening” and “hearing” let’s examine an alternative world, where auditors must work in silence and are not allowed to ask questions:

Fillingame disagreed with Atkinson’s report in a telephone interview shortly after Thursday’s meeting.

“I read the report and was shocked at the amount of inaccuracies and the amount of very flawed details within the report,” Fillingame said. “It was obvious that a lot of the facts that were supposedly presented were taken from conversations and not drawn from the documents. Really, some of the more serious (accusations), and I’m very concerned about that.”
Fillingame said any information the council required has always been available at city hall, and any problems were due to a lack of manpower to duplicate and deliver the information.

I can understand Hizzoner’s confusion because he was not in attendance when Sam Atkinson, Director of the Office of the State Auditor’s Performance Audit Division, presented her office’s report on the causes of the many well documented problems contained in the FYE 9-30-2014 municipal audit report performed by the firm Wright, Ward, Hatten and Guel.  In its simplest terms the performance audit is a report on an audit report.

To the extent the Performance Audit Division owes its origins to what I’ll term an auditing fad dating from the 1990s it would follow it is not the same type of engagement as an audit in accordance with GAAS and GAGAS.  This explains why Ms. Atkinson is well qualified to run the Performance Audit Division because she is a Mississippi Governmental Finance expert rather than a CPA although her division has several on staff.  Hizzoner and the City’s finance department employees could certainly have benefited from training Atkinson gives at events like MML and that is really what the performance audit process is about, improving performance by pinpointing the root causes of the problems so corrective action can be taken. Continue reading “Lunch with the auditor a bad thing?”

Occasionally there is a price for stepping out

Welp folks the file cabinets at City Hall may be locked up tighter than a drum but we still were able to nab the goodie shown below, which is documentary evidence of a recent City cash receipt.

The worst part about having a Hizzoner gone rogue are the otherwise good employees the rogue chief executive takes with him down the primrose path to destruction. It was not lost on those in attendance last Thursday the exact wording the State Auditor used in the performance audit report was the “Mayor and City Employees” failing to follow state statute. I imagine that having to work at City Hall right now is rather treacherous.

Source: City of Bay St Louis Public Record
Source: City of Bay St Louis Public Record

And for former employees there is not even a paycheck to go with the continuing headaches: Continue reading “Occasionally there is a price for stepping out”

Friday Omnibus: Whoever picked Prince for their 2016 dead pool is going rake in some dough

I happened to be on Twitter yesterday when word of Prince’s death broke and when I was not tweeting I enjoyed seeing the reaction on social media, which included much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I’m personally a Prince agnostic so I wasn’t moved to grieve though I did wonder about an annual Dead pool some friends do instead of playing the lottery thus the post title. There was however, one tweet on the subject that stood out above the rest but since the Slabbed twitter account has an under age 18 component I didn’t re-tweet it. I am however happy to embed it below the jump: Continue reading “Friday Omnibus: Whoever picked Prince for their 2016 dead pool is going rake in some dough”