8 thoughts on “Package Deal: Hire Frontier, get the Gov.”

  1. Every level of politics across the county has what is now referred to as the “establishment republicans”. To be considered one is not a compliment by any measure anymore. In our state this group has their favored lobbyist,consultants,advisers,fundraisers ect. They decide who to run and get behind in every local and statewide race. As an example in our own city, the powers that be hand picked Windy Swetman to be the next mayor. Then they brought in the Payne Group and Frontier to run Swetman’s campaign. They did the same thing over in Ocean Springs when John McKay ran for Mayor. When the polls showed the hand picked candidates 10+ points down the Payne and Frontier people decided that the only hope remaining was to go negative and they did. They portrayed FoFo Gilich as a shadow member of the Dixie Mafia and a possible participant in the Sherry murder plot, knowing none of this was true. This made people mad as hell and helped Gilich win. They also in the final days provided Gov. Phil Bryant for the Windy Swetman disaster of a campaign after Bryant publicly stated he would not get involved. Bryant was also an avid supporter an endorser in person of John McKay for mayor, which also ended in an embarrassing landslide loss. Providing the governor in campaigns seems to now be Frontier’s norm but has not been a very effective tool from the trick box. Maybe after another dozen losses Bryant will rethink showing up or Frontier will quit offering his personal endorsement to the selected ones.

    1. Biloxi Blues:

      You are on target with comment that if the local Establishment backs you as a politico you stand a good chance to get blackballed by Mississippi voters. There are a few exceptions of politicos who have a good honest record but then why would they need the Establishment’s help to carry the water anyway ?

      Meanwhile ,the national Elephant Establishment is doing a political assassination on Trump with total ass Romney backing either Kasich or Cruz depending on which one will carry the highest vote in each state primary.

      With the cozy, huggy huggy friendship between the Clintons and Bushes ( da’ BS Foundations they have mutually set up) it would not be a surprise if the GOP Establishment sells out totally destroying all anti-Establishment candidates and installing their ” boy” at the contested convention. Thereby destroying the non-Establishment conservative GOP’s chances in 2016 and the Establishment making contingency backroom plans and shade government deals with victor Hillary and her tailcoat favored, Democrat congressional candidates.

      Slabbers :Request from your local library a copy of the recent book written by the son of infamous E. Howard Hunt, ex-CIA agent involved in the JFK assassination and later Watergate burglar, author Saint John Howard, namely “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family”. And read about the Hinkley- Bush families connection and you will understand this country has pseudo-Mafia, politico families who control America through a mutual, consubstantial conspiratorial shadow government. With political assassinations, accidents and sudden deaths without state required autopsies a norm.

      The shadow government, with its radical, black, rainbow etc. support, and not the America voter determines which presidential candidates run, which ones they monetarily support and ones they don’t and finally which ones they sabotage thru media and PACs.

    2. I had a reader lend some insight on how everyone is connected, which I have edited:

      Josh Gregory is married to Rebekah Blakeslee Gregory. Just in case you had not connected the dots and for your enjoyment…..

      Rebeckah Blackeslee Gregory’s father is Duke Blakeslee (retired lawyer Gulfport), Rebeckah works at the MS Court of Appeals as a law clerk. Duke Blakeslee’s brother is Ed Blakeslee. Ed Blakeslee is a former IHL Trustee (came off in 2015, Barbour Appointee), also retired Vice President of MS Power Co.

      Ed Blakeslee was on the board of IHL when Rick Gregory, Josh Gregory’s father was hired as the Executive Director at the De Soto Ole Miss Satellite Campus.

      Rick Gregory is the father of Tiffany Gregory Ward, who has also moved up nicely at Ole Miss to become Interim Director at Ole Miss’ main campus in Oxford. She moved up while Ed Blakeslee was on IHL.

      1. I just got the most excellent idea for a movie or tv series.

        The only thing I can tell you in public right now is that the working title will be either “All in the Family” or “Hogs Root Cuzzin They Cain’t Hep Theyselfs!”.

        Which one you like better?

  2. I do not agree all together with your analysis. Look at Pickering. A shady candidate in so many different aspects of MS government that Frontier supported and the people continue to elect him. But, heck, they also reelected Barbour and Bryant. Not too smart, are we?

    1. John, I agree with your description of Pickering but have no knowledge of the Frontier king making K Street wannabes offering any support for his re-election campaign. Pickering probably used Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck firm, who are residents at his second home neighborhood. Wonder why this establishment republican’s investigation for the misuse of money donated by supporters has not been even mentioned in months? Maybe,just maybe, somebody at Frontier is running interference at the highest level of state government for this Disney character that we have as our state auditor. This whole group is such a natural cast for an animated movie named “Government Gone Bad” that you would eventually find listed on Rotten Tomatoes. They get bolder each day.

  3. Frontier was also engaged in Paula Yancey’s campaign for chancery judge. Beam has been paraded around Pascagoula by Yancey’s friend’s at Dogan & Wilkinson. Now Beam is on the three judge panel reviewing appeals in the SRHS case.

    1. My,my,my. I think we should go ahead and determine which Ms.county is the most corrupt county in the most corrupt state. I do think there is one way to resolve the SRHS matter. Just let all of the conflicted people sit down together in a conference room and do a deal that will benefit them and that whole matter in Jackson County will be resolved. That is how most issues were resolved in Harrison County prior to the recent elections.

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