Marching to the Ides of March

I knew sometime back that maintaining the website during the first quarter of 2016 would be a challenge as certain separate, discreet events converged all at once each of which required my immediate attention. I mention this now because I see a crack of daylight despite the fact my do list for the day job recently topped 35 items, composed of jobs both big and small which is nice. What’s neat is the way the community here has stepped up continuing certain posts with copious amounts of commentary. Thank you.

Posting will remain light for the next couple of weeks while I work the to do list down during the quiet before the storm of news fixing to hit here as the spring indictment season is again upon us. Over in the Bay, the end of the Trolley service is a soon coming topic over at the Community Center in the Depot District and overrides of the recent Mayoral vetoes related to the misappropriated DoJ funds are on tap.

On another note who would’ve thought Mississippi would be a micro-hotbed of radical Islam?

A link from last year by TRex over at the Clarion Ledger gives vital background circa August 2015. Meantime Jaelyn Young’s trial is still on tap.

I forgot to mention that we’re currently beta testing the Slabbed website on a dedicated file server located at a secure hosting facility right here in South Mississippi. When the transition over to the new hosting arrangement is finalized my overall goal is that you folks won’t notice any difference.

Happy Friday evening to all.

3 thoughts on “Marching to the Ides of March”

  1. Bernie eh? Perhaps you could be more expansive and describe the steps Bernie is going to take to cover the enormously gigantic uptick in debt that the country will have should the Bern even get one tenth of what he is proposing? You are certainly aware that if the government confiscated every dollar of the top one percent of earners it wouldn’t make a dent in the debt he will roll up. Further, at what point does personal responsibility Trump (little pun there) the collective responsibility of financing any of Bernie’s harebrained schemes? The vast majority of people that are wealthy are not financially stupid and they will hide and move their money out of the reach of the federal government which will only increase the burden on an already overwhelmed middle class who have spent the last seven plus years being pummeled by Obama and his corporate cronies while doubling the national debt.

    1. Clearly what’s needed is some Kansas or Louisiana style trickledown tax cutting. Some of the biggest deficits have been under the democRAT Reagan and Bush administrations.

    2. Blivet and unicorn fart:

      You guys/gals posted under the wrong blog post……..

      “Other Voices/Wednesday Wars” supporting Bernie for president was authored by liberal national blogger Tom Callaghan not Doug Handshoe, but you posted under Doug’s commentary.

      I’m posting in a few minutes under “Other Voices/Wednesday Wars” and that where you should posted your conservative views in response to Tom Callaghan.

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