Other Voices | Lana Noonan: Wasting time at a marathon Bay St Louis Council meeting

Let’s start at the end rather than the beginning on this one.

At roughly 11:00pm last evening, March 8, the Bay St. Louis City Council elected to go into Executive Session for personnel and litigation matters, so those of us who had endured the 51/2 hour meeting exited to the lobby until we were called back in only to find, as usual, that no action was taken.

Just prior to adjournment, Ward I Councilman Doug Seal levied his objection to Council President, Joey Boudin, that “people” were being allowed to “talk to long” at Public Forum. Boudin countered that he did indulge one citizen from Ward III, but had no problem with it since the Council only meets twice a month and he felt like the citizens deserved to be heard.

Ward II Councilwoman, Wendy McDonald, then stated “this is a business meeting.” Yep, that’s what she said. And, that begs the question Madam Council, “whose business?”. Do you think you are sitting on the board of a private enterprise? The “business” you are conducting is the public’s.

Certainly if we can sit through 6 hours of hearing your voice, ours can be heard for 30 minutes or so. Not to mention that, for the most part, the most logical and worthy comments come from the citizens at the podium. They just continue to fall on deaf ears.

Yes, we sat through another fiasco of the Building Dept. and its unqualified Chief Inspector Charles Oliver. One of Oliver’s underlings actually admitted to Council and all present Tuesday night that he does inspections on dumpsters, but doesn’t actually know the regulations that pertain to dumpsters.

Then there is the drama of the Port and Harbor commission and the Mayor’s request to the Council on January 19, 2016 ratifying his “appointment” to the Port and Harbor Commission, when none of them have the legal authority under state law to make an “appointment” as the City only “nominates”. This went on for a long time too for the second meeting in a row. The proper procedure, by state law, is for the local officials to nominate, and the Governor to choose a commissioner from their list of names to represent their city. The City Attorney sat silently through this on January 19, 2016 not once correcting or guiding these misinformed public officials. The City Attorney only discovered the law when someone other than the Mayor’s choice showed up with a letter from the Governor appointing him to the Port and Harbor Commission! Bay St. Louis has some 11,000 residents, but the Mayor can only think of one person to nominate? Yes, truth is stranger than fiction. But truth has become a rare commodity nowadays.

The citizens of Ward III, specifically the residents on Washington Street, told the gruesome tale of the horrors that are occurring at the Martin Luther King Park on a regular basis; everything from very young children being dropped off and left unattended, to drugs, gambling, loud music, and “things people shouldn”t do in public”! This seems like an administrative issue and should not have come before Council. In their defense the local residents may have complained to the Mayor to no avail.

Then there is the ongoing saga of the city’s current audit, which should have begun in October, and still hasn’t been started by the new firm, because the books are not ready to be audited. Former City Clerk, Robert Clark, resigned in November, (Mayor Fillingame publicly denied Clark had left) and still hasn’t been replaced. This is the kind of work City Clerks do, they get the books ready for the annual audit, that is if the City will ever get the lead out of its @$$ and hire one. Unreal.

The City HR director gave a report as to why he recommended Rosetti and Betz for the city’s insurance, saying “the other agency only wanted to bid” on the City’s property and casualty coverage while Rosetti and Betz bid on the whole package. I have been informed today that while that assertion is true, the other agency was told to only bid the property and casualty portion of the City’s coverage.

I am still not clear on the discrepancy of the city assets on the insurance schedule. One figure given last meeting was $11 million, and the other was $14 million. I can see being a hundred thousand off, but for a city the size of Bay St. Louis, $3 million seems like a whole lot of difference to me.

So, there you have it. The aforementioned took 6 hours. Yes, the public endured 6 hours of listening to their officials, but Council persons McDonald and Seal object to giving those same citizens (you know, the folks that pay their salaries, benefits, and retirement) 20 minutes at the podium.

It’s time to do some house cleaning. Where’s the broom?!

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  1. Sounds like ” Lyin’Lesbo and the LackieFive” played da’ same arrogant tune all nite long…..

    One only brings a broom when your favorite baseball team has won the first two games of a three game series home stand ……..

    However, when a band plays bad music its acceptable to throw rotten tomatoes…..or since the Irish Parade is coming how bouts some limp heads of rotten cabbage?…….. release of a stink bomb?…… or is theres bees a less illegal public reaction, more best suited legal reaction ?—

    how’s bout 10 mens each eatin’ a pound of red beans wits lots of garlic the morning of the next meeting, sittin’ on da’ first row and blowin’ and blastin’ out their own tunes when any band member bees hittin’ their bad notes ?

    Knows what thems say— yo’ sometimes needs to ‘ fight fire wits fire’ (i.e. arrogant oral BS wits arrogant rectal gas)*

    *No, I don’t works for Cintas but done justs stood at a Boloxi Holidays Express last week.

  2. With zero news round here about waveland wanting to annex I gotta wonder where Lana’s priorities are. Really? Annex? are you kidding??? Lana, do you Ever go to waveland meetings, you know, the meetings in the city where your own tax dollars are hard at work? Just wondering. Never any news about anything except bsl. And what the hell would any council meeting take 5 hours for? what a joke. Council has no control over their meetings & run it like a circus. Disgraceful really.

    1. d.cuevac

      Yo’ just da’ Inside Establishment type commenter I’d like to back up to on Tuesday after I ate my mama’s creole red beans Monday nite and gas board yo’ happy BS ass face till yo’ decide to tell the SlabbedNation yo’ connection to “Lyin’ Lesbo and da’ Lackie Five”……..

      Don’t yo’ know there is a nation-wide revolution against all Inside Establishments of D.C. and all State/City governments…..

      Get off yo’ PC broom and turn on the national media bro’ cause yo’ been flyin’ in thin air and dark clouds too long.

  3. I’m sorry, I don’t always follow the rhymes & things of lockemuptight & D.cuevas really? Lana lives in Waveland, know what you’re talking about before you post sweetie. The Bay Council meetings are out of control. People in the audience are doing the Archie Bunker routine of shooting themselves in the head over Mr. Johnson & the Port & Harbor Commission & then someone has the nerve to say cut down the Public Forum time!!!!

    1. Hopefully no one can follow the rants of he or she who is “locked up”, but obviously not tightly. Yes sweetie, Lana does live in Waveland – the city she donates her tax dollars to, the city with horrible roads, few employees, ditches not cleaned, grass not cut, Yet, they want to annex even MORE area? If the bay was suggesting any such thing Lana and her fellow posters would simiply have a field day, apoplexy even – yet even though annexation would affect her, her tax dollars, nary a word is spoken. Nada. Zero. Why? Because she rarely attends her own city’s meetings. In her post to our very own Dwayne B. of the Echo, had to ask at what meeting this annexation issue was discussed. Perhaps if she spent as much time minding her own cities business as she does of the Bay she would know. Just pointing that out my sweet thing. In the meantime, one has to wonder what broom “lock em up” flew in on. Flatulence, lesbos, rectal gas…sounds like an angry teenager, but I’m doubting it. Obviously he/she is a revered poster here, one who has some fixation with ass/gas/farting and such. Shame that anyone with a different opinion isn’t tolerated here in the land of the free bloggers who never hesitate to post their own opinion and demand it be accepted, yet people who post about farting in someone’s face, ‘lesbos’, asses (much like the eloquence found in my beloved Poolman’s postings, in fact) seems to be considered quite respectable and oft defended. Apparently Slabbed isn’t interested in raising the bar – inane and insane babble seems to be preferred. I disagree with almost everything Lana says, but at least she’s capable of communicating like an adult. Jus’ sayin. On the note of cutting the public comment time short, I guess it is useless for me to point out that the “norm” for public meetings such as this is to put a time limit (often 3 minutes) on public comments. The meetings I’ve attended in Waveland, and on rare occasion in other cities, the aldermen/council Do hold people to a time limit. Normally I would say that the reason for that is obvious to anyone, but I know I’m pushing it with that line of thought.

      1. “the city she donates her tax dollars to, the city with horrible roads, few employees, ditches not cleaned, grass not cut, Yet, they want to annex even MORE area?”
        Deanna really? Have you ever ventured out of Old Town?????? Do you recall the very large ANNEXED area that BSL collects taxes on every year, but doesn’t provide any services to? I am sure it is hard to comment intelligently about the entire city of BSL when the trolley, bars and fancy street lights are all you see! Speaking of tax dollars, I wasn’t given the option of NOT DONATING; so, if Waveland has a new system of only using donated tax dollars; please let me know, sounds like a great place to move! I’ll give a donation to anyone who can post a picture of Les’s well paid trash man picking up trash out in Ward 6! (prior to this post)

        1. Clearly you don’t get the point of my post, although your comments make my point exactly. And do pardon my offensive use of the word “donate”. Didn’t think it would cause so much stress. Being facetious was wrong of me.

          1. As usual, you can pick out one thing that MAY have been taken out of context and decline to offer an intelligent response. Your post most definitely described BSL as a city who has an annexed area with great roads, clean ditches, etc….they DO NOT. But, if your use of the word “donate” was meant to be sarcastic, the point is mute, it does not matter at all. The facts that you posted are true of BSL as well as Waveland, depending on your viewpoint. Maybe you should expand your view!

  4. My Oh My !! Thank You Lana and your group for all of your efforts. Maybe Waveland does not have all of the Drama and stupid administration that the Bay has.
    Any word on whether the Mayor vetoed officially on the Councils decision to go after his bond for the money??
    This City has really turned into a 3 Ring Circus. Mayor, Council, DOJ. Wake up people and get involved. Can’t you see what is going on?????
    Keep up the Good work Alliance for Good Government. I am so proud to have a group looking out for the best interest of our precious city and Hancock County.
    There was a Broom spotting riding around and I think someone said d.cuevas was on it.

    1. Pray tell how we would know what drama waveland does or doesn’t have? Everyone here has 100% focus on the Bay, as should be quite obvious to anyone who reads this blog and Doug or Lana’s comments elsewhere on social media. The watchful eyes of the HCAGG extend only to the city limits of bsl. “Bad government” anywhere else either doesn’t exist at all, or it’s excused. Apparently.

      1. Same could be said of you Deanna, which is the name you threw around quite a while back on this forum. If so, what would a college kid, not from BSL, care about what the TAXPAYERS of BSL have to say about how/who/why their money is spent?

        1. Uhhh, maybe because I pay taxes? College kid? Should people in college have no interest in their govt? Oh boy. And it’s DEENA thank you. Throw that around a while till you get it right. Maybe take a college course while you’re at it.

          1. It would be most helpful if you weren’t such a coward and hinted around that your name was Deanna in previous comments, then expect everyone to know who DEENA is…..Since reading comprehension is obviously a challenge for you, the previous comment about NOT paying taxes in BSL was based upon your identification as Deanna, not DEENA, who appears to be a fictional person who lives in BSL, also a very confused one who supports 100% Republican stances on most subjects, yet is a proud Democrat??? Yes, college kids should have an interest in government, but most do NOT pay taxes (especially property) and most are definitely not a nest egg of political knowledge. College…been there and done that; have you? I often wonder if you moved past “see Spot run,” because if you “see tax dollars disappear,” you should logically want to know where they are? Or you could just continue to pay more each year. Anyone who has ever given one cent to BSL in taxes, permit fees, etc. should be really pissed off about what has happened over the last few years. The people of Ward 6 have a little more to be pissed off about than the rest, but, you obviously wouldn’t understand that.

  5. 9:09, 9:16 and 9:18. Suspecting the possible diagnosis of ADD. Medication is available. “Broomstick” comments should be posted only on the vitriol Facebook site of “only those that agree with us to de-annex the Bay page.” One can only pity those who disrespect a person who questions elected officials that clearly abuse their power. This is clearly not a forum for you.

    1. Then clearly, it is not a forum. At least, it’s not a forum for anyone who has an opinion that is different from the others.

  6. Some people don’t have the stomach for the truth. Truth is the mayor wants a Fiefdom, He wants sole appointment of the port official. He feels that he is more powerful than the Governor. He has never had a report or other correspondence with the Port and Harbor other than that is Wendy’s family and hopefully family support. Conflict of interest? Rafferty will never see it if it favors the outcome for Les. The Insurance is more of the same. You dont have to be smart to see that they are in bed with The Rossetti and Betz Group. Secret Hand Shakes and Nods and Winks. Check out Betz and Rossetti reckless and inappropriate attempts at the School Board Insurance. The legal Counsel, well we all know what that is about. Rafferty was running BSL and intimidating and harassing business owners that were not in the Filingame Regime. He is now limited but the real upside is getting rid of him will be a platform the next Mayoral Candidate.

    Keep it up Lana. Whats happening is when you throw a rock in a pack of dogs you see who squeals! The one that got in your trash!

    I heard Les is pushing Bernie Sanders! We can get a free Trolley, Garbage Dumpsters, Daffodil Farms and Dog Parks!

  7. There is a nation wide movement to remove the establishment. Look right here in Hancock County where all but 1 supervisor was ousted. Bay Saint Louis is coming apart at the seams under the current administration. We are just in a holding pattern to re-establish our politics for the next election. The people have had enough from the National level to the Local level. Fiefdoms are ending. Over time that will need an overhauling as well. It is an endless process that our fore fathers gave us the power to do. VOTE to make change. The problem is it is usually after the damage is done but it is always fixable but it takes time.

  8. BSL Taxpayer,
    My understanding is that the Council did receive their official notice from Mayor Fillingame that he was vetoing both of their motions:
    1. To pay back the DOJ fund with the Reserve Fun
    2. To pay back the Reserve Fund by revoking the bonds of Mayor Fillingame, and the two former City Clerks who handled this money with him: David Kolf and Catherine Smith.
    On Tuesday evening, the Council as Chief DeNardo for an update on the DOJ, and he said that they are still awaiting the DOJ final review of the DOJ audit of the Equitable Sharing Fund.
    The Council asked the City Attorney if they had any time constraints on them with regard to overriding the vetoes and revoking the bonds, and his answer was, “no.”
    Apparently, when the DOJ informs the Council how this account is to be made whole, at that point the Council will act accordingly.

  9. BSL Taxpayer,
    A very important P.S.
    The most important thing this Council has to do regarding the DOJ funds that went missing is to protect the citizens of Bay St. Louis from having to pay back this money with their Reserve Fund, which is earmarked for emergencies and various needs throughout the city.
    It will take a super majority ( 5 votes on the Council, not just 4 of the 7) to override the Mayor’s vetoes. But since the vote to revoke the bonds was unanimous, I feel confident that at least 5 of them will stick with their original vote. Two could be shaky because you never know how they are going to vote. However, it will be difficult, at best, to explain to the voters this time next year why their Reserve Fund was used to bail out the Mayor and his underlings.

  10. Lana,
    Very accurate. I beleive with the exception of the mayor they realize the end is near. It is just how much damage they can inflict before being removed. The Councelor knows he is out. He wallored in power and now he is gone. He has misled, misguided and just manipulated the council to give Leslie the rope he needed to hang. Hopefully they will sit in a jail cell planning their return! They abused every bit of faith the public had to offer. Personal gain and ego are a bad combination! It is ashamed that their ego and opinion that the public is ignorant has led them to this outcome. The only thing that can be said is that it is not uncommon! Now that MrRafferty has had his paycheck cut back he will try different avenues to get what he feels we owe him. Self serving people have no limits. He feels we owe him. He will always feel his lower appendage is bigger than everyone else! LOL. It isn’t. He is a blow hard who has tax leans and property repossesions. I’m thinking about buying his office on Main St. He is just renting to own. Haha that is his claim to being invested in BSL! Everything about him and les is a sham! I am getting tired and will give more information later. It is really just funny with these two characters!

    1. And still, “Leslie” isn’t “hanging”. One accusation after another; one investigation after another; one audit after another…every investigative agency known to man or beast has been called upon to “investigate” Fillingame, his employees, “the books”….and what criminal activity has anyone ‘proved’? I’ve yet to see it here, or anywhere else. So, forgive me for daring to question, but the city hasn’t gone bankrupt (as predicted weekly for the last 8 years), “Leslie” hasn’t been charged with anything; audits have shown nothing spectacular to date, including “missing money”…or am I missing something here??

      1. You must have the inside track with Stacey and crew… Lets see what they come up with at the next meeting. I will be the first to admit ifin I B wrong, but I’ll lay 100 to 1 odds that its not all peachy flavored fruit drinks some of y’all have been sippin.

        1. It is not worth arguing with this misinformed person. The rhetoric only proves that one would have benefited directly from the current administration or collects monthly entitlements from the Federal Government, or both. If you don’t pay taxes, you don’t worry if they are spent foolishly. If you have never held a paying position, the result is the same.

      2. d remember that until he is restrained he has the full faith and credit of the tax payer to support his Ponzi scheme. Very little anyone can do until he’s detained, restrained or otherwise removed. He has legal authority to manipulate finances. It is over but not until him, Raff and the rest are apprehended and rendered guilty!

  11. The sad thing is we have a Mayor that has proven more than once he has misappropriated funds. At the expense of the taxpayers, we have had to have additional assessments on our Water Bills to bail him out, only to find out he has misappropriated that money.
    We have a spineless council that won’t do the right thing to represent the citizens and tax payers of BSL. Until I see them overturn his veto and do the right thing, I say get rid of all of them. While some may be out there trying, they are still not talking loud enough and making enough noise to make the public really aware of the incompetent situation we have at the top level at City Hall. As for the attorney, he is just pitiful. He seems to forget he works for the Council and BSL not the mayor. If he keeps putting all of his eggs in the Mayor’s Basket they may get broken sooner than later.
    Step Up Council and start doing the responsible thing. Break the eggs and get an attorney that will give the best legal advise for you and BSL. John S. would never have allowed this mess to happen.
    I think Rod Ward should run for Mayor !! Maybe he can fix the huge problem that has been created.

    As for some of the responses, whether nice or crass, I enjoy reading everyone’s responses. Brightens my day how some can be so clever with words !!!

  12. d. cuevas maybe you need to get a hearing aid or glasses. Listen and read what the DOJ and Auditors have said about the finances of BSL. All of the money that has been misappropriated by our Mayor, and now our Police don’t have the money needed to protect our city and people and finances are a MESS. Wake up…
    When the council did vote to use the Mayor’s bond, he plans to veto only to protect his position in office, not to do the right thing and get the money back where it belongs.
    All of the Money put in general fund and not paid to Waste Water Authority and he has a special assessment on our water bills for the loan he had to take because he misappropriated almost half million $$$ there. Where have you been? then didn’t pay the loan on time and the assessment each month has NOT been going into a special account to pay the debt service. It never ends with this man.
    A pattern has been set with his man and it will never change. We need a change and it is him.

  13. Let’s see, the amount that was reported to the Echo in Oct. 2013 by the Solid Waste and Hancock County Utility Authorities that was owed to them by the city was a total of $368,000 in arrears. That was taken care of by the city taking out a loan at The First Bank. Let us not forget the users had paid their bills, so what went with the payments is still unaccounted for. Not to mention the users paid twice—when they actually paid, and again when they had to pay off the loan. Oh, and the residents of wards 5 & 6 also paid off the loan since it was made in the city’s name and they don’t even get their utilities from the city. They are still with the county.
    This loan that had no statutory authority was a finding in the audit as well.
    Then there is the $300,010.44 in DOJ funds plus around $10,000 for DOJ audit.
    And, last Sept. 25, 2015, another $300,000 for “Cash Flow problems.”
    Think of what this $978,000 could have done for the citizens.

  14. Thank you for always clarifying the finances for BSL. I only wish more people would get their heads out of the Sand and Listen to the Alliance, the auditors and DOJ. Why would the Auditors and DOJ give the public bad information? People are really stupid to believe this mayor is right????

  15. d. Cuevas doesn’t like details. She/he is pointless and clueless. Maybe she/he can apply for City Clerk. Kinda qualified by Les’s standards.

  16. Be nice Dumped On…
    Saw on FB Rachel posted that the City is now advertising for the position and looking for a qualified person.. Wonder how long they will last, like the last person with previous experience working for a Bank. How long will it take for the new person to stay before quiting because he/she will not have enough creative accounting for Mr Mayor. This Council needs to get a grip and the people need to start getting involved.

  17. BSL Taxpayer,
    That ad in the paper for a City Clerk was the Mayor’s composition. Council
    Is not happy with it, and voted last Tues. to run their own.
    Everyone wondered why the Mayor left the meeting early before that subject came up on the agenda!!
    When you consider this city has had 3 City Clerks in a year that is very revealing.
    Just my opinion, but the last one who came to the city from the sterile financial environment of a bank, had the shortest time “working for Hizzona” than any of them๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  18. I think it speaks volumes that the people of Bay St. Louis are so apathetic about their city government that it takes someone from Waveland to step in voluntarily and try to do something about it. Thank you, Lana, for your efforts.

  19. No reply from Deanna….guess answering a direction question regarding real numbers is not suitable for the typical teenager responses she provides. I’m still wondering exactly what her comment regarding “few employees” in Waveland meant. Is running a city with “few employees” a bad thing? One of the first evaluations I make on the projects that I manage is; how can I do more with less! Sorry D, but, having more employees doesn’t automatically guarantee that BSL provides more, or better, services; just that the “-” column is much bigger each month! But, I would not expect any different from a college girl, who hasn’t hit the real world yet and probably supports the grandiose ideals of “The Bern,” just like Les.

    1. First of all, it’s obviously a waste of time to say that my original post in no way compared BSL to Wave., other than to point out “how’s annexation working out for the bay” – a thought that obviously escaped the posters here. The bay has a casino too, how’s that working out? Providing extra services with less money…taxes alone don’t pay for the added employees, added equipment, added work (mowing, paving etc.) – but who wants to raise taxes, even though the added taxpayers from the annexed area don’t make up for these added services. Do the math, it’s not rocket science. You want more you pay more – or are you with ole Bernie on this one?? And How ’bout asking your first responders how they like doing “more with less”. Or haven’t you noticed the numbers there? How many police are working at any given moment and how many firemen does waveland keep at either station? Do you know?? PLEASE tell us – how many??? I’m waiting for the answer to that one. (Who here doesn’t have at least one family member or relative who works in either city or for the county – or do you just get your info from a blog – or maybe you don’t even live here. Talk to employees who work in our cities and county instead of talking back and forth to one another on a blog – and I’m not talking about getting “intel” from some disgruntled employee with an agenda (but that’s too juicy to pass up isn’t it!). Maybe you’ll find out some info you won’t see here. And try telling the police or firemen it’s better to do more with less. If you ever needed their services like I have you might pay a little more attention to what they do and be a bit more appreciative. Fat chance of that here though. This is a waste of typing.

      1. Your post absolutely compared the two, if even by saying “how is annexation working out for ya,” it’s still a comparison dear ( I know, dang the details). Second correction, Waveland does not have a casino, yet. So, your wrong again.
        Next to answer your question, “who wants to raise taxes?” That is exactly what the majority of this forum is about; the fact that everyone is paying more in BSL, including extra charges on utility bills; just so we can watch it be mishandled, lost, spent, whatever you want to call it, by the City of BSL (MAYOR + COUNCIL).
        Next, added services??????? The annexed area in BSL does not receive services from BSL, so, you are wrong again. The county still provides most of the services, yet, they are considered City of BSL when the payments are due. Trash, water, and obviously all public works are provided by Hancock County. The only time most residents of Ward 6 here from BSL is when taxes are due or we need another “bonus” charge to pay for lost money! There is one exception, the Police of BSL do respond in the annexed area and have been pretty good considering the city short changes them every chance they get.
        I do NOT have any family working for the city and I HAVE spoken to several employees of the city. Unfortunately, upon opening a business in BSL, I experienced first-hand the incompetence the city's administration. It's not the Police, Fire and maintenance guys; it's the administrative personnel, who do a lot of nothing, but make the big bucks. DO YOU KNOW THE SALARIES AND WORK SCOPE OF ALL THE CITY EMPLOYEES?? Since you asked specifically, I have had a VERY SPECIFIC conversation with many city employees. Do you know that the average police officer in BSL, who has all the certifications as a police officer, many of whom are combat veterans with an education, make significantly less than the mayor's daughter?? How's that math? Have you done it yet? It is nice to see that the Mayor's page on the city's website finally got updated though; maybe it was due to this forum, maybe not.

        YOUR WHOLE POST ABOVE JUST PROVIDES MORE CREDIT TO YOUR OPPONENTS ON THESE ISSUES! Talk to the police, talk to the firemen, talk to the guy picking up the trash after the parties downtown, they are not happy about the mismanagement of the city; not at all. You say "and I'm not talking about some disgruntled employee," but that is exactly what we should ALL be talking about. Either you truly are a fictional person, or perhaps your actually the mayor posing as a participant; trying to justify your actions? I don't know, but you are way off the mark on your talking points!

  20. More employees usually means that the mayor can buy more familial support from payroll that is bank rolled by the citizens.

    I have been told that Gus McKay’s wife was just hired by Les. I would bet right before his interview with the OSA. Makes since, if you recall his performance on awarding the Rosetti Betz Group the Insurance. They can keep the details on the debacles at bay.

  21. Fish Bait,
    I would think that a monthly payroll of $427,000 for a small city of only 11,000 is quite a little chunk for Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public. There are two months in the year that have 3 pay periods. And, that’s all okay as long as services are being provided. Now, that’s where things get interesting!!!

  22. I can not imagine what position another person would be hired for??? The city is maxed out now with employees. What position did Les create for her. Here we go another employee another heath benefit, does it ever stop. They need a clerk before anything else.

  23. Les needs people to help the cover up. Like I said before, he will continue to play politics until he is done. The tax payer has never been in his best interest.

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