Why Hancock and Jackson County newsers should have their eye on the recent MDOC Scandal guilty plea

Bribes ‘cost of doing business in Mississippi,’ says consultant who pleaded guilty ~ Anita Lee

Simmons also admitted bribing the county supervisor with $2,000 monthly payments from a consulting fee provided by Health Assurance LLC of Jackson. The company had a contract to provide medical services at the Harrison County jail. Health Assurance paid Simmons a total consulting fee that climbed to $10,000 a month while he represented the company from 2005 through 2011.

We’ve heard the name Health Assurance LLC here on Slabbed before and that would be here among other places. The link in that old post leads to Jackson Jambalaya and this from the very end of Kingfish’s post:

Priesters? Now we are getting into Bennie Thompson territory.

Robert Simmons goes into Bennie Thompson territory as well according to Anita Lee’s reporting on his guilty plea but those are not the only territories where Health Assuarnce LLC plying it jailhouse contract trade leads:

See the Spending – Health Assurance payments from Hancock County Mississippi

See the Spending – Health Assurance payments from Jackson County Mississippi

Both Hancock and Jackson Counties look to have parted ways with Health Assurance in the Summer of 2014 per those links. What was happening back in July 2014? Our readers can click here for a trip down memory lane. Follow that trail of bread crumbs and you’ll end up back in Hancock and Jackson Counties. As Gomer is often heard saying in downtown Mayberry: Shazam!

This MDOC investigation is apparently not done yet folks. It will be interesting to see where else it leads.

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  1. Rumor has it a former Jackson County Supervisor is being investigated by the FBI. Is this in regards to this insurance skam?

  2. I have know Robert Simmons since the 1980s. He once worked in the Blessey administration at the city of Biloxi. He is a good person that obviously succumbed to the power and money that we see so many others going after. He has admitted to paying bribes to people who were in the position of making decisions and awarding contracts at the MDOC and even at the local Harrison County jail. In the past 10 years he has gone from being a city planner to a very high paid “business consultant” which appears to be just another name for future felon. How is it that he became “the man” to see if you needed to purchase access to Rep. Bennie Thompson,Chris Epps and others? Was Harrison County his franchised area or did he also work other counties along the Coast? If he did not work Hancock and Jackson County then who did? I think most would agree somebody influenced somebody on these County Board of Supervisors or within the Sheriff departments to allow the same companies that Simmons was being paid by to award contracts to them. So much to be learned about the Chris Epps scandal. Another common denominator on the Coast who has been connected to certain supervisors in both Hancock and Jackson County is none other that “business consultant” Scott Walker. He is also linked to Chris Epps and the MDOC. Will he eventually be named as a participant? I guess time will tell.

  3. http://blog.gulflive.com/mississippi-press-news/2011/01/new_county_jail_option_may_be.html A quick read of the attached article about our new county jail over here in Jackson County will give you a pretty good idea of who was involved with Chris Epps on this end of the Ms.Coast. I agree somebody was paying somebody who in turn was bribing local politicians who could impact who got what. I repeat read the article and you can see who these crooked bastards are amongst us. I just hope your rumor is correct Mr.Rogers

  4. http://blog.gulflive.com/mississippi-press-opinion/2011/04/commissioner_epps_should_butt_out_of_jail_plans_your_word.html One Jackson County supervisor knew something was up when Chris Epps and his entourage showed up in Jackson County to influence the design and construction of the new jail and probably check on how the rest of the criminal enterprise was going with his partners and business consultants. Tommy Brodnax knew something was up and one would think he conveyed this to the FBI when he was questioned about it.

  5. http://blog.gulflive.com/mississippi-press-news/2013/09/jackson_county_hires_architect.html Read these past articles and draw your own conclusions on who Maxwell -Walker Consulting Group was working with and who they were bribing to get the Jackson County Jail headed in the direction that MDOC Chris Epps wanted. Who benefited and who took the bribe money? Greg Davis,US Attorney for the Southern District of Ms.,probably knows. Don Alway, special agent with the FBI’s Mississippi office probably knows. Those that bribed and those that took the bribes know for sure. Now the taxpayers should be told .

  6. After all is said and done, will the FBI do anything? Did they do their complete job in the DMR fiasco? Sure, they got rid of the Walkers but how many more were involved that are still slopping at the trough? So the answer is: Do not hold your breath waiting for justice in Mississippi. It will not happen!

  7. The fed prosecutors in the southern district aided and abetted the hiding of the MDMR public records, along with the state attorney general and auditor. Hand picked, team players at all levels. Connect the dots of players involved and the picture is very clear. It is corruption and collusion from our Washington reps right on down through every level of state and local politics. As everyone keeps telling me, that just the way it is, get use to it and get in on it while the getting’s good. No thanks, I’ll stick to being honest.

  8. I will probably repeat myself. But it is a crying shame Jackson County did not clean house when we had the opportunity. With the summons delivered today to those supervisors involved in the SRHS retiree debacle, I cannot see them telling the truth no matter how many stacks of Bibles they swear on. Do you?

  9. Time for a new post on this one.I hear the investigation is reaching a boiling point.Look for those local yokels connected to the Chris Epps scandal to get real religious. They will be in church praying with very sweaty palms. Cannot wait for the roundup to begin on the Coast. I would bet Epps is singing like a rufous nightingale and Simmons is providing a mockingbird backup.

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