4 thoughts on “ICYMI: He’s baaack (Hotty Toddy)”

  1. I thought that this post below was appropriate for your article Anita. It reminds the people to be diligent and stay aware! I hear that Jamie Miller is up to his old tricks again. Is our insider at the DMR reporting anything about the goings on down there??? We will only see a change if Puhl-a$$-o gets the boot. I sure hope those idiots in George, Jones, and Marion counties wake up! The democrat running against him is the way to go this time. ANYONE is better than what we have had to put up with! No representation!! Wake up and help people – get out and vote that garbage out!!! The foundation is cracking and beginning to crumble.
    Say what you will about Lott and Taylor. They at least did their jobs by representing the people. This mafia bunch are arrogant and non-serving in my opinion.
    Glad to be back – missed you all!

    “JC says:
    March 3, 2016 at 4:42 pm
    The fed prosecutors in the southern district aided and abetted the hiding of the MDMR public records, along with the state attorney general and auditor. Hand picked, team players at all levels. Connect the dots of players involved and the picture is very clear. It is corruption and collusion from our Washington reps right on down through every level of state and local politics. As everyone keeps telling me, that just the way it is, get use to it and get in on it while the getting’s good. No thanks, I’ll stick to being honest.”

    1. Charlene,

      Our Washington reps are still trough feeders just like most of our local and state politicians. They all cater to the regime.

      According to “JC” above, it sounds like a lot of folks were involved with a cover-up of records. Which records I ask?

      So what kind of tricks is Jamie up to now a day’s?

  2. You are incorrect in saying Miller is up to his old tricks; there has never been any changes for the best or better at DMR. And all you stated in the above comment is true.

    JC and Silkwooder you got it right!

  3. Funny OCR fail I just noticed on something I retrieved out of the file.

    HALEY Bassoon


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