BREAKING: Mayor Fillingame vetoes Council votes to restore DoJ fund and related vote to recover from the Mayor’s bond

I still have some thoughts about Tuesday’s meeting but I haven’t much time to post today. That said events are moving quickly in Bay St Louis with the Mayoral vetoes issued today, which I have obtained for the public’s viewing pleasure.

Click to obtain 2 page pdf
Click to obtain 2 page pdf

19 thoughts on “BREAKING: Mayor Fillingame vetoes Council votes to restore DoJ fund and related vote to recover from the Mayor’s bond”

  1. What do these men and women make an hour?
    When you’ll throw your own department under the bus, that’s about as bad as it gets.👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻

  2. The City Counselor is not pursuing the Bond Claim. First thing he has done yet that shows he understands conflict of interest 101! They need a real attorney to handle it not a yes man. Actually he isn’t even under contract. He said a had a letter of understanding but lost ii in Katrina… 10 years later he didn’t advise them that he needed to update….I guess he could have said he lost it in the mail like Les did! Anyway this may be the first step in ridding ourselves of this vermin.

    This DOJ Money is not going away nor is the OSA Investigation. They are just delaying and stalling. Even Bernie Madoff confessed right away when confronted, to protect as many innocent people as he could without a lengthy trial and investigation. Les will expend as much of the Cities resources and personnel as it takes to deny his wrong doing. What a stand up guy!

  3. Some taxpayer with machinery to print posters need to print in large letters,”RECALL da BUM “, for distribution at next Clownsil meeting.

    The Clownsil reminds me of Obama ‘s refusal to say Islamic Extremist Terrorists , so too the Clownsil can’t get the simple word, RECALL , out their paralyzed orifices.

  4. If Nixon only could have had the Veto power of LES, or Rod Blagovitch, Edwin Edwards, need I say more. Do the right thing, have an emergency meeting to hire legal counsel.

  5. Pool man,
    Get a civil tongue in your head!
    Comparing your Mayor to those two!
    Both did prison time–
    Edwards was sentenced to 10
    And Blog is still sitting in s Federal facility in Colorado doing his 14 years!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Unbelievable !!! If the City Council does not take action immediately they all need to be recalled. Where does it end??

  7. It is amusing that he didn’t mention his restriction to put the money back when the auditor requested it Tuesday nor did he apply that same logic when he transferred the $88K a week ago. He is not really even a good liar! The Police Chief needs to decide if he is working to fix the problem or if he is part of the problem! He wants to use the press for defense but ultimately he will only Indict himself!

  8. Before long Les will probably make the police chief part of the problem if he signed off saying the money was in the bank..
    Everybody better start protecting themselves. This whole situation is getting out of hand.

  9. To me it is becoming more in focus. We have definitive evidence that the Mayor is the perpetrator of miss spent money and that the 2 previous clerks have knowledge of it and that the non contracted attorney is using bad legal advise ( forced the mayor into a closed council session with made up legal advice) to avert the remedy.

    They have all the classic signs of any cover up. Try to beat everyone to the press to see if you can taint the issues, blame it on clerical errors, miscommunication and personnel issues and be creative with the law to slant the outcomes of decisions etc….

    Does anyone actually believe, the Mayor and Chief have an order to not pay back the money, that is reduced to writing? He could prove me wrong but I will bet he does not. It is a fact that past performance is not necessarily and indication of future performance, but in this case has he ever had a hard document that is indicative of his actions. He doesn’t do email or text because his attorney advised him long ago no written records. How can you conduct business without ever reducing instructions and or agreements to writing? He is completely incompetent and if I were him that would be my defense because that is the only thing that is verifiable!

  10. Does anyone here believe that after responding to a request from the Council to investigate the missing DOJ funds, and then after issuing a Preliminary Report, ordering the Council to hire an independent auditing firm to audit the DOJ account, all of a sudden the DOJ is going to leave the Council out of the loop and only communicate with the Mayor because the Council President did not receive this communication from the DOJ to not meet the payback demand right
    The Mayor is quoted in the Echo saying there is another step to this that no one knows about??!!
    Seems like that is the problem with this administration:
    Too many steps have been taken along the way that “no one knew about!”😜😜

  11. That is a joke Lana we are gonna win. Lets get behind our council and get justice. I think we are all in this together now bobby, Wendy, Doug, Jeffery , and of course Joey, Lonnie and Mike! Wow what a job us and them have done to get here! I give special accolades to the first four as it was a big move to join us! Lana and Libby are special people and have accomplished a lot! As Libby said 2 bell cows that are Alfa! Cudo’s lol great group

  12. I said administration, Rod, not COUNCIL.
    However, having said that, those who would not support Falgout and Favre on the writ of mandamus on the Mayor regarding the failure by him to comply with the agreement with the Hancock Bank on the Debt Service Fund should get on board next meeting evrn if it means getting another attorney to file it.
    The utility users are paying that extra $13 a month and have the right to know why it isn’t being sent to the bank.

  13. Here’s a question I have not seen discussed. Bonding is not free. Who paid for the $100,000 bonds in the first place for Les and the city clerks? Was it the City of Bay St. Louis? If so, city taxpayers are getting screwed twice in this deal, and the mayor and clerks should be held personally liable.

    And here’s what the mayor had to say for himself to the Sun Herald after the council voted to go after his bond: “It’s all (BS) and it’s getting ready to come home to roost.”

    Seems that “roosting” may well result in the mayor leaving City Hall in handcuffs. In that event, he can look to his unqualified chief of the building department for instruction on how to perform a proper perp walk.

  14. What rights do we as payers of the 13.00 each month have to make sure our assessment is being appropriated in the correct financial account that the assessment was put in place for?
    The Council voted for the assessment with the understanding to be applied to a debt service. Since it has not been done, what recourse do we have. Is this another investigation for the District Attorney or State Auditors Office.. Please tell me where to go, so Monday Morning I can start making calls.

  15. BSL Taxpayer,
    You can contact Councilman-at-Large Mike Favre and Ward 6 Councilman Lonnie Falgout and me as Alliance Chairman and be a part of the writ of mandamus on the Mayor to Petition the Court to open that account and see where your payments are going, if they can be found.
    My guess is there have mah have gone the way of the DOJ funds and the still missing utility payments to the Solid Waste Authority ( of which the Mayor is Chairman) and the Hancock County Utility Authority.
    is there an account up there that is safe?
    Auditor’s cN be schoomzed, but I think courtrooms may be a little different atmosphere!
    Join the writ!!

  16. I’m in. I’ll call Lonnie or Mike tomorrow to bring my check… Totally fed up with his misuse of our funds and Mr. Rafferty’s not so legal advise. The council needs to do something with him or they’ll all be under investigation.
    Going to the Pass Parade. Happy Mardi Gras !! At least the Mayor over there has is Act together with the funds of Pass Christian.

  17. It is amazing to me that everyone is so surprised that this type of crooked political pilfering of the taxpayer purses is still ongoing. After all, the same State Auditor was re-elected, who, himself, reportedly, has a problem with following the laws of this State himself, and imho feel like he and his “friends and family” are above the same laws that the taxpayers follow. He is part of the “friends and family” group, and it appears that maybe the Mayor of BSL is part of the same family, maybe? So, he too, may be above the State laws we are forced to follow.
    It is pathetic that our coastal counties have to continue to be governed by these types. But we have no one to blame but ourselves. We (not myself and other voters who educate themselves on each candidates’ qualifications) keep voting these thugs back in!!! Thank goodness that Biloxi was blessed with a good Mayor recently. That will be good for one Coastal city. But – keep your eye on the “New” shipyard that is being touted in Gulfport by our Governor (who is great buddies with Billy Hewes, the Mayor of Gulfport, and Billy’s brother-in-law, Joe Zeigler, (now a felon from the DMR scandal). I hear that the county has purchased the property where this Shipyard will be from the Owner (not sure of the past owner, but I smell another friend and family deal here). As they say, you will have to follow the money. Which reminds me – there was a “State owned” Shipyard several years ago in Ocean Springs that served some unknown purpose until some Taxpayers started snooping into what was going on there, and suddenly, it closed up. Maybe some yachts were refitted there?? That operation, whatever it was, may have been moved under the Marine Resources’s control at the Fish Hatchery at Lyman. I wonder what guise they are using now for the goings on up there? Who is pulling those strings??? The old “bait and switch” trick. I have a sneaking feeling that we will be hearing a whole lot more about this scam pretty soon. Photos and hard copies can not be denied. And, a picture is worth a thousand words, they say. So, if it sounds like a duck, and walks like a duck, it probably is a duck. Maybe the Mayor is a duck?? Just saying.
    It will take a strong leader to LEAD this State to overcome the conspiracy and corruption we have been forced to live under since Hurricane Katrina and the BP spill. If the good, honest people of this State would gather together and fight together, something could be done. But most of these people are working everyday to pay their bills and pay more taxes for the crooks to rob.
    The crooks are out of prision now with their hands out for more. Greed, the quest for more and more power, arrogance, and the misconception of entitlement (because you were “knighted” by the powers that be), continue to prosper at the City, County, and State level of this State. Thank you Tea Party – for delivering us in the hands of the Republicans. This one is on you!

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