Stick a fork in it: Trump is your guy GOPers

I thought the overall field of candidates could not have been weaker than in 2008 and 2012 but 2016 proved me wrong.

Meantime I found this gem:

Trump vs. Clinton: The election no one wants ~ Bruce Abramson and Jeff Ballabon

America’s political, academic, business, and media elites will launch studies trying to understand why Americans have lost faith in their leaders and their institutions. Most of them will come to agree with President Obama: Americans distrust our leaders because our leaders devote too little effort to explaining their greatness in terms that average Americans can grasp. Their own failings, or the gaping chasm between elite and average concerns, are unlikely to enter their thinking.

Taken together, America is hurtling towards an election that no one wants. The Democratic Party will nominate a candidate most Democrats dislike because their game is rigged. The Republican Party will nominate a candidate most Republicans dislike because their game is not. It’s a wonderful advertisement for liberal democracy.

The above is why I think Trump beats Clinton unless Trump enters a “dead girl or a live boy” type scenario, despite what polling currently indicates. This election will boil down to a handful of states, Ohio likely the most important of them all.

Why Hancock and Jackson County newsers should have their eye on the recent MDOC Scandal guilty plea

Bribes ‘cost of doing business in Mississippi,’ says consultant who pleaded guilty ~ Anita Lee

Simmons also admitted bribing the county supervisor with $2,000 monthly payments from a consulting fee provided by Health Assurance LLC of Jackson. The company had a contract to provide medical services at the Harrison County jail. Health Assurance paid Simmons a total consulting fee that climbed to $10,000 a month while he represented the company from 2005 through 2011.

We’ve heard the name Health Assurance LLC here on Slabbed before and that would be here among other places. The link in that old post leads to Jackson Jambalaya and this from the very end of Kingfish’s post:

Priesters? Now we are getting into Bennie Thompson territory.

Robert Simmons goes into Bennie Thompson territory as well according to Anita Lee’s reporting on his guilty plea but those are not the only territories where Health Assuarnce LLC plying it jailhouse contract trade leads: Continue reading “Why Hancock and Jackson County newsers should have their eye on the recent MDOC Scandal guilty plea”

ICYMI: He’s baaack (Hotty Toddy)

Ocean Spring’s Scott Walker released from Prison ~ Anita Lee

I mention this because we were sent the recent Walker family Hotty Toddy Birthday Facebook post so Scott and the family are making up for lost time.

The bad news is SEC Football is not nearly as fun under NCAA probation but that saga will take time to play out.

“These people do not know what they are doing” Part 2: Port n Harborgate – The Docs

But first we’re going to put a bit more meat on the bones of the Hancock County Development Commission fiasco:

Questions surfaced concerning who would represent the city on the Hancock County Port & Harbor Commission. In December, Council Chairman Joey Boudin – apparently without anyone else’s knowledge – wrote a letter to the governor’s office recommending local businessman Danny Johnson for the position. Johnson stood up in a public forum asking for other council members blessings as a nominee stating that “a recommendation is not a vote for or against anyone.”

However, the latest iteration of the commission was sworn in last month, so the point may be moot.

The four returning members are Robert Kane, Realtor with John McDonald Realty; Charles Gallagher, retired Navy captain and Ingalls Shipbuilding engineer; Rocky Pullman, captain of marine resources at Stennis Space Center; and Sherri Carr Bevis, the South Mississippi service coordinator for Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann. New commissioners are Daryl Cornell, CEO of Triton Systems, the ATM manufacturer; Paula Jordan, office manager for Jordan Chiropractic Center; David Malley, contractor and real estate developer; and Realtor Jon W. Ritten Jr. of Coldwell Banker Coast Delta Realty.

As I mentioned Tuesday the legalities were not at all clear but after speaking with a couple of folks and finding the right Mississippi Code Section it appears the Board of Supervisors has the five appointments with the Governor having the other two ostensibly, as recommended respectively by the Cities of Waveland and Bay St Louis.

This being the case logic would dictate that someone that has never been appointed to the Board can’t be sworn in unless there is a bums rush exception in the law to which I am unaware but that would be for the lawyers to straighten out I guess. In any event who gives a shit if we just make up the Governor’s appointments ignoring the enabling legislation  in the process and this brings me back to this continuing series of posts and the quotation in the post title from Monday night’s meeting that sums it up on so many levels:

These people do not know what they are doing

But that is OK folks because Bay St Louis is the coolest small town in the entire Milky Way Galaxy, cooler even than Rigel II. Let’s go ride the trolley, drink, sing songs and pretend none of this matters.

Continue reading ““These people do not know what they are doing” Part 2: Port n Harborgate – The Docs”

Recessed Bay City Council Meeting: “These people don’t know what they are doing”

Last night’s Bay City Council meeting was evidently one for the ages and the Mayor’s new citizens group, the Les Lovers United were in attendance. But what interested me most from last night was the above quote from a Citizen that had never previously attended a City Council meeting because only those blinded by cognitive bias born of perceived self interest can’t see the three ring circus that is the Fillingame Administration as it is pretty apparent to everyone else.

Since the local newspaper of record’s idea of beat reporting on recent meetings consists of letting Les Lovers United spew venom at the Mayor’s critics we’ll do our best here at Slabbed New Media to actually inform the public about what is happening in their City and in that way differentiate the news product. The bottom line here is Slabbed gets its news to report from the City Council Chamber, not the back of the Mayor’s limousine.

First on the agenda was the City Attorney’s contract. You see folks, under the Fillingame Administration the City Attorney evidently operates off a handshake, nod and wink and despite months of the City Council asking for a contract, as strongly recommended by the Office of the State Auditor, one has not been presented to them for approval. I was not at the meeting but you get the feeling City Attorney Rafferty would drag this all out until June 30, 2017 if he could but last night Councilman Doug Seal read the council’s offer to the City Attorney and told him to either have a contract which conforms to those terms ready to execute at the next meeting or the Council would advertise the position.

Mayor Fillingame opened the Mayor’s report by withdrawing his nomination of City Cultural Affairs Director Paula Fairconnetue to be City Clerk.  The Council has previously directed Mayor Fillingame to advertise the position in November after Clerk Clark resigned but that has not still not happened according to Lana Noonan of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government, who was in attendance last night. My own opinion is its hard to find a qualified City Clerk to hire when you don’t look for one. Continue reading “Recessed Bay City Council Meeting: “These people don’t know what they are doing””

BREAKING: Rumor mill churning in picturesque Mayberry by the Sea (Part 1)

There are more things happening right now behind the scenes in Bay St Louis than I have time to cover today, all of which have their roots in last Tuesday night’s meeting which I was unable to attend. If the Sun Herald covered it I missed their story but we can always count on the local newspaper of record to cover such vital public events as the Seacoast Echo had a reporter there Tuesday night so first up is the today’s story on last Tuesday’s Bay City Council meeting courtesy of the Seacoast Echo. We’ll circle that story for right now and move on to a couple of coded messages I am receiving from prominent members of the community. Here is the first one:

But the most intriguing one is below the jump. Continue reading “BREAKING: Rumor mill churning in picturesque Mayberry by the Sea (Part 1)”

Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Republicans need a “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” rule

Published on Feb 16, 2016

Barack Obama likes to keep things simple.

Stylistically, he’s no drama Obama. Operationally, the rule for the day, every day, is “Don’t do stupid stuff.”

Our most recent Republican President George W. Bush, who has taken an active role in support of his brother, was sorely in need of a “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” Rule (“The Rule”) in his own administration. Likewise, the assorted collection of food fighters and mud wrestlers who make up the Republican field for 2016 should investigate strategic use of The Rule.

The Administration of George W. Bush

1. In October of 2000, while Bill Clinton was President, the USS Cole was attacked by suicide-bombing terrorists in the waters near Aden, Yemen. The fact that the ship was there, unprotected, operating under inadequate rules of engagement, was Bill Clinton’s fault, no doubt about it. A clear violation of The Rule.

On January 20, 2001, George W. Bush was inaugurated President. On February 4, 2001, his administration was briefed by the CIA to the effect that the Cole was a Bin Laden Al Qaeda operation. According to then National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Bush made the decision not to retaliate, saying, “He didn’t want to swat flies.”

President Bush’s inaction after being briefed on the fact that the Cole was a Bin Laden Al Qaeda operation was a colossal failure of leadership … fecklessness at its worst … and a clear violation of The Rule. Bush stupidly did nothing when he should have retaliated.

2. On August 6, 2001, President George W. Bush was on vacation on his ranch in Crawford, Texas. On that day he was visited at his ranch by a CIA briefer, who handed him a document titled, “Al Qaeda Determined to Attack in the United States”.

The Cole incident could not help but have put Bush on notice regarding Al Qaeda’s reach and capabilities. Now, he was handed a document outlining a level of urgency that would cause even the most feckless of leaders to arouse himself from historic torpor. Continue Reading……….

Looking ahead and back: Hattiesburg Schools offers the preview

I reckon over the past month or so I could have taken a victory lap or two but knowing what is in store has taken the celebratory edge off here at Slabbed New Media. What I am talking about?

1. $300,000 in Equitable Sharing Funds to be repaid.
2. Water and Sewer bond sinking fund, supposedly funded with a $13/month utility account surcharge, is missing another $300,000 or so as the surcharge has been diverted to pay the City’s operating expenses.

Item 1 plus 2 equal over $600,000 but it is worse than that – it has to be because of the problems with not paying Fuelman signals a larger problem for the City of Bay St Louis in not having any cash despite this being the cash rich time of the year for a Mississippi municipality. So the big question remains the same, how much is the accumulated deficit Hizzoner has diligently tried to hide? I poised that question to friends in both high and low places. The best guess answer came from a City official under grant of anonymity as this official was not authorized to discuss the City’s finances and the number is….. Continue reading “Looking ahead and back: Hattiesburg Schools offers the preview”