One thought on “Slabbed checks in with the latest from the Bay City Council”

  1. Wow! These guys have spent untold amounts of money on junket trips on MML Training all over the state of Mississippi with wifey’s in tow. They have not learned a thing. Last night the OSA Officer had to sit them down in the front row of the audience while she was at the microphone to lecture them on MML Laws and Procedures at an additional $35 an Hour! Wendy, Bobby and Les just got back from MML Training last week in Jackson on the Tax Payers nickle! This is a GD Shame! Compretta had the Balls to say he already knew all that! He sure as hell hasn’t been practicing it! They need to shake em down and go after all their Bonds for acting recklessly and the City Counselor needs to take a course in Municipal Law.

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