Comment bump | Lana Noonan: Mayor exercised poor judgment speaking about DoJ Audit and misspent funds

Folks I was at part of last night’s meeting and put out two segments on Periscope both of which will self destruct in 9 hours or so. The State Auditor segment is wobbly but with good acoustics. The public comment section included Mr. Wells of Ward 6 with the Mayor’s interrupting Mr. Well’s remarks but what he said being very hard to discern acoustically on that segment posted to Periscope.

It is a fairly well known fact that I am hearing impaired so I had a hard enough time hearing what I thought the Mayor said, which I discerned as, “the Apollo moon landings were staged at a movie studio in New Orleans (Film Tax Credit Incentivized), the reality is that the moon is made of green cheese and that it’s all former Mayor Favre’s fault.” Luckily for everyone Lana Noonan of the Hancock Alliance for Good Government was sitting next to me taking notes and I think she heard what the Mayor actually said:

The Mayor utilized his poor judgement early in the meeting last night when he interrupted Ward 6 resident, David Well’s and attempted to blame the previous administration for the handling of the DOJ funds!

I have reviewed the previous city audits and could not locate the handling of those funds as a finding until this year.

Four of the seven Council served in the previous administration with former Mayor, Eddie Favre, and Ward I Councilman Doug Seal stated publicly last night that the handling of these Drug Forfeiture Funds were never a finding in the city audits until this year under the Fillingame administration.

In their Preliminary Report the Department of Justice concurred with the independent auditing firm.The DOJ also declared some of the expenditures were impermissible and there was not sufficient documentation to prove the funds were spent on Police Dept. needs as required by law.

If the Departnent of Justicd had found everything in apple pie order, they would have issued that determination to the Council by letter and left town. They would not have ordered an audit!