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Over the past 5 months I’ve collected a massive amount of information as it relates to the Chris Epps investigation including the construction of the new jail in Jackson County along with certain service contracts that cut across a wider geographic region. To catch everyone back up former MDOC Executive Director Chris Epps along with his self-admitted partner-in-crime Cecil McCrory had their own sentences delayed indefinitely by Judge Wingate while the Feds sort everything at MDOC out, ostensibly with Epps and McCrory’s full cooperation. I’m going to hate myself for disclosing this but I have reason to believe the FBI has visited every Sheriff in the State in regards to the Epps/MDOC investigation. This in turn sheds more color on the significant ramp up in Federal investigative resources in Jackson last summer that Slabbed previously disclosed. [link] [link].

By August two more indictments were unsealed that was accompanied by  one more guilty plea and another indefinite delay in sentencing with Irb Benjamin’s trial set for April of this year.

The reason I’ll hate myself for disclosing the Sheriff visits is because it came from a source that I can’t use which means I’m asking you folks to make a small leap of faith.  The bottom line here is that by now it stands to reason the federal investigation has greatly narrowed in scope.

Meantime here on the coast rumors of continued FBI interest surrounding the construction of the Jackson County Adult Detention Center persist.  Those rumors center on Chris Epps, one of the primary jail contractors and a former Jackson County Supervisor.

Last Friday the folks over at SRHS Watch broke the news that Jackson County Board Attorney Paula Yancey had resigned.  The resignation assertion is about 90% accurate which is close enough to count in my opinion the 10% off being the fact Mrs. Yancey’s term of appointment ended with that of the old board.  Today’s main stream press accounts of the story SRHS Watch broke are using the term “replaced” which is accurate no matter the backstory on her departure.

As for today’s Board of Supervisor meeting, the first for the new board things got off with a bang including a Sup who refused to go into the executive session to discuss Mrs. Yancey and her replacement.

This topic is certain to bubble up again in my opinion.

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  1. That was a somewhat ham-handed descriptive on our part. Our understanding was she was given the option of removing herself from consideration (resign) lest there be the scene that played out today. We are told Yancey started this morning’s meeting on the dais, only to return after a closed session to retrieve her purse and exit the board room before Gary Evans was appointed to her old job. If Melton Harris wants to stop meetings from being bogged down, he might want to quit spending over 30 minutes attempting to retreat to executive session for unlawful reasons.

    More germane to the prison, remember the time when Harris broke ranks with Yancey and the boys over the firing of the jail architect? Pepperidge Farm remembers http://www.wlox.com/story/23106824/jackson-county-supervisor-speaks-out-about-jail-saga

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