Involuntary yet very necessary absence…….

First up an acknowledgment that there are several things happening behind the scenes both personally and professionally that are consuming all of my time. I will not go into any of it and ask the very few of you folks that have personal insight to refrain from commenting on any of it. The only information that I will share follows.

First up is complex problem solving, a subject that I am very acquainted going way far back. Whether the complex problem is how to present a knotty subject here on Slabbed, solving a complicated, arcane but financially valuable unique tax situation or otherwise, the key for me has to engage in copious amounts of thought. There is a point for me occasionally that once something rolls around the ol’ cerebral cortex long enough a special moment arrives when everything comes together and crystallizes into something coherent and for me that happened about an hour and fifteen minutes ago. It was at that time that I noticed an increase in my heart rate from the mental excitement that accompanies solving a complex problem coupled with a massive endorphin release that soon settles into what is known in the CPA world as a “warm, fuzzy feeling”. The only thing left to do is pop a top and spend a few hours relaxing for the first time in a few weeks. I covered the same general topic last November in fact.

I’d be remiss to not acknowledge the insane amount of behind the scenes attention our missives receive both here at Slabbed and via the Slabbed New Media twitter account. Thank you for bearing with us while we take the necessary time to keep the torch burning here at Slabbed New Media.

It is possible over the next few weeks we make the news again. To save everyone the time and effort I will not be issuing any other statements beyond this post. Thank you.

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