Major announcement expected at tonight’s Bay City Council meeting

There is a lot of background chatter on this topic folks but I will not report the rumor because, if true, will be bad enough for certain parties without advance speculation on my part. I’ll do my best to attend this evening and broadcast the meeting on Periscope. Stay tuned.

52 thoughts on “Major announcement expected at tonight’s Bay City Council meeting”

  1. Looks like the trains a comin!!!! Once again the taxpayer is taking it in the short hair paying Stacy and crew, $8750 to audit Les and his BS……Oh snap last meeting we paid another firm up to $10,000 to audit the DOJ HIDA fund. Isn’t it time the taxpayer gets to collect on the insurance bond we paid for????? After all Davey, Kathrine, Les and the others are bonded for $100K each. Hey Les that new drink on Main St infused with peach and mint, well duum baz seeing how you can’t figure it out…. ITS IMPEACHMENT!!! WAIT the DOJ fund is short by 300K should just about cover it. If the bonding company is on the hook for the money….can you still be bonded????? Rut ROO ifin you can’t be bonded,,,, well maybe you can’t be mayor.

  2. So Sad we the Taxpayers have to pay for an audit do to the incompetency, fraudulent, unethical, unlawful, unbelievable way the Mayor has run this city. Lets all hope this is his last “trolley ride” on behalf of the Citizens of BSL and Hancock County. Such a shameful, disgusting person and to think you are doing no wrong. Step up and take your medicine and admit the errors and correct them then move on to a better city.

    1. Considering the 2014-2015 fiscal year has likely not been closed good luck to all the auditors getting information with no City Clerk or Comptroller.

      Meantime the City has a new audit firm for the annual audit.

  3. perhaps instead of paying the State Auditor $8,750 to send a crew in for two months to “figure out the city’s bookkeeping system” and take funds out of the Police Budget to pay for the Department of Justice Audit, the Bay St. Louis City Council should just bite the bullet and hire a CPA to manager the city’s finances.
    After all, it took a CPA firm to uncover 15 legal violations in the current audit, some of which are repeats for 3 years running.
    I hope the Auditor’s office is prepared to keep up with the run around the maypole Wright, Ward, Hatten, & Guel endured trying to work with the Mayor and his staff to get the needed information to audit the city’s books.
    The highlight of last night’s meeting was State Rep. David Baria showing up at the meeting where the Council approved the 4 million bond for long iverdue infrastructure improvements in Wards 5&6 and wanting some of it for improvements to a soccer field. Don’t ever remember him appearing before Council to reach out to his constituents in those wards to assist at the state level to improve their daily struggle and way of life. Council was ready for him though!
    Maybe he can organize a Golf Tournament and advertise it on You Tube!!!!

    1. The annual audit at over $45,000 is what is outrageous. The CPAs are pricing in the lack of institutional control plus the subterfuge. If the City takes the very cheap performance audit and it’s recommendations to heart, it could cut the annual audit fee in half very easily.

      600 plus hours to audit a podunk town with no major federal programs? Indicitive of a highly unusual set of circumstances that requires that much time.

  4. If Mr. Pickering’s state auditing office is involved I would caution all employees to find lawyers for safety. This situation could end up like the DMR AuditGATE. Be especially aware of a guy named Chris Lott.

  5. Let’s don’t lose focus. There are 3 Audits going on. That is the Check and Balance System. DOJ and OSA oversight keeps it honest.

    The Firm hired is a qualified firm. It is the administration that is under scrutiny. Detracting from the auditors just helps Les make his case.

    After the meeting, Les, Clark and Rafferty were burning the mid night oil at city hall. Let’s hope they weren’t burning the evidence.

    Is it appropriate for the City Counselor to put on a legal defense for the Mayor and Administration? This is obviously the case. This morning the Mayor was demanding documents and recordings of the meeting. Maybe the Counselor is drafting a VETO for Les Lie! LOL

  6. To Tell The Truth,
    That is exactly what went through my mind last night as I watched the Council vote
    7 to 0 for the State Auditor to come in Jan. and look at the books. He very well may veto
    Their action like he did the DOJ investigation. They’ll just have to come back and do an override.
    I also noticed in the letter from the State Auditor that they qualified how long their work would take based on the level of cooperation of the city.
    And, they also reminded the city that upon completion of the work when they are billed, the city has, by law, 45 days to remit! Ya think Mr. Pickering’s team has read Wright, Ward, & Hatten’s audit of the city?!
    I say YES!!

  7. Wendy tried to derail the audit over budget concerns but she wholeheartedly supported the Trolley Expenditure and spent several thousand dollars at the last meeting on more speed bumps for Ward 2. Priorities are the lack of is the problem…..Doug, Bobby and Jeffery have seen the light but Wendy is dazed and confused. She is going down with the ship! She needs to be reminded that when only the bow is up it is too late for the life boat!

  8. If Stacey Pickering gets involved there is no telling what will probably happen. Most likely he and his gang of redneck thugs will attempt to place blame on some lower level employees who cannot stand up and fight him all while protecting the Mississippi Elite as much as he can without any severe political damage. Of course, I have heard it helps to be an “innocent whore.”

  9. Changing the annual Auditors won’t solve the problem. Unless the new auditors tell Les what he wants to hear. Politics. He is either very stupid or in denial.
    Merry Christmas to All !!

  10. He is both a liar and stupid! He is trying to out run the cyber world!

    It has been reported that Les and the City Counselor are trying to intimidate The HR Dept. over public information leaks. I feel assured that this will be a question when their interveiw begins. What interest or authority would Riff Raff have to do this? That is another question that I feel will arise!

  11. This situation is not going to get any better until the mayor is out of office or is forced to face real consequences for his actions. But it will still be somebody else’s fault. He will never own any of this mess. The enablers have enabled his behavior for too long. Glad to see the council is making some smart moves regarding the city’s finances….FINALLY!

    What we are up against – a narcissist.

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  12. Does anyone honestly think that the required documents will be turned over to OSA by Les on time? I mean, really? The whole thing is a joke; Jan 4 is one week from Monday. Les’ office doesn’t provide records to the Council that are “demanded” and nothing happens; nothing ever happens. He’ll defer to not having a clerk & the holidays & business in the Bay will carry on as usual.

    1. One way or another the ball is rolling.

      Pretty sure Les don’t have the pull to stiff arm Pickering. Which doesn’t mean he won’t try anyway. BSL elected officials should probably make sure the fire insurance is paid up for city hall, just in case.

      Which has actually happened a number of times recently. Here is the one I knew of, but google tells me there are apparently more instances of destroying city hall and the records in failed attempts to hide the evidence.

  13. Maybe this what BSL needs. Les can’t play with the DOJ. The firm hired to do the audit is under close watch and will not tolerate Les’ foolishness with lateness. Game Over Les…. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Can not wait for Jan. 4 !!

  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the slabbed “friends and family” (borrowed from the Ratpicks postings). Jesus is the reason for the season! Let us all treat each other like we want to be treated and turn this World around!!! Bless you each and every one —

  15. confidence in state investigative agencies appears to be low and with local politics having influence, good reason. Allegations of public corruption and malfeasance are well within the jurisdiction of federal authorities. Write your elected federal representatives and demand an investigation.
    If 1 person complains, it’s annoying. If a 10 people complain, it’s aggravating. If 100 people complain, it’s a problem.

    1. I agree. Squeaky wheel gets greased! Several of us have been doing this! The more the better!

      I feel that the Les Administration is going to another skin on the wall for the investigative agencies…too much exposure to go along with bonafide financial malfeasance issues!

  16. Only 4 more Working Days for Les to comply. Anyone taking bets he will need an extension?
    Will they grant one? Or does his head go on the platter?
    This is getting more exciting than waiting for a Parade..

  17. It will be a game of “Chicken” between Ms. Atkinson and Hizzona! Who will blink first? Wonder if Stacey received a beautiful, heartfelt Christmas card from the Bay🎄?
    If she blinks, it’s on Orders from Headquarters!
    Time will tell, except for one thing– the Mayor may not have time on his side if this drags out too long and the “folks” don’t have time to forget! After all, they’ll be driving on new roads that he will surely take credit for, etc.
    My only hope is an outcome that benefits the citizens, like a credit on their utility bills or a refund check, drug forfeiture money replaced and used for their safety, and never again to hear about employees humiliated in doctor’s offices being told they have no benefits!
    That is my idea of a successful investigation by both agencies, and any other Justice they deem necessary to apply to the perpetrators, whether they are still with the city or not!!

  18. Les is the gift that keeps on giving! LOL! He is in his last days. Employees will not lie to the State or Fed for him. He will be the last to know what is said.

    I predict they give him his miranda rights!

    Les can you hear me now?

    1. Paying Attention: I don’t have any personal opinions about Les because I’ve never met the guy and I certainly have doubts about the confidentiality factor pertaining to the auditors office. On the other hand I can assure you that it may not matter what the employees tell the state auditors. I would strongly recommend any employee to consult with a lawyer before speaking with anyone from Mr. Pickering’s team of auditors. There is a risk that some innocent people may be framed or cornered into a situation to satisfy political agendas.

  19. Good advice, Examiner. Very good. That’s one we can all sleep on. If and when this ever gets underway, one thing everyone should take seriously is it will be every man for himself.

  20. Les will put his own daughter under the bus to survive this…..
    Time Will Tell, Sh!t will Smell and Water Will Always Seek It’s Own Level!!!!! Les’s feet smell and they are getting wet!

  21. My neighbor needs to talk to the state auditors. She rented the hall on Blaze Ave. a few months ago and his daughter went to her home to collect then said it had to be cash. She also said they didn’t get a receipt. That don’t look good

    1. Ms. Tammy: I remember one particular person who cooperated with the state auditors team and ended up getting framed, shafted, screwed–no matter whatcha may call it. Be careful.

  22. Will the audit include the rental of the Community Center or any other entity that the City controls and Les Daughter handles? We need a complete investigation.
    Home visit… Cash Only… If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then……………..
    Happy New Year !!! This might be the start of a new relief to the citizens of BSL and the misconduct of the mayor.

  23. The handling of rentals at the Community Center and handling of cash in general has been a finding by the city’s independent auditing firm, Wright, Ward, Hatten, & Guel for about 3 consecutive years now with no follow up from Council until now. There was never any expectation that the administration would address it. Handling of cash would also include the Utility Dept. Now there’s a can of worms to go fishing with for sure!!!!!

  24. it is difficult to understand how we got where we are but Les and family handling money is not good on any account of public trust!

    How can he stay as president of the Solid Waste Authority? They are a questionable bunch at best but with Les and Bobby on the the Authority it diminishes their integrity to the point of ridiculous. Bobby is a follower of Les. If Les lies bobby will swear to it. They both should be removed. We are paying them good per diem to serve on these boards in addition to their annual salary(Les: $82,500 / Bobby: $18,000 for serving at his own pleasure), Pers and Family Medical Insurance.

    The council let’s Les serve without reveiw year after year just like Mr. Rafferty’s no contract and bill as you want deal.

    More to come!

  25. I see where Mayor Fillingame made the Sun Herald’s investigative reporter, Anita Lee’s list of The Year in Review. Some were listed on a positive note for their contributions, but Les, Kim Savant, and Barry Cumbest were, shall we say, not in that column!!
    Being under Ms. Lee’s radar is not exactly the list any public official wants to appear on.

  26. Update: it is being reported that les is denying the council the keys and access to inspect the community center offices in preparation for the arrival of the OSA’s to begin the interveiws and investigation!

    More on Les Gate……

  27. If the folks at Stacy’s office had an investigative clue they wouldn’t use any city property. Just picture the attention that the community center is going to get from the Les. B.I. Trash pick up hourly, non stop lawn care, floors mopped, just to see who walks in. Not to mention Les may hand select the room, and maybe have bugs the ceiling and walls, after all he did secretly place cameras on other city properties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Poolman

      I wouldn’t count on Pickering’s gang of thugs having much of a clue. They are nothing more than a bunch of hillbilly’s carrying guns and badges that support the RRRSM.

      It seems as if the auditors office is a day late and a dollar short on all of these corrupt entities within our state. If they can find a few sacrificial lambs in the mix they will take them out or use them as escape goats. The Examiner makes a good point with respect to a good frame job. So true it is. Isn’t that right Ann Hebert?

  28. The sad thing about all of this is there have been multiple complaints to the State Auditor and other Governmental Entities and it has fallen on Deaf Ears.

    If only they would listen to the people of the state sometimes and follow through with investigations we would all be better off. I guess they are too busy keeping their own jobs out of scrutiny and not enough time for us the taxpayers that pay for their jobs and elect them. Welcome to the world of Politics.

    Happy New Year !! maybe it will bring a new and better outcome for us in BSL. There may be hope after all.

  29. The Les B. I. is working over time. They are denying access to the Community Center to the Council so that they can get it preped with the needed equipment that they were charged with over seeing for the OSA.

    Katey does report directly to Les (Violation of Nepotism Laws in Government if she in fact does) as she claims she had to surrender her keys to the Community Center to him. She must be hiding something as she was taught by the best.

    More to come!

  30. The Grinch That Has The Key
    The Council cannot get the key
    They plea and plea and plea and plea
    Did Katie maybe turn
    It in?
    To Daddy Dear, but when, when, when ??
    Did the cleaning crew up and take it?
    Another story– they’ll just fake it!!
    The Council wants the key, the key!
    The Auditor, too, she has to see
    Where she will work, and look and count
    But will this take them off their mount??!!
    Just one day left to work this week
    What other stories will they tweek??!!
    The Council cannot get the key
    The Auditor all this can see😎😎
    This surely will not help their cause
    They may find out there’s no
    Santa Claus🎅🏻

    1. Bad info all ’round, audits abound.
      Look left and look right, nothing but auditors in sight.
      OSA tells council, clean up your act.
      Minutes not worth the ink, methinks this doth stink!
      Legal, liable, minutes and actions,
      what does it take to correct these careless actions?
      Thorpe still not on school board, Lana demands “Water Board!” I’ll huff and I’ll puff until I get my way, I’ll blow and I’ll bluster, keep things in a cluster! Never did council err when big brother worked there.
      Tho Waveland’s in a mess, all see Lana could care less. Her tax dollars here, her tax dollars there, it’s Lana’s money but why should she care!
      Poolman full of eloquence; says he’d account for every pence.
      Speedo and spice and everything nice, only he could run the city just right.
      Crass and a bully, like Big Rod and his pully.
      The pully you know keeps a pot in tow. It’s blue, it’s not pink – and boy does it stink!
      Putting this all to the test I see high school bullies at their best.

  31. I am so sick of this crap….. Lets just wait to see what Stacy and crew does, just had to pay my flipping taxes……….Jimmy waived and said HI. I say KISS MY Azz YOU FAT POLITICAL LEACHES!!! Get a real job and make our economy move!!!!

  32. This is black monday for the main street casanova and the wolf of main street!

    Real answers and legal interference comes as obstruction of justice!

    The rock has been thrown into the pack of dawgs now lets see who howls!

    Coruption, pay roll fraud, malfeasance, abuse of authority, employee intimidation, all will come into play! Dont forget misrepresentation and just plain out incompetence and nepotism!

    Time will tell. I feel like the state and Fed will represent us well!

  33. Did any tin happen today, or did Les get a PASS?????? Sounds like nobody showed! Cant wait for council meatin d morrow!

  34. WLOX did a special on the trolley in BSL on the news last night and said there will be a follow up.
    Can someone ask this question: How may people has the trolley transported during the last 3 months?
    What routes were the people using. What was their pick up and destination routes? All of these are important. If enough people are utilizing this, then the Merchants should contribute to the cost. Jeremy Burke gave a good interview saying the city should not have to pay for this since it does not service the entire city.
    Lets gets some answers and numbers and see how successful or NOT this trolley really is..
    I see it pass my business all the time and it never appears to have any riders. Usually empty. This is during the day. Can not speak for the evening run. How late does it travel?

  35. The Trolley should not even merit discussion right now.
    If you receive the Agenda via email, you will see that tonight the city has only $57 000 available to pay bills here at the first of the month!!
    If that doesn’t tell the Council and those citizens that have even an ounce of common sense that something is very, very wrong, then they are just comfortable with their heads in the sand!
    By the way, the Council has to make sure that $300,000 they gave the Mayor in Sept. For “cash flow” makes it back into the Reserve Fund. That was the motion stated publicly and hopefully recorded in the minutes.
    Happy New Year!!

  36. Les does not respect agreements whether verbal or written. As said many times on here he feels that laws..state or federal or city ordinances are just suggestions for him and his cronies.

    Counselor has said many times it’s not about right and wrong in a small town it is about who has the largest lower appendage! Les mis understood and his nose got longer…..while the Fed and State are in Town Les’s nose will grow but the counselors lower appendage is shrinking… is not the cold weather causing it!

  37. The Mayor utilized his poor judgement early in the meeting last night when he interrupted Ward 6 resident, David Well’s and attempted to blame the previous administration for the handling of the DOJ funds!
    I have reviewed the previous city audits and could not locate the handling of those funds as a finding until this year.
    Four of the seven Council served in the previous administration with former Mayor, Eddie Favre, and Ward I Councilman Doug Seal stated publicly last night that the handling of these Drug Forfeiture Funds were never a finding in the city audits until this year under the Fillingame administration.
    In their Preliminary Report the Department of Justice concurred with the independent auditing firm.The DOJ also declared some of the expenditures were impermissible and there was not sufficient documentation to prove the funds were spent on Police Dept. needs as required by law.
    If the Departnent of Justicd had found everything in apple pie order, they would have issued that determination to the Council by letter and left town. They would not have ordered an audit!

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