We’ve covered this before but for the benefit of those at Bay City Hall….

Slabbed has been the subject of at least one departmental meeting over at City Hall regarding leaks according to lore and certain commenters. Regarding Slabbed New Media and leaks about the most I can say is we’re good at it and have been for years. Still, that won’t stop the speculation as to the identity of the Bay City Hall leaker so I’ll fuel it via video embed below the jump, enjoy.

13 thoughts on “We’ve covered this before but for the benefit of those at Bay City Hall….”

  1. Thank You Doug, as always, for your continued reporting. MS and LA are fortunate to have you so we the public really know the truth on what is happening in our City Government.
    It has been a great year and hope for your continued reporting.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Doug,
    Neither you nor I can play like we don’t know there are some public officials, elected and appointed, that just don’t get it. They ask the people for the opportunity to ” serve” them, and then conduct business as if they are running a private enterprise.
    Fillingame is far more worried about who “leaks” information( public, that is) than what is happening to the city–utility bills absconded with, Drug Forefiture Funds unaccounted for, and now employee medical deductions not sent to the insurer for two consecutive months!!
    I would say to the Mayor that, yes, it looks like you may have someone in City Hall that actually understands the concept of serving the public.
    You may refer to that person as a mole. I would suggest you follow their lead, but I’m not that naive, nor is the public!!

  3. Thank You Lana.
    Maybe others will follow the lead of the “mole” or “doing the right thing” and come forward with more information on how City Hall is really being run.

    1. Outraged:

      Feeling so sorry for Les constantly being picked on I will for the benefit of Les come forth and reveal not only the name of the “mole” but a video of the “mole” at work:


      Les: For me blowing the whistle could I please have a year round, prepaid ticket on yo’ Folly Trolley and maybe free garbage pickup….?

  4. Dear Mr/Ms Mole,
    The citizens of BSL are eternally grateful to you. Keep up the good work!
    One honest person might just save us… thanks!

  5. Dolomite will greet Les at the county jail. The Flood Plain Manager can bake him a cake with a file in it. Where oh where are the political hires gona hide when it becomes show time!

    Instead of playing “Hide the Funds” he will be playing “Hide the Weenie!”

    There will be a few jealous employees on the outside!

  6. Les can’t help it. Neither can his family that work at city hall. They both have caused trouble with their insatiable desire to fib. Their personal financial business is as big a wreck as he has the city in. Foreclosure, insurance lapses, unpaid rent to several local property owners, contractors etc…..no scruples without saying! He will lie about what he had for lunch! They dole off of others. Tax payers are nameless victims to les and daddy said! Let’s run him out of office with his family baggage in tow!

  7. Eyes open and ear on the track!!!! If anybody saw the ABC special about trains the other morning, you’ll understand. They stood next to a train track looking away and a locomotive rolled up next to them and the camera without a sound!!! My hand is on the track, and the trains a comin, we just don’t see it YET!!!! Besides Deep throat saw it in his crystal meth ball and he hasn’t been wrong yet! TOOT TOOT click click

  8. Twas the night before Christmas running through city hall was Mr Beaxjangles and Davey the troll. From desk s to office and office to desk shift alt delete on orders from Les. Then from the roof top a clatter, squeak, bang more broken equipment and no heat again. The employees were huddled keeping warm in the halls while Les and Jer were upstairs playing jingle balls….. The stockings are hung from the checkbook with care with hope that Jimmy’s tax checks soon would be there. Then though the front door came shinny badges of tin Les vetoed down Hey don’t let them in. Come on Jer lets run and be free out the back door BOOM into Stacy’s rv. With Makers and egg nog flowing out of the tap and a fat red nosed driver……. its Charlie……..holy crap!!!! Off to disney as corrupt as can be with a taxpayer credit card and Stacy’s rv. 2015 copyright poolman

  9. Well Enough Already maybe they could take the Trolley out of town? One way ticket with all of his cronies. I’m sure there are enough seats available since no one else is riding it but his select few for private parties. It might finally serve a purpose. Louisiana had the LA Hayride, we have the BSL Trolley Ride.

  10. I don’t know Doug & have never had the pleasure of meeting him in person so this is unbiased. I’m sure that while he appreciates your thanks, he’d really appreciate a donation to Slabbed. merry Christmas & all that xoxo

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