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  1. Holy Locking and Loading on Les?

    He gone? – remember what they and thousands thought that infamous nite in Tiger Stadium vs. da’ Aggies about Les of Tiger fame…

    I’ll wait till the Fat Lady sings and sing along…….

  2. Twas a few weeks before Christmas – and all down the Coast,
    Taxpayers were waiting to see the next roast-
    SRHS employees were alert and watching;
    Jackson county Supervisors sighed relief, because it wasn’t them they were catching.
    Bay St. Louis was awake and praying – and trying to hear what old Les was saying.
    All was still and quiet at the State Offices along the coast, When what to my wondering eyes did appear????

    On the lawn of the DMR there was such a clatter! I wiped my eyes twice to be sure I knew what was the matter! Again, what to my wondering eyes did appear???? Why it was old Fata$$ with his conprofit clan dressed like tiny reindeer. He mushed and he yelled “On Philly, on Billy, on Puh-la$$o, and Miller; on RatPick, Toothpick, Donut Eater and CakeEater. Mush to the top of the roof, up the top of the penthouse office suite; Faster I say – I want to eat!
    The Coast waters were calm and as serene as new fallen show; and it gave a glistening with shadows of objects below. He still mushed them faster and harder to pull up that big load. He yelled with more spirit this time, “On RatPick, on Puh-la$$o, on Philly and Billy – git up them walls ….hurry up now, afore I cut off your balls!”
    And as he flew out of sigh, you could hear his jelly belly roll as he exclaimed: “God Bless BP and Katrina for the bouty they sent and Piss on on the Fishermen and the Coast (except my dear friends and family), thanks for the dough – it’s been a hell of a ride!” Author Unknown

    1. Charlene:

      Classic unPC Christmas parody on the State of the Coast! But shoudnt dat Jolly Folly Trolley full of crony gifts also be pulled by dem crony faux reindeers?

      Batman: Oh- Do-Ray- Me- Fa- So -La -Pee ….
      Oh- Do- Ray- Me- Fa- So-La-Pee on Ole’ Les……..
      Oh-Do-Ray-Me -Fa-So-La Pee on Ole’ Les’s Political Parade….
      Da’ Pipes, da’ pipes are calling Les…..

  3. _THIS_ nonsense is the topic of the day? Two Supreme Court justices have moved on to other ways to screw the people of Mississippi and Guv’ner Phil gets to replace them (“Bubba” Pierce and David Chandler, both . Granted, ol’ “Bubba” Pierce and David Chandler weren’t exactly judges to be proud of, but now, Phil gets the remaining term and if things play out they normally do, another 8 years of influence. If the people of the state don’t get their shit together, Mississippi will continue to be near the bottom in everything but being a laughing stock. Granted, having two fewer rednecks on the Supreme Court is a good thing, but that is severely tempered by the fact that, a) Phil will appoint a couple of wholly equally unsuited a pair of rednecks as they are, and b) Phil could appoint a couple of jackasses (actual jackasses) and while they would be no more suited to appellate court practice, they will likely be elected by the electorate of Mississippi simply because that electorate doesn’t bother to inform itself as to how it is being fucked over by these assholes.

    So, here is a challenge to Mississippi voters: you want change? You want honest (or at least as somewhat honest) judges on the benches of the state instead of morons and disgraces to the law? You want to stop unethical, sorry-assed crooked lawyers from sucking every last dime they can steal from you? You want to prevent things like the PERS mess, the SRHS mess, the whole Dan Jones/Institute of Higher Learning mess, the whole Pickering and his Disney RV/garage door/daughter’s BMW/assorted mess, the whole Frontier/Josh Gregory/Cloyd redneck dumbass cabal, the DMR/Walker scams, law firms like Dogan and Wilkinson, Page-Mannino-Peresich and others screwing you over, the Ted Cain mess, the Bay St. Louis mess, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., and last but not least, are you sick and tired of Mississippi being last in everything good and first in everything bad? In other words, are you tired of being thought of as a bunch of illiterate God-damned rubes too stupid to figure out how bad you are being screwed? Well, here’s a simple solution: QUIT VOTING THESE CROOKS INTO OFFICE! It really is that simple. Just quit voting the assholes who are a part of this shit into office.

    And if you either actively vote for them, or much more likely, fail to vote against them, you have no basis for complaint – you helped do it to yourself. Good luck. You will need it.

    1. Very well said Nunn!!! I agree with you whole heartedly!!! If you don’t vote – then you do NOT have the right to bitch or be unhappy with the results. When will people learn the the Coast supports the northern part of this State; therefore, the crooks in Jackson want complete control of all of the incoming monies, so they can – well, let’s just say so they can “use it wisely to benefit Mississippi and her Taxpayers”. The Coastal delegation needs to stop sucking ass and put a stop to this crap – that is unless they are all part of the problem themselves!!! Get off of your asses and fight for your constituents. They are all – and I mean all, but a couple, that only are worried about their loss of influence, power, and robbing ability if they loose their jobs the next election. They are not worried about us. And the rest of you imbecilles who do not vote, are just pathetic individuals. It is not only your God-given right to vote; IT IS YOUR DUTY!!! Not only to yourself, but to your children and grandchildren, etc., etc. Get off of your lazy asses and get involved!!! We are tired of fighting all of these battles while you sit back in your recliner and watch TV. What is it going to take??? These clowns have already peed and crapped all over us and are now in the process of rubbing it in. Just keep voting for the damn ignorant hillbilly red-necks and “good ole boys”. They love stealing from you and your children while you sit back and watch it. IF you are not going to vote – pack your bags and move to another country and we will continue to let others flow accross the borders. At least, if they are given a chance – they may get off of their asses and vote and be productive rather than your lazy asses.
      Thanks Nunn – now you have me fired up!!!

      1. Holy Aljazeera Allegations/Admonitions, Batman:

        Peyton Manning is an American icon- what was/is Aljazeera thinking ? – but what I find a tad bit intriguing is the fact that there is absolute confirmation that Peyton did undergo bariatric, pressured oxygen treatments in a oxygen chamber at same alleged Guyer’s Clinic which treatment I believe in general is outside the usual stream of today’s sports medicine protocols, and all without sound basis of proven accelerated healing by numerous medical double blind studies. That fact alone supports the idea that Peyton Manning was willing to try unusual medical protocols to help heal his chronic neck pathology.

        Now to finally prove Aljazeera’s report biased and unsound I’m eagerly awaiting sworn federal affidavits with penalty of perjury from respective parties that same alleged Human Growth Hormone ( HGH) was never addressed/sent to a Ms. Ashly Manning, never delivered by any U.S. delivery service to a Ms.Ashly Manning at any U.S. address nor ever signed received by Ms. Ashly Manning or by anyone representing to be an agent of Ms.Ashly Manning . All as per Aljazeera’s reported documentary allegations that HGH was allegedly always indirectly sent to the wife or relative/friend of player/s at different addresses. Thereby, according to documentary, insulating/protecting alleged player/s who allegedly used drugs from the existence of any evidentiary documentation that said player/s ever received said drugs. And further by exercise of the powerful U.S. Hippa’s laws protecting the medical records of any and all alleged parties alleged to have received said drugs in order to allegedly divert same drugs to alleged player/s for their alleged illegal use.

        Finally,it would be a bad move for Peyton, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts and/or NFL to sue parties for defamation and give pharmacist/ employee, alleged Clinic and Aljazeera a chance to prove that what has been allegedly reported was/is the truth or partial truth and reported without any malicious intention to defame any party (i.e. subpoenas for Ms.Manning, delivery services/workers, and any and all other reported NFL stars alleged by Aljazeera to have allegedly received directly or indirectly alleged prohibitive substances for their alleged personal use, etc.).

        The NFL is now not just sitting on just a few under-inflated footballs but on a similar over inflated, bout ready to explode time-bomb that MLB subsequently called in their bomb squad to investigate a few years ago. Unfortunately with the MLB bomb squad investigation there emerged a long list of baseball players, who having been called before Congress and swore they did not use steroids, were later proved or admitted that they in fact lied before Congress and U.S. public.

        Now can someone tell me why Manning has just recently stopped playing QB for Denver these last few weeks? And just exactly what is his current explained medical problem ? I wish Peyton well and hope he can further help in any way to dispel all allegations against him not only for the benefit of his family, for his future induction into Hall of Fame but also for the integrity and benefit of NFL football.

        1. On the topic of “Breaking” news on Peyton Manning, Aljazeera’s TV report into Peyton’s rehab suggesting that Human Growth Hormone was sent to his wife for him to use and the subsequent current ongoing NFL investigation into Aljazeera’s story; suddenly today comes a big story out of the past about Peyton’s character, which was suppressed for years , when writer Shaun King of the New York Daily News lets it all out in great detail using the “Facts of Case” reached in a judicial suit as evidence backing up facts and allegations stated in King’s story.

          It is an read that that will shock you, will shock those national companies and their national endorsements which brought Peyton tens of millions in endorsements and finally if the current NFL executives investigating Peyton read King’s story they will start to challenge Peyton’s honesty about the allegations about him in Aljazeera’s story.

          King presents outrageous lies, outrageous racism along with alleged sexual assault on a female staff member involving Peyton – all coming just days after another big current sports story broke on several women suing the Univ. of Tenn., the university where Peyton played football in the 90’s, for allowing sexual assault by recent football players,etc….

          For King’s shocking story click on the website under Slabbed’s Tweets:


          1. I was skeptical, but after I read that dayum, I’m needing a shower to wash the Manning skeevyness off. Having read some of the recent Volunteer dirty laundry this really seems like Tennessee and Manning deserved each other.

            Some recently made allegations include:
            Lawsuit: Tennessee player assaulted by teammates for helping rape victim

            University of Tennessee football players confronted and assaulted wide receiver Drae Bowles as retribution for helping a woman who said she was raped by then-Volunteer players A.J. Johnson and Mike Williams, according to a federal lawsuit filed in Nashville on Tuesday.

            Bowles took the woman to a hospital on the night of the alleged rape in November 2014 and supported her decision to report the incident to authorities, according to the lawsuit.

            While the woman, a student-athlete, was meeting with executive senior associate athletics director Jon Gilbert, senior associate athletics director Mike Ward and her coach, she received a message from her roommate “who was witnessing at that moment several football players jumping” Bowles, the lawsuit says. The woman informed the athletics officials of the incident and was told they would “look into it,” according to the suit. The lawsuit says “athletic coaches were present during that altercation.”

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