Depending on the perspective either good news or bad news…..

I guess I need to make another list as Slabbed turns 8 years old. First on my list and already checked off was a crash course on 17 USC 512(f). Many other items remain unchecked including the Singing River Disaster and a couple or two or three ongoing federal criminal investigations here in Mississippi. Meanwhile how about a trip down memory lane?

Screen Cap of July 2, 2014 post. Click to navigate to the post.
Screen Cap of July 2, 2014 post. Click to navigate to the post.

As we rush to the holidays and close out 2015, the Chinese Year of the Goat, I wish to thank you for being in that number.

It’s getting screwy in Bay St Louie!

Employee BenefitsGate: Never a dull moment here in the Bay (Updated) ~ December 6, 2015 Slabbed New Media

Hizzoner said what??

Bay St. Louis avoids insurance calamity ~ December 8, 2015 WLOX TeeVee

Mayor Les Fillingame admits until this week, nobody at Bay St. Louis City Hall knew the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company canceled that policy.

Fillingame said he first learned employees lost their supplemental insurance coverage about 24 hours ago.

Far as I can tell there is only one place Hizzoner could have learned about this “Calamity” and that would be the website that broke it right here at Slabbed. Slabbed knew about the insurance calamity before it was broke on this website but I shall not disclose specifics in order to protect sourcing. Speaking of that and virtual real time coverage of the happenings at City Hall: Continue reading “It’s getting screwy in Bay St Louie!”