I could be wrong……

But this may be a sly way of telling the folks back in Jackson County to FO but frankly I was rendered speechless by the former legal services queen:

Meantime over at SRHS Watch:

New Pension Plan Attorney Has Ties to Reeves & Mestayer

12 thoughts on “I could be wrong……”

  1. StephaniBarnesTaylor:

    “Sometimes you gotta make it do what it do”

    Very bad Ebonics Stephani, yo’ should have wrote- “Sometimes yo’ done gotts to makes it done what it gotts to done did.”

    Child, if yo’ wood only done learnt da’ proper Ebonics at Fab U yo’ could getts da real diamond da’ size of dat faux diamond dat bees in your manicured hands(seize da’ picture bove).

  2. We hear from the folks inside the halls of Singing River, she is the most hated bad apple, second only to Chris Anderson. That her presence was divisive and part of the troubled culture at SRHS, which is an irony given her self-portraiture as an inspiring and uplifting figure.

    1. It sounds like a classic example of someone who “didn’t know how to play da’ game but got caught up in da’ game.”

      1. She was apparently only liked by Anderson and acolytes. Think about all the shady crap that was going on during her reign as Queen of Legal Services.

        A punctuation mark on her self-aggrandizing nature: SRHS cut out all overtime and reduced hours (and thus take home pay) for many by 10%. After all these employees took a significant pay cut, they came in to find stacks of multi-page glossy booklets profiling the Queen and her minions in legal services. Each employee in legal services got a nice page along with a head shot. Hundreds of these were lying around SRHS facilities. All with the admonition for employees to “do the right thing.”

        1. Just a polite reminder that if any of these booklets would happen to be found they could be submitted to certain websites (need I say more?) to be shared in all their excess.

  3. Does anyone know if this geriatric, cut-rate Beyonce wannabe still has a bar card (a valid one, I mean) in any state? I cannot imagine even a third-rate attorney, 4 days into a Vodka and pharmaceuticals binge, actually self-publishing this kind of stuff and still expect any entity to consider hiring them for anything related to legal services. Well, unless she was a partner at certain coast law firms and the business was a local taxpayer-funded/owned hospital or something…

  4. This person yelled at her employees, shopped and received orders on the clock, had her own parking spot, was employed as an adjunct professor for SRHS University (made up entity to employee her bestie in a do nothing job), and had a totally unoriginal, laughable “leadership” class that certain chosen ones had to take, and left with nothing good to show as her fruits.

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