Employee BenefitsGate: Never a dull moment here in the Bay (Updated)

Alternate post title: There is no such thing as a secret in Bay St Louis:

I can confirm Poolman’s comments with respect to Dental, Disability and Employee Life Insurance. That which is unfolding will likely be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

A reliable source has told me that from 9-30-2015 til 12-1-2015 the City of Bay St Louis was without health insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, for the employees or the family members whom pay the city for this.

According to sources familiar with the operations of Bay City Hall that are not authorized to speak with the media, City employee claims under the voluntary benefits policies have been denied due to the lack of payment, the arrearage totaling over $10,000 for the months of October and November 2015.

With the news bubbling up of the policy cancellation complete with denial of employee claims due to nonpayment of the premiums, this topic is certain to come up at Tuesday’s City council meeting.

December 8, 2015 Update:

The documentary evidence is beginning to bubble up as exhibited by the following below the jump.

Source: City of Bay St Louis public record | Click to enlarge
Source: City of Bay St Louis public record

Two page PDF which includes the above can be found here.

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  1. Is there no law that protects the employees from this kind of deception by their employer, the City? These employees have been doing without this money on payday thinking the city is fulfilling the agreement to pay insurance premiums for them?
    They must want to become the SRHS of Hancock County!!

      1. This has been the problem all along. People are afraid and will not make the crooks do the right thing! The crooks have them buffaloed and afraid. They all need to go and file a lawsuit and grow a pair of balls. No one should be treated like they have been and PERS should be on their side. They are supposed to be there to protect the employees of this State.
        Be sure to thank Fata$$ and his group of minions – Billy the Boy, Philly, P-U-la$$o, our Senators and Representatives and the rest who are all involved in allowing this to happen. I don’t see any of our Senators or Representatives busting their humps to repair and make all of the wrongs done to the employees of this Coast right. They are all too busy kissing butt and trying to get re-elected. And that goes for every one of them. The only one that I have seen try to do anything to help was David Baria – and since he is a lone Democrat, he has been stomped all over. All the rest need to go this next election. All of them!!! They should have already been gone, but idiots keep re-electing them, and then this is what we get – employees that are afraid and screwed over.
        Stand up for yourselves employees. Isn’t there an honest attorney out there somewhere who will help these people out??? Or is that an oxymoron??? Surely, someone will help these people out.

  2. Let the lawsuits rip I say and the people responsible should be charged criminally.

    Paul Hampton had a good story in the SH today as seen on the Slabbed Tweet Tracker.


    Personally, I have never believed Mississippi to be cheap on taxes even if they have been cut “49 times”. After you factor in employment tax, car tags, property tax and a 7% sales tax, it would seem that the total sum of money that is output from the average citizen would be higher than a good portion of other states. Then again, when you factor in the low wages people make in MS the burden is actually even worse.

    1. But wait, there’s more…………………….

      When you also factor in the outrageous property insurance costs, MS could realistically be one of the most expensive states to live in with respect to an extremely low average annual income.

      The governor and RRRSM are doing a fine job at eliminating the middle class and creating a society consisting of the privileged, the servants, and the dependents.

    2. The last tax freedom day I could find were the 2013 numbers.


      Mississippi and Louisiana tied for first with the earliest date of March 29th.

      Same source Table 2 indicates we’re 40th in collections as a percentage of revenue and we are 32nd in collections per capita.

      Part of the problem is we’re not getting a bang for our buck due to the hidden costs of cronyism and corruption, catagories where Mississippi and Louisiana consistently ranks near the top.

      I do not see a compelling need to cut taxes here unless the goal is to deprive the politically connected of those juicy no-bid Coms CONsulting contracts but that is the last thing that is cut. The local equivalent is playing out here in Bay St Louis where qualified people like the former building inspector were replaced by a friend of Hizzoner that is not. There are costs to such cronyism as a local architect has repeatedly pointed out.

      But that’s alright because Bay St Louis is “a cool town” such trivialities do not matter in minds of some residents.

      There are hidden costs for Pollyanna too but that is another post.

      1. No doubt on the cronyism comment. I strongly believe when you factor in everything it’s no wonder the middle class are getting squeezed to death.

        Dollar per dollar, I would bet our tax payers see some of the least results………..

        1. Doug,

          It would be interesting if some outside entity were to conduct a survey similar to the one that outlined “the most corrupt states in the U.S.”

          We could call it “The Top Ten States That Piss Away The Most Tax Money”

    3. Hey Eye!
      Mississippi would be cheap to live in if we didn’t have to feed all of the hogs at the trough and all of the “entitled” elite who think they are still living pre-Civil War. I, for one, am sick of carrying the fat, rich, eliteists on my poor, tired, working, back. Let them get off of their fat asses and go to work!! If they stopped robbing this State with their ponzi schemes, kickbacks, and boondoggles (latest reference: Kemper County), then this State would be a good place to live for the average working person. BUT, as it is, the old people of the Coast can’t even afford insurance on the homes that they have lived in all of their lives and so had their parents and parents before them. All because the rich and lazy won’t stop stealing from the middle class and robbing from the State employees. And the sad part is that our State government is not protecting us; rather, they work for the rich and lazy.

  3. Exactly what where or to whom have the employees insurance premiums (the part the employee pays) gone to? Definitely seems criminal in my opinion.

  4. Memaw,
    I am the broken record of the Slabbed Nation because I have been asking that same question about every fund that has been, shall we say, “tampered” with?
    We know it’s gone, wasn’t used for its intended purpose, etc. but,
    What happened to it? I’ve asked from the podium at their official meetings and watched their eyes glaze over as if in a group trance of some kind!!
    But, that is the question–
    Where is all this money disappearing to???
    Thanks for asking too??!!

    1. That is not glazed looks, it is their brains trying to reach back to remember if anyone has something on them. I think this is the problem with our City Council. How can you question the actions of the Mayor when one does not have “clean hands.” Who got their back scratched more than the others? What shady deals were done for a constituent? There is not enough soap and water in Hancock County to clean up City Hall.

  5. The employees should check and make sure the payments to PERS have been made. If he didn’t pay insurance, he might have skipped PERS also. How can he go to work and face the employees everyday. I wonder who he will blame this fiasco on?

  6. Just for clarification, are we talking about city provided insurance, or the supplemental policies that individuals purchase for dental, long/short term disability, vision, cancer etc.? Those are additional protections that are taken out of our checks. Any word on deferred compensation for investment which is also voluntary and deducted from our checks? Very concerning if this is true.

  7. That entire administrative office is very concerning from missing utility bills in 2013 when Solid Waste and Hancock County Utility Authority had to go to the Sea Coast Echo exposing their combined delinquency the city owed them of $370,000, the finding in the Audit of checks for bills actually being cancelled after payments were approved by Council, and now this!!!

  8. I guess it will take him stealing $600 and being caught by a 3rd party inspection in order to get some sort of ramification….unreal what lengths our state will go to in order to punish petty crimes, done by normal (not politicians) people, but refuse to put a cork in the blowhole of monetary abuse spewing out of our local government buildings. At some point, like years ago, it might be a good ideal to take the checkbook away until we can at least figure out where the money is going. Triage 101: Stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure to the source!

    1. I have been applying direct pressure to both Hoods, and Mr Picnickering yet nothing. I am once again try to do a live interview with Stacy P on 103.5 WQRZ on the Wednesday free speech show at 5pm. Think I’m going to drop this one off at the Justice department/FBI in Gulfport. sure seemed like the HIDA fund complaint I dropped off got attention.

      1. Poolman

        I wish you luck with Pickering and I appreciate your efforts. As you probably know, Pickering and his gang generally remain silent unless there is an easy target to abuse which would bring positive propaganda to the OSA. I have often referred to Pickering as a genuine Terrorist to the American way of life and he uses local DA’s to support his agenda.

          1. Nice catch RFP.

            Let me say this–I am so glad as a tax payer of Mississippi that Stacey E. Pickering is spending thousands of dollars to save hundreds and let’s the big dogs sail into the sunset. It makes perfect Republican Fiscal Sense. Pickering is a genuine loser supported by a pool in uninformed voters.

          2. rfp:

            “Stacey’s busy,busy,busy picking low hanging fruit” .

            What the hell you expect rfp with last name of “Pickering” and first as “Stacey” , only 1/16 female genome below “Sue” , middle initial “E” probably for “Errant” – and where the Rue’ is Detective Clueseau to rip down those big, overripe, rotting , Lush Les’ fruit which Lie at the top of the GOPee Tree of Corruption – Wee.wee?

  9. Les is looking more like Mr. Rodgers every day as he drives around in the make believe neighborhoods.

    Next stop Big Rock Candy Mountain…..hand outs grow on trees, lemonade streams, hay in every barn…………..oops!

    He woke up to a cot and 3 hots at the county jail!

  10. Holy Health Honky Hoes, Batman,

    Whether these health benefits are standard health benefits or voluntary extra benefits makes no difference as I’m sure these certain premiums were automatically deducted from city employees’ salaries.

    And if those collected insurance premiums were not forwarded to respective proper insurance carriers such actions should represent prima fasciae embezzlement on behalf of city administration and/or its employees whose duty is to timely effect transfer of said insurance premiums to respective insurers.

    BSL’s Administrative Trolley is completely off its tracks and running down hill toward Gulf with no steering or brakes.


  11. Where does all of the end?? Wake up Citizens of BSL and start a petition to impeach this person. To me this would be the ultimate wrong doing to the workers of our city. To take their money for premiums and not pay to the appropriate entity is outright embezzlement, theft, fraud whatever you want to call it. ” Lets Lock Up Les”. This should be the new slogan around town. I wonder if his benefits were paid???

  12. Let’s all remember er the city took our money for utilities and failed to pay the bill. We are repaying what we paid already to the tune of $13 a month. There is no reason for that dollar amount, nor an end in sight.

  13. I keep hearing that the State Auditor has “investigators” in City Hall in Bay St. Louis. They must be playing Candy Crush games on their tax payer provided cell phones to have missed something as big as this?
    Not that their boss would allow them to do anything about it.
    A bunch of governmental parasites that eat away at the taxpayers and DO NOTHING!!

  14. Les just had a departmental meeting. He was red faced and starting the blame game. No, not on who screwed up but who let the public know. He is an imbecile that keeps digging his own hole. He has thrown Gus under the bus so much he has started wearing motor cycle chaps. Les keeps all employees on pins and needles wondering if he is going to have money each pay day to pay them and now defaulting on their hard earned and payroll deducted benefits! What a guy. He lives in the make believe world of Mr. Rodgers! After he vacates his office he will bunked up with Dolomite at the county jail. Thank goodness Jerry got him loosened up!

  15. Looks like tonight’s meeting is going to be a long one. Everyone planning on attending should bring some popcorn and highly caffeinated drinks. Don’t see a line item that covers discussion of the lapse in employee insurance, but I’m sure they’ll fit it in somewhere…..



    DECEMBER 8, 2015

    5:30 P.M.


    Heather Ladner, Butler Snow – Non Protest Resolution

    Old Town Merchants Association

    Planning & Zoning Applications

    BETSY & REA MONTJOY – Application for a Variance to the Zoning Ordinance. The applicants are asking for a variance to the fence regulation to allow a 3’ in height wood fence to be placed 4’ measured from the property line of Main St. and 4’ measured from the property line of Necaise Ave. Therefore; the applicants are asking for a 16’ variance to the setback requirement where a 20’ setback is allowed for a fence placement. The property is located at 355 Main St. that intersects on the corner of Necaise Ave., Parcel #149E-0-29-277.000, described 553-B, 1st Ward, Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, Mississippi. The property is zoned R-2, Two-Family District. P&Z recommended approval 4-0.

    ERIC AND KELLIE DeROCHE – Application for a Variance to the Zoning Ordinance. The applicants’ intentions are to construct a new residence. The applicants are asking for a 14’ setback to the front yard. The applicants are also asking for a 1’ variance to the east side yard. The property is located at 1532 North Beach Blvd, Parcel #136H-2-37-004.000, described 2B Rear, 1st Ward, Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, Mississippi. The property is zoned R-1, Single Family District which when fronting on the North Beach, the setback requirements are a 50’ front yard, 8’ side yard and 20’ rear yard. P&Z recommended approval 4-0.

    BR LAROUSSE PROPERTIES LLC – Application for a Variance to the Zoning Ordinance. The applicant is asking to construct an addition to the front east and west side of the residence. The new addition will be in contour with the front elevation. The applicant is asking for a 20’ setback to the front yard for a 5’ variance to the front yard setback where a 25’ setback is required. The property is located at 258 Washington St., Parcel #149M-2-30-116.000, described as Lot 316G, Third Ward, Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, Mississippi. The property is zoned R-2, Two-Family District. P&Z recommended approval 4-0.

    BARBARA COATNEY – An application for Special Exception to the Zoning Ordinance and Variance to the Zoning Ordinance. The applicant is asking for a Special Exception to be allowed to build an Educational Day Care Center for Children on this parcel of land. The applicant is asking for a 15’ variance setback to the front yard for a proposed 10’ setback to the front yard and the applicant is also asking for a 15’ variance setback to the rear yard for a proposed 5’ setback to the rear yard, which requires a 25’ front yard, 8’ side yard and 20’ rear yard. The applicant has indicated on the site plan the required 13 parking spaces that will be provided for a daycare. The property in question is located at 846 Washington St., Parcel #137K-1-44-024.000, described as 43K, Rear 3rd Ward, Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, Mississippi. The property is zoned R-1, Single Family District. P&Z recommended approval 4-0.

    MATT ROSENDAHL – An application for a Variance to the Zoning Ordinance. The applicant is asking to install an 8’ in height wood fence around the property with a 6’ in height ornamental metal sliding gate to the front entrance which fronts Ulman Ave. The applicant is asking for a 25’ setback to the front yard for the proposed 0’ front yard setback which requires a 25’ setback. The applicant is asking for a 4’ variance to the fence height which requires an 8’ setback fronting Webster St. The applicant is also asking for a 25’ setback to the front yard for the proposed 0’ front yard setback fronting Webster St. The property is located at 498 Ulman Ave. and extends to Webster St., Parcel #149E-0-29-037.000, described as Lots 55 & 56A, Ulman Ave., is zoned C-2, Neighborhood Commercial District, Parcel # 149E-0-26-026.000, described as Lots 290-B & 291 is zoned R-3, Multi-Family District, Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, Mississippi. P&Z recommended approval 4-0.

    Public Forum

    Council Business

    DOJ Requirement letter

    New Business

    Change of date for December 22, 2015 City Council meeting
    Agenda deadline
    2016 Board Member Management Training for the Mississippi Rural Water Association
    Grass cutting on Highway 603
    Old Business

    Public Hearing for 123 Harrison Court
    Property clean up for 817 Deer Street
    Compliance Questionnaire to be spread on minutes to accept
    Parking garage transfer
    List of locations of speed bumps
    Monitoring for well/lift stations
    Pioneer Credit for Court Department collections
    Garnishment information
    Council Clerk access to bank accounts
    City Clerk breakdown of funds
    Replacement lights on Highway 603
    City Clerk’s Report

    Docket of Claims 12-04-15

    General Fund $162,613.70

    Debt Service Fund $4,934.31

    Utility Fund $30,585.04

    Municipal Harbor Fund $5,634.07

    Total $203,767.12

    W.A. McDonald 12-04-15 $20.10

    Mayor’s Report

    Resolution authorizing and approving the purchase of wholesale water from the Hancock County Utility Authority
    Resolution authorizing and approving the professional services contract for the DOJ audit
    Consent Agenda

    1. Approve Street Closures for the Lundi Gras Parade, February 8, 2016 4:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Bookter Street, Necaise Avenue, Main Street, 2nd Street, DeMontluzin Avenue, Beach Boulevard and Cue Street

    2. Approve request from The Krewe of Nereids to parade on Highway 90 January 31, 2016 1:00 p.m. starting at Drinkwater Boulevard and traveling west to Waveland in the east bound lane

    3. Approve Mutual Aid Agreement between National Aeronautics and Space Administration John C. Stennis Space Center and Bay St. Louis

    4. Travel

    Department: Police

    Employee: Mary Coster

    Date: Jan. 19-22, 2016

    Location: Biloxi, MS

    Reason for Travel: Ms. Crime Stoppers

    Sponsoring Organization: University of MS.

    Registration: $175.00

    Meals: Reimbursed

    Transportation: City Vehicle

    Lodging: -0-

    Attorney’s Report

    Public Forum


    November 17, 2015
    Executive Session


    1. “Guests

      Heather Ladner, Butler Snow – Non Protest Resolution”

      Um, _Butler-Snow_, Gracie!? WTF is Buttplug-Snowjob doing “guesting” at the meeting? If Butler-Snow is anywhere near the trough, the taxpayers are getting royally reamed. For those that don’t know, good ol’ BS is renowned for its ability to separate taxpayer funds from where it actually ought to go.

    1. Understand how the “agenda” works. Just a little sarcasm, Lana. Find it funny that the public was presented with a nice long agenda with such an important and pressing item clearly MIA…..

  16. While were all overwhelmed by all the insurance crap going on Les is going to try to push his water company on the city… I’ll say okay Les purchase water from Hancock water, but get rid of all water employees from city payroll. Get ready for another HUGE water increase.

    1. Yes at tonights meeting LesLie explained how we needed the water, and yes its $1 per 1000…. The last time he talked about it it was $.70 hey thats almost a 50% increase. He is bound and determined to have us on Hancock water, or Hancock water may be on the hook for MILLIONS of federal dollars wasted on a system serving just a few!

  17. Poolman,
    All of these Utility Authorities are an extravagance. Look at the one they built in Pearlington?!
    $36million for slightly over 500 households and some of the pipes laid in the Corps of Engineer’s “no build” Zone.
    Totally unbelievable, totally.
    A way for architects, engineers, lawyers, and politicians to get rich quick!!!!!

    1. Lana you missed what happened while you were speaking about the insurance fiasco…
      A natty clad lady was sitting quietly all night long a few rows back. After you spoke and the council spared with Les she jumped up and walked out of the room….She was followed by a well known local gentleman, whom asked her who she was. She politely told him she wouldn’t tell him who she was or what her purpose for attending the meeting.
      HMMMMMMM was it a rep from the insurance company????? Stacy’s office?????
      The cities bonding company…. We all are aware she wasn’t with the Les. B. I. those folks have been MIA.

  18. Insurance management is a debacle. All Gus can do is submit bills to be paid. He cant make them do it……the real problem is that the Account Executives do not report to the council on lapses, near lapses, claims made, claims paid etc….They are making money and letting the citizens down by catering to the administrations see nothing, hear nothing, do nothing strategy…..they all need to be put out to bid or an Agent of Record Change.

  19. I did see that lady behind and to the side of me. She took notes during the whole meeting and was busy on her cell phone as well. I asked the lady next to me why the Council skipped the part of the agenda about the letter to the DOJ, and the lady you are referring to said to me that they were going to take it up later in the meeting. Don’t know how she knew that. She didn’t say anything else all night.
    During the debate about who would be the point person to work with the DOJ on the audit, either the Police Chief or the Mayor, she was taking everything down. Councilwoman McDonald led the fight in that part of the meeting in what appeared to me an attempt to derail the Chief and let the Mayor handle the audit. So I don’t know, the lady in question was either with an auditing firm that bid on the job or with DOJ maybe. Who knows? Time will tell!

  20. Wendy is an embarrassment. She cant make a motion properly unless Les coaches her. She can’t follow the agenda and is defensive on the Insurance Agent discussion. We have pics of her, Counselor, the Insurance Agent and Les drinking together recently. I wonder what that discussion was about? Either the insurance debacle or how the city can sponsor Pirate Day in the Bay!

    She does not read the packet until she gets there because Les and the Counselor let her know what is important or not. She has never had an original thought!

  21. The Mayor is the one who said that he’d cover the DOJ letter in his portion of the meeting & nobody said a thing. I was sitting next to the young man from the Sun Herald who had to leave the room in laughter several times. Our Council is the most disorganized joke. Does Wendy even read the agenda? If the DOJ letter is listed at a certain point in the agenda why isn’t it discussed then when citizens who who come to hear about it are there? Not 18 items & another public forum later!

  22. Wendy has been a disaster since Day 1. Her family and friends encouraged her to run at the 11th hours initially because of their fear of Jim getting back in office. She won’t even use her multiple married names. She rides on the coat tails of the McDonald name here in BSL.
    If I were her I wouldn’t use my most recent married name “Winters” as in “Henry Winters” either.
    He had inside info on what properties Habitat were interested in after the storm, guess where he got that info from, “Pillow Talk” and would purchase the vacant land then turn around and sell to Habitat for a profit. Jim T wasn’t anywhere near as corrupt as these two.
    As long as Les has his votes on the Council that is all that matters to him. He can keep doing what he wants. Until someone from inside steps up and testifies that there is illegal and fraud taking place in City Government we are stuck with our current officials.

  23. BSL Tax Payer,

    You hit the nail on the head. She votes to tax payer fund organizations she belongs to. At the meetings she is no more than a distraction. Babbling cackling and lost! She thinks she is paid to do Ribbon Cuttings and promote 501C3’s like the one that her entire family works for!

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