Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Rupert Murdoch is Jewish and Tom Callaghan is Catholic

Published on Dec 3, 2015

Screw Political Correctness. It’s boring and, like Jeb Bush, low-energy.

Trump proves that every day. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about political correctness, and people love him “for telling it like it is”. Right On, Donald.

Rupert Murdoch, through his hacks at FOX, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Post stomps all over political correctness on a daily basis, and has dynamite ratings and readers to show for it. Hey, you gotta love the FOX program at noon with four babes with legs on a circular couch interviewing some dopey guy in the middle. I mean, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

Murdoch and his hacks laugh at the candy-ass liberals who get all “hurt feelings” about everything. Poor babies. Don’t they know that politics ain’t beanbag.

Rupert himself had a little fun recently with what he called “the deeply sensitive souls” on the Left in a speech he gave at the Hudson Institute. He gave fair warning that the room would be “an unsafe place” while he spoke because he would not be “Politically Correct”.

Rupert, I think you and I are going to be cool. It’s time to identify who’s who and what’s what. I’m with you completely. And one more thing, Rupert: if people don’t identify who they are, let’s you and I do it for them. Bingo.

Rupert, did I tell you I’m Catholic? Irish too?

You can be sure Murdoch hacks are going to step up to the plate and call those ISIS people what they are … Islamic Jihadists, right Rupert? And in case people aren’t paying attention, Rupert will have them put the emphasis on ISLAMIC and drive that point home.

Repetition, baby. Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you’ve told them. We don’t have to worry about Rupert. He’ll get his folks riled up big time. That’s what he does. This isn’t his first rodeo.

Now, if people start to feel really angry at all 1.5 billion Muslims and it makes the war with ISIS bigger, like really a lot bigger … no problem. Not for Rupert anyway.

Look at it this way, wars are great for ratings and if people die, well, everybody dies sooner or later. Plus, it gives Israel a chance to snatch some more (Islamic) Palestinian land in the Occupied Territories … I mean, who’s going to make a big stink about it if Murdoch has everyone convinced that Islam is toxic? And, it makes conditions favorable for an attack on (Islamic) Iran … things that are near and dear to your heart right, Rupert? Continue Reading……..

10 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Rupert Murdoch is Jewish and Tom Callaghan is Catholic”

  1. Ugh. This guy again. Can he write ONE FRIGGIN’ COLUMN without slaming Jews? Good God, how boring. A one track Anti-Semite. Get some new material. Please, tell me how the Jews are actually behind the CA massacre. And don’t go with the old standby “They created the culture of violence with their attacks and land grab” scenario. Really come up with some Area 51 shit this time. You can do it, nut job! I have faith!

  2. It seems to me that the US always seems to be overly involved with Israel’s doings. Let them fight or attack who they desire I say. It should not be our responsibility to act as a referee in their matters. They are our ally and if they need assistance we should provide it just like any other ally. But, if they get themselves into situations which are uncalled for, they should be mature enough to handle the situation on their own. More especially since they are most likely the military superpower of the middle east.

    Trump 2016!!!

  3. I apply the “do on to others” test.

    I have absolutely no problem with somebody identifying me as Catholic and Irish. I would think that Murdoch, whose hacks vilify followers of Islam on a regular basis, would have no problem with someone pointing out that he is the son of an Orthodox Jewish mother.

    If Mr. Murdoch feels that being identified as the son of a Jewish mother is, in some way negative, I would say the problem lies in Mr. Murdoch’s head and heart not in mine.

    With regard to Israel’s status as an American ally, I would say the record indicates they are more of a dependency than an ally. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported in 2013 that as of that time Israel had received 235 $Billion in inflation adjusted dollars in aid from the US since it’s founding. As I have pointed out in the past, unlike our real allies, they have never put troops at risk with the US in any of our wars in the mideast that benefit both the US and Israel.

    1. Tom,

      I can see how some may view Isreal as a dependent but I would consider that a form of “insurance” if anything else. More especially as our country dumps millions around the world to other countries and the Israelis intelligence is top notch. Once the “big one” cuts loose in the Middle East we are going to need them and their assistance as I would assume they will be heavily involved and/or a target of Radical Islam.

      Also, if I am not mistaken I believe there was a story on Yahoo news that reported that Isreal was conducting work inside Syria.

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Israel was doing something in Syria.

        Back to the question of who’s been with us when we, the USA, needed them. As it says in the Good Book…”no greater love hath one that he lay down his life for his friends.”

        Afghanistan was our good war. We were there to get the people who got us. The US and 29 countries (our friends) contributed troops and suffered fatalities.

        Amongst the countries helping us and suffering fatalities major contributions came from the UK, Canada, France and Germany.
        Smaller contributions came from Belgium, Jordan, Lithuania.

        Israel, our biggest recipient of foreign aid, did not put troops at risk with us.

        1. Tom,

          I see your point about “who’s been with us” but one thing I have always kept in the back of my mind is the political and violent backlash Isreal would suffer if they were actively engaged with US in any operations against the Islamic community around the Middle East. They would have every Muslim country gang banging them left and right. What side do you think Iraq would take even though they are liberated.

          I have said it before and I’ll say it again. We have come to a point where a nuclear attack is warranted.

            1. It’s obvious that ISIS and other radical Islamic groups want to wage war against the civilized world and there appears to be no end. Give them 30 days to give up or face ultimate destruction. I would start with the most heavily ISIS populated city. People can make the argument of the innocent casualties but if you think about it, they are actually part of the problem because most will not fight back. Our troops should not be sent in to weed through the hay stacks to find the bad ones.

              Radial Islam will continue to spread by the way we have been handling the situation and we are wasting American lives each day.

            2. Tom

              Are you there?

              Maybe your next post could be titled. “Eye-Spy: Nuke the Bastards”

              I enjoyed the candid coversation and look forward to reading your next post.

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