Bad settlement first and Justice later?

I guess the root of my heartburn comes from the retirees ostensibly paying for all the legal fees in a breach of fiduciary duty case and folks, it was not the Singing River Retirees that did the breaching. The folks at SRHS Watch have some heartburn too:

Opinion: Reeves on the Hunt for Pension Plan’s “Real Killers” ~ SRHS Watch

Keep an eye peeled because they have some good stuff coming:

Forthcoming on SRHS Watch: Certus Labs, Ethics Laws

3 thoughts on “Bad settlement first and Justice later?”

  1. The hearing of this week was a thing of beauty. I loved how Jim Reeves would get up and go whisper sweet nothings in Brett Willliams’ ear. And then I got to watch Brett heap praise and adoration upon the judge for doing such a great job. But I didn’t like the way that Celeste Oglesby would turn around and give the stink eye to the retirees. And Mr. Scott Talor, suited up looking lawyerly- is he part of the SRHS legal team? What was his purpose there? And why the rush to settle? The mere fact that SRHS is so inclined to settle so quickly makes me think it may not be such a good deal for us.

  2. Hell yes, SRHS wants to hurry up and settle and keep every illegal deed swept under the rug. I wonder how many other big-wig names will eventually come out of the woodwork that have slopped with the hogs including JCBOS?

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