If it weren’t for special interests some folks wouldn’t have any interest at all. A Campaign finance update

I had to laugh at Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes dismissing the Sierra Club and other environmentalists as special interests while pouring perfume on the Landfill Sleaze from New Orleans that have been courting Gulfport city politico$ for year$ now. But all the money the Wards have been spreading out can’t take away the stench of the kind of people that want to come to Gulfport and bulldoze more wetlands in the name of progress that Billy Hewes now attempts to prettify:

BILLY HEWES: Don’t squander a second chance at Turkey Creek

The first sign the public should be harbor great dubiety is that Hewes is from the government and claims he wants to help. Normally this means helping himself by helping the monied special interests that want to fill in wetlands to the detriment of the local residents. If I lived downstream in the floodplain I think I’d be highly skeptical. Make no mistake folks, Poppa Ward is still calling the shots here.

One thought on “If it weren’t for special interests some folks wouldn’t have any interest at all. A Campaign finance update”

  1. Ha Ha Ha – It has always been my humble opinion that Billy Hewes wouldn’t even make a good dog catcher. But he’s still at it and trying to gain power. He is truly one that when given an ounce of power, continues to strive to get more. Short, insecure, boy syndrome= IMO. He and [email protected]$$ get along great because they are both salesmen. And Philly and Billy both love hogs (as in motorcycles) and tool around delivering toys for kids and such to look good to the Public. So the gruesome Threesome continue to try to fool us with more promises of great times ahead.
    Now, the gruesome trio are working to bilk more $$$ from the big coffers on the Coast; for whatever reason. I say no. When one individual’s property can impact another’s property; then a line should be drawn – immediately – and it should not be allowed to be looked at again. This is a waste of Taxpayers’ money and time. If Billy the Boy is for it; then I am against it. I hope that Donald Trump realizes the impact of allowing Billy to put a Trump sign in front of his establishment. It is the kiss of death; just like the kiss of death Mr. Swetman got when Fata$$ and Philly interceded on his behalf in a prior election.
    Billy’s old loudmouth daddy is the only reason that Billy the Boy has gotten anywhere imo. False promises of better days and riches will do that to alot of folks. But your word is your bond where I come from. And your word has to mean something to people for them to trust anything you say. What is the record of your word Billy the Boy??? Is it all that it should be and inline with what a Christian stands for?? And now you speak of joining together after all you supported to tear the Coast apart and enrich an elite few??? Too little; too late. IMO, you are toast and your word means NOTHING to me.

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