Major announcement expected at tonight’s Bay City Council meeting

There is a lot of background chatter on this topic folks but I will not report the rumor because, if true, will be bad enough for certain parties without advance speculation on my part. I’ll do my best to attend this evening and broadcast the meeting on Periscope. Stay tuned.

SMH: A True Tragedy……

What Happens in Macbeth?

Macbeth is a war hero. He’s the owner of a spotless reputation and the undying gratitude of his King and country. Until the simple title Thane of Cawdor causes him to throw it all away and become Shakespeare’s bloodiest tyrant and most conniving villain, leaving us to wonder how a man so ‘full o’ the milk of human kindness’ became a man whose hands were so covered in blood they could never be wiped clean.

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A major theme to Macbeth is that blind ambition is bad and will only result in destruction. In Lord of the Flies, we also see how ambition, especially the drive for power, can cause corruption. Jack becomes more and more savage with the more power he has over the boys. Before the boys are rescued in the final pages of the book, Jack is so savage that he wants to kill anyone who opposes him, namely Ralph. Macbeth became so corrupted by power once he had it, he was willing to do anything to hang on to that power including killing Macduff’s family.

We’ve covered this before but for the benefit of those at Bay City Hall….

Slabbed has been the subject of at least one departmental meeting over at City Hall regarding leaks according to lore and certain commenters. Regarding Slabbed New Media and leaks about the most I can say is we’re good at it and have been for years. Still, that won’t stop the speculation as to the identity of the Bay City Hall leaker so I’ll fuel it via video embed below the jump, enjoy. Continue reading “We’ve covered this before but for the benefit of those at Bay City Hall….”


There is a reason Nassim Taleb hates “Journos“.

Here’s Everything That Could Go Wrong in 2016 ~ Bloomberg

Investors can’t ignore this or other so-called Black Swan scenarios following a year that surprised the world with record refugee flows and brutal terror attacks. In 2016, unexpected events will take on heightened importance as the Fed ends an era of ultra-cheap credit. Markets will lose the cushion that’s shielded them from geopolitical shocks such as the Arab uprisings and the annexation of Crimea.

You gotta appreciate the way the authors tackle QE describing it as a market risk mitigation tool. Such is a fools game but that is not what attracted me to the piece. What did attract me was the authors terming the events they predict as “Black Swan” scenarios linking Taleb’s book where he coined the phrase. Here is what the cover to the book says:

A Black Swan is a highly improbable event with three principal characteristics: It is unpredictable; it carries a massive impact; and, after the fact, we concoct an explanation that makes it appear less random, and more predictable, than it was.

So yes, Cortez showing up was certainly a Black Swan type event for the Aztecs but not necessarily for Cortez. The again the Aztecs did not have Bloomberg getting them the news. I just question terming the unlikely predictions for 2016 as Black Swans since the writers predicted them.

Speaking of predictions, Black Swans, Normal Distributions and Fat Tails has anyone seen Karen Clark these days?

Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Republican Debate – Things you’ll hear and things you won’t hear

Published on Dec 14, 2015


1. After I take the oath of office, the first call I’ll make will be to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I’ll put our good friend Sheldon Adelson on the phone, and we’ll all have a good laugh about the future of the “peace process”. Hilarious. Also, we’ll have to talk about Ted Cruz’s idea of “carpet bombing and making the desert glow”. I’ll get some ideas on what countries Bibi and Sheldon want to hit.

Be prepared for a pander-fest of the highest (lowest) order on all matters Israel. Marco Rubio’s billionaire backer, Norman Braman, former President of the Miami Jewish Federation, will be in the audience, as will Jewish Republican Coalition Board Members and Billionaires Paul Singer and Sheldon Adelson. When it comes to pandering, nobody can do it better than Marco, also known as the Magnificently Malleable Marco. Trump, to his credit, will probably not join in the pandering. His failure to do so makes the neocons uncomfortable.

2. Our friends don’t trust us and our enemies don’t fear us.

This is a standard line for a candidate whose party does not occupy the White House. It’s perfect for a candidate who has little depth, but wants to appear learned to those who speak “neocon”. Bush will probably use it if it hasn’t been used by the time they get to him, and if he’s still awake. Jeb tires easily … he’s very low-energy.

3. We are at war and our President will not name the enemy.

The President has called the Islamic State what they are … a death cult that is a perversion of Islam. It is stupid for the US to make the war against the Islamic State bigger than it is and give their recruiting efforts a needed boost. The only beneficiaries of making the war seem bigger than it is are Republican candidates for President looking for a point or two bump in their polling. Also, I’m sure it has occurred to Rupert Murdoch that making the clash with the Islamic State bigger is a boon to ratings and readers at FOX, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post. We didn’t emphasize the religion of our enemies in World War II. It makes no sense to do so now. Continue Reading……..

BREAKING: Bay St Louis City Clerk Robert Clark has resigned (Updated)

Folks the situation is still fluid but Slabbed has confirmed Clark’s resignation. I’ll update this post as more information becomes available. Clark’s departure makes the 3rd City clerk to leave the position this year.

Update 12-16-15:

Mums the word at City Hall after the Mayor denied that Clark resigned as several inquiries from Bay City Council President Joey Boudin have evidently not garnered a response from Mayor Fillingame. I’m not going into a he said/she said thing because such is pointless endeavor as Mr. Clark has moved on.

If I may be so bold to point out that there are several CPA firms right here on the coast that could provide many of the services performed by a City Clerk especially the tasks associated with monthly financial statement preparation. Given the circumstances the City may wish to strongly consider contracting out these functions until the next election to insure continuity in the bookkeeping.