Championship Week

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I’m digging out after taking a five day holiday break that also included some healthy doses of the IT Infrastructure upgrades that I’ve been yammering about lately. Speaking of yammering, on Friday nights for the past 14 weeks the Slabbed New Media twitter account has been covering High School football and those Friday night light tweets gets more social engagement than all the rest combined. Next year, I’ll likely create a dedicated twitter account for sports but until then we have one more week of High School football coming this weekend at the State Championship games in Oxford at Ole Miss.

First up is the Lawrence County paper’s story on last Friday night’s game, which had a nice Easter egg in for us:

Erik Handshoe squares off against Lawrence County's Will Thurman in the South State Championship game 11-28-15
Erik Handshoe squares off against Lawrence County’s Will Thurman in the South State Championship game 11-28-15. Photo by Marty Albright | The Daily Leader

St Stanislaus Ends Lawrence County’s Season ~ Marty Albright

Next week the O-Line gets another step up in competition:

SEC programs continue to pursue Noxubee County’s Simmons ~ Courtney Cronin

Jeffrey Simmons Player Profile Information ~ ESPN

Goal in Sight – Interview with Jeffrey Simmons ~ Yancey Porter

But then again we’ve been here and done this folks:

The boys are looking forward to competing against the best for the State title.

To be the man, you gotta beat the man ~ Ric Flair

6 thoughts on “Championship Week”

  1. Erik : You and others gotts to beat da’ man, Simmons – it can be done as nothing is impossible if yo’ gotts da’ Faith…

    And after you figure out how to beat Simmons do me a favor and send the scheme to Les Miles cause Simmons is sure to go to Ole Miss…

    Go Rockachaws- stick da’ chaws in there butts so Pizza Rolls can fall as manna!

    1. I heard from an Ole Miss booster earlier this week that Mr. Simmons may have academic qualifying issues.

      Tonight the team ate steaks courtesy of the senior parents. Tomorrow they are going to Oxford hungry but the boys plan to eat on Saturday starting about 3.

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