Other Voices: Maxine Ramsey | Don’t dam the Pascagoula River Tributaries

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors has allowed the Singing River Hospital System retirees’ pension to be in peril.

By spending thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on legal fees with no apparent solution, it appears the board continues to support the inept former and present hospital administration. Now, the board is attempting to shove the idea of damming the Pascagoula River down the throats of taxpayers.

The board has spent thousands of dollars in legal fees and in lobbying efforts to dam the Pascagoula to enrich a select few. Even though Jeff Bellweber claims the dams will protect the river’s flow and water level, the Pascagoula River has incurred droughts and floods for thousands of years and, like the Mississippi, keeps on meandering along. Why try to fool Mother Nature?

Industry has not asked for any additional water. Therefore, why attempt to fix something that is not broken?

The many comments made opposing the damming at the board’s meetings and at the Vancleave and Hurley forums should have opened the eyes of the supervisors on the public’s wishes. But the supervisors continue to support this unnecessary potential destruction of the Pascagoula River, even though the scientific community has offered the many effects damming will cause.

Will the Jackson County Board of Supervisors continue to operate behind closed doors and disregard the voters?

4 thoughts on “Other Voices: Maxine Ramsey | Don’t dam the Pascagoula River Tributaries”

  1. Doug,
    My observation of some public official as they execute the duties of the office to which they were either appointed or elected is they flip flop between exhibiting how crooked or stupid they are, sometimes infiltrate steely both😔😔

    1. Holy Contaminated Cumfest, Batman,

      Where – OH – Where are the Sierra Clubs and EPA liberals when you need them?

      Nature has established a highly sophisticated, successful homeostatic ecosystem which cannot be regulated by politico crony humans interrupting natural river flow.

      Remember what the Corps did with its artificial Interstate Gulf Outlet and lower levees of the Miss.River did to NOLA and La. marshland. I imagine there will be plans to create lake developments to increase price of land which will create still water/pollution and which like beavers only increases stagnant water problems.

      There’s got to be some type of migratory bird/aquatic reptile/minnow which will be endangered- just need to make the case to dear ole’ Washington,D.C. and its all over for Lake Cumfest.

      1. Holy Totally Tantalizing Turtle Talk, Batman

        I do believe the ecological argument should be that Mississippi, though number one nationally in politico corruption, is more importantly the state by far with the greatest amount of species of turtles -29- which all by its lonesome represents more than half the turtle species in the entire U.S.. How can we justify disturbing such precious reptiles’ habitat?

        What’s more important for Mississippi – maintaining its No.1 status in governmental corruption or being da’ Turtle Capital of the U.S.? Slabbed reports – you decide.


  2. Steve Shepard, chair of the Gulf Coast Sierra Club, has spoken to the Jackson County Board of Supervisors several times during their Monday meetings asking them to withdraw their support of this money-making project to no avail.

    He also was in attendance at the Monday evening forum against Lake George in Vancleave and then at Hurley where the ‘Friday Night Fight’ was held on Tuesday.

    Does George County, Supervisor Barry Cumbest, Realtor Mark Cumbest, Pat Harrison Waterway and a number of unnamed politicians and land owners all look to get richer if the Pascagoula River is dammed?

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