The Sun Herald was at Tuesday night Cumbest Fight Night in Hurley

Karen Nelson’s companion story is a must read for vital context.

The question in my mind is whether there is anyone in Jackson County whose last name is not Cumbest that thinks Supervisor Barry Cumbest is not a crook? My guess is the answer is more than one but not many.

My personal hunch is a backroom deal was cut that incentivized every Jackson County Sup to support the project as well as keep it on the down low for as long as possible.

Meantime we have this from our friends over at SRHS Watch:

How to File an Ethics Complaint and Help Stop Lake George

My recommendation is to complain as loudly as possible to Governor Phil Bryant. This type of major construction project could not take place without his blessing. I’ll be having more on this.

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  1. That was awesome. I like the guy with the right cross. That sounded like the House of Commons! We need a little excitement like that in the Bay!

    1. What is so sad, our Jackson County Board of Supervisors do not get it! They do their business in private and expect voters to like what they do. McKay and Mangum bit the dust. It is Jackson County’s loss that 2 crooks and liars, Cumbest and Ross, were reelected.

      But you know something, they are not sleeping well at night. All they have to look forward to is the Singing River Health System retirees looking them in the face every Monday morning at their board meetings. That takes gall to face these old people they have been a party to screwing up their pensions.

      Mine and others give heart felt thanks to these retirees who are not letting JCBOS off the hook for their corrupt practices.

      Come on FEDS, help these people out!

      1. Thinking about how the SRHS Scandals have possibly impeded or wrecked some Gulf Coast on the down-low projects, both by the exposure of certain schemes and the election losses,

    2. I agree. It was an awesome sight overall but I wasn’t very hip on the sucker punch delivered by the geezer.

      I have faith in BSL as I think they can top this with ease. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. There have been some questions and discussion concerning land ownership in the vicinity of the dam (sorry to use that word) the Pascagoula project.

    Let me throw one more question out. Do any of the connected supervisors OR their friends and family hold options on land in the vicinity of the dam (sorry to use that word again) the Pascagoula project?

    Here is something else needing to be verified- Who or what entity paid for the lobby trips to DC and the other connected dam (sorry- for the third time) the Pascagoula project lobbying expenditures? Is all in order?


    2. Come check out our page on FB, Protect the Pascagoula River Basin and you’ll find the answers to the questions you ask. Scroll towards the bottom of the page.

  3. There are copies on line of JCBOS – No, I’m sorry, we taxpayers paid John McKay and Barry Cumbest for Lake George Project, JC Depository Acct dtd 5/14/15 to the tune of $1,420.61 for their trip to Washington DC to lobby for Lake George. The check is made out to Barry Cumbest.

    Yep, all is in order if you are a member of the click in Jackson County.

    1. This project has been in the works since 2009, so it seems to me that this single transaction is likely not the only JCBOS expenditure or reimbursement for lobbying for the project.

      “Would it surprise you that Chevron (Pascagoula Refinery) hasn’t signed on to support this project?” Wiggins asked Boone.

      Boone replied, “Nothing would surprise me anymore. When we first started, it was about maintaining the river for wildlife and industry.”

      He said the applicants — the Waterway District, George County and Jackson County — have been working on the project since 2009. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, now in the permit phase, is taking comments.”

      1. Now you are talking!!! The U. S. Corps of Engineers. Who tells them what to do?? Wonder if our new Congressman has anything to do with this?? Or his father??? Or his relative, Ben Stone??? Might want to do some research in this area folks. The Corps of Engineers has some ‘splainin’ to do!!!

  4. I have mailed my comments well before the deadline and you can bet on it – I was not in favor of any dams on the Pascagoula River. Especially when the crony politicians want to grease their sticky fingers.

  5. My Fellow Americans

    I will openly admit that I personally condone the use of force to remove elected officials if all legal methods fail due to a corrupt system.

    Most of these Jackson County supervisors should have been dragged to the street and tar and feathered. That was one form of an accepted practice by our fore fathers and the colonists.

    It’s time to bring the power back.

  6. George County has been wanting to create a lake for a long time because they want something like Flint Creek with a water park and cabins and a campground, but they don’t want to pay for it with their own money and they have spent a decade or more searching for a justification for damming the river. After Katrina they tried to brand it as a flood control project but that is not how the Corps of Engineers controls rivers any longer because they can’t stop local governments from encouraging development below dams and actually making the flooding much worse in a catastrophic event. Also, when you have a recreational lake with lakefront facilities and businesses, the political pressure shifts toward keeping the water level where the recreational users want it instead of where proper flood management would dictate it should be.

    Jackson County is relatively new to the Lake George cause and I am not sure why Jackson County would want it. I do know that the county’s argument about the industrial water supply is a complete con job. They have used that imaginary need multiple times in the past but the industries have never been the ones to raise the issue.

    Way back in the 1990s, Jackson County got federal funds for a water pipeline from Cumbest Bluff to provide additional water supply for the cities of Moss Point and Pascagoula and their industries. I never was convinced that there was a legitimate need, in part because the industries and the cities did not seem to be that interested in the project. The JaxCo BOS did not put in the local matching funds they had promised and kept flying to DC to ask for more federal funds. They tried to lean on Moss Point and Pascagoula to pay the non-federal share but Moss Point had never asked for the water and didn’t need it. They were just included to help the numbers by adding a few potential industrial users (that since have closed) and some more low and moderate income beneficiaries to the economic impact projections. “Phase I” of the waterline was built part of the way but not far enough to provide water to Moss Point or Pascagoula or industries and all the BOS could think to do was complain that Gene and Thad and Trent were delaying the project by not get them more federal money. And this was not their only project request by a long shot. They always had at least four desperately urgent projects that needed millions of federal dollars but were never worth any county dollars.

    But then in about 2002, I think, the MS Legislature appropriated funds to help Mississippi communities “BRAC-proof” their military installations before the 2005 base closure round. Jackson County took the state money set aside to try to save Naval Station Pascagoula and instead of doing something that actually helped strengthen the case for the base, they invented the claim that the naval station needed additional water supply more than anything else, and then succeeded in smuggling the state funds to cover the local share of the waterline that they previously had promised to pay when they got the federal funds.

    So when I hear Jackson County’s main argument for a project is industrial water usage, I know immediately that is 100% a con job.

  7. Yep Charlene, Our ‘pretty boy’ Palazzo is right in the middle of this damming. Read up on his participation on line along with Harper, Wicker, Cochran, etc.

    Thanks Hurley for getting the message out to the public for what the Cumbest Family are pushing to enrich their pocketbooks.

    Supervisor Barry Cumbest is attempting to play dumb but I don’t buy his BS. Maybe he should take some type of acting lessons.

  8. Ok for those that are still confused I’ll spread some enlightenment. Barry Cumbest, Barry Cumbest’s family and Berry Cumbest friends own property along the shores and uplands of both big and small cedar creek. So…it’s about to soon be lake front property that will be very valuable. And those cry babies in east Jackson County and in George County don’t have a right to cry foul. You are the morons that elected this unethical pig that is now screwing you. Of course most of the inbred family is perfectly ok with this. We did have the chance to wipe the slate clean. To my buddies over there in OS next time you are looking up records please take a look at that back stabber Troy Ross because bottom dollar says that crook has game in this boon doggle. And I would bet that Palazzo and the Ole Crooked nose Governor have game to. Some campaign fund got slipped a couple bucks somewhere. And I’m going to bet Palazzo and Bryant’s appointee Jamie Miller and his DMR environmental thugs will find some way to support this raping of the environment.

  9. To Point Park and other readers,

    You have the correct information. Yep, these uneducated, greedy and stupid voters put lying Ross and Cumbest back in office.

    But remember, Ross and Cumbest’s day is coming!

  10. How is Mark Cumbest related to Barry? That was the rude person that the Lady slapped. He is a Real Estate Professional and should have conducted himself better. The whole thing stinks….

  11. They are cousins and the report is they jointly own Cumbest heir property on the proposed lakes with Mark Cumbest owning the bulk. Anyway you look at it, they are looking to fatten their wallets.

  12. Holy Mother of Misnomers Batman,

    Why don’t they appropriately just name the frickin’ lake after its greedy, capitalistic crony landowner pushers, i.e. Lake Cumbest?

    Like the ole multi-orgasmic sayin’ goes, cum once i.e Barry, cum twice i.e.Mark, den cum da’ Cumbest !

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