21 thoughts on “Pro Bono Emeritus: Vets and Active Duty Military get free burgers and beer”

  1. Bless all of our men and women who fight to allow us to live in peace. Bless all of their families who sacrafice their family lives while each of them serve their country. We can never thank you all enough!!!! May you all be blessed and may God Bless America!!!

  2. Thomas knows the value of a Veteran. His Dad was one as are my husband and brothers.
    What a super nice gesture!!
    God Bless!

  3. My Fellow Americans,

    There is much more to being a Veteran than simply serving one enlistment or 20 years and collecting a retirement paycheck. My hats off to those who served in a forward area, to those who engaged in combat operations, to those who have spilled blood or taken a bullet in the line of duty, and most of all, to those to gave their life for their country. These people are the real warriors of war which keep our country free.

  4. Eye-Spye,
    They are all to be honored because at any given time their peace time service can turn into combat depending on circumstances and the decisions of the powers that be at that time.
    We all give special respect to those who have lost life and limb.

  5. Thanks Thomas for your contribution to the Veterans. I know it was difficult to pull off with the Bay Saint Louis Administration trying to stop you at every turn but persistence wins out!

  6. I stopped off at a convince store tonight and was caught with a wonderful surprise. Three young men (16-18) were hanging out in the parking lot next to a ragged out pickup truck. You know, the ones equipped with redneck rims, big tires, and chrome accessories that look like they came from Walmart.

    These three individuals were exercising their American right to pay tribute to Veterans by displaying two flags. The first one was a tribute to veterans and displayed all seals from each US military branch. The other was a the rebel flag.

    Any true veteran of the United States of America should take 100% offense to this type of display.

  7. To EYE: Well, I don’t take any offence to such a display, not 100% offense, not 1% offence: NO OFFENSE. Indeed, the veterans upon whom accolades are bestowed today made their sacrifice of service (and for some, even “more”) to guarantee freedom of expression (a/k/a “expressive conduct”), freedoms guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Artlcle 1, Section 7 of the Louisiana Constitution of 1974. These same, and other freedoms allow the burning and trampling, and other disrespect of the American flag without fear of criminal prosecution. CPT Ashton O’Dwyer, AGC, USAR (ret.).

    1. Counsel Ashton O’Dwyer

      What a pleasant surprise to hear from you and it just so happens that I had a hunch you would chime in on this one.

      I am fully aware of the American rights to freedom of speech. Furthermore, I am also aware that any American can freely protest or worship any God he/she pleases. I am also aware that any American has the right to even openly worship Satan.

      Veterans Day to most sane people is about American veterans. It’s not about veterans who supported the evil doings of the confederacy. I think it’s clear where your morals lie and you certainly have the right to express them as you see fit.

      In regards to your “closing signature”–I would love to see a copy of your DD-214. 😉

  8. You say this because I believe your a supporter of terrorism. I bet if the Italians expressed their opinions of the Irish you would be up in arms.

    Care to send a copy of your DD-214?

  9. Gee, Eye. You have raised this conversation to another level, suggesting to the readers of SLABBED that I am a LIAR. I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Adjudant General Corps in May 1971, commensurate with graduation from Law School. On the day I was sworn in to the Louisiana Bar, September 9, 1971, I immediately departed the ceremony to catch a plane to Indianapolis, Indiana, where I reported for active duty in the Army at the Adjudant General School at Fort Benjamin Harrison. I served honorably in the Army Reserves between 1971 and 1976. My Form DD-214 is in storage. And now: GO FUCK YOURSELF! And in what Branch of the military did you serve, ASSHOLE? Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ashton,

      As you appear to be quite serious about your military service I will blindly take your word for it. Please excuse my “alleged suggestion” as I thought you were kidding around and as you don’t strike me as the military type based on personal perception.

      And to answer your question, I did serve in the military and still consider myself fit for full duty if needed at any time. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go fuck myself as you ordered, Sir.

  10. People, pleople!!! Let us concentrate on the problems at hand and not spar amongst one another. I am sure that Doug values both of your past and future posts and “can’t we all just get along?”
    We have bigger fish to fry!!!!

  11. Charlene,

    I’m good. I have come to the understanding that Ashton and I disagree often but I always look forward to reading his posts and hearing what he has to say regardless. I know we bash each other at times but I have always considered it in good fun or some rough play. I’ll tone it down just for you. 😉

    1. That could very well be true in most situations. I also think the CIA would be far less effective if the agents were all publicly known and they identified themselves as Central Intelligence Agents on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

      Just sayin, 😉

  12. To: The SLABBED Nation: The Breitbart web-site is carrying the following story, which is “SAFE” to open, and very much “on topic”: http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2015/11/12/black-lives-matter-protestor-sets-fire-u-s-flag-raises-black-liberation-flag/ This is the kind of “freedom of expression” that U.S. soldiers have died for, and are still dying for. Nonetheless, I personally find it VERY OFFENSIVE. CPT Ashton O’Dwyer, AGC, USAR (ret.).

  13. EyeSpy:

    After reading your totally unnecessary leftist comment complaining about the raising of the Rebel flag with the American flag yesterday , I must say you are indeed a sad sack of Obamination if you think your leftist PC butt has the right to degrade and deny the right of any Southern person from raising the Rebel flag on Veterans Day much less on any day. Especially when there are many black citizens whose ancestors were Rebel soldiers who fought bravely in the Civil War and who regularly raise their Rebel flags on many holiday. Though you probably also think of them as Uncle Toms as well as Ben Carson who is my favorite candidate.

    And your uncalled attack on Arod is beyond disgraceful as your BS racist attitude tends to judge and doubt other peoples’ comments (military service ) before knowing the facts . Just like your beloved president has done in so many disputed, racial situations causing this country’s race relations to reach an all-time low causing cities to burn. All despite his 1/2 Kenya butt being elected president by mostly white voters who wanted to demonstrate that American was no longer racist and could elect a black president. What a hypocrite Obama is !

    Your “change” president’s racist , shoot from the hip, mouth has led to unacceptable reverse racist PC bullshit like the many suggestions promoting the destruction of U.S. Military history by advocating removal of civil war monuments, in Memphis the Council actually want to dig up the Rebel graves below said monuments, the BS Black Lives Matter movement chanting hate and death to the police who risk their very lives to protect law abiding blacks in their hood ; and finally now we see alleged PC racial unrest on our college campuses with black student leaders blackmailing said university administrations into resigning or else – ‘the mostly black football team will not play’.

    So you know what I say to this campus ” black”mail (pun intended) BS: if the black players don’t play the black players should lose their football scholarships .Then ask whether the white ones want to play and if they too will not play they too will lose their scholarships . And then thereafter the university should only offer scholarships to players in the future who swear not to refuse to play due to political BS ; so there will no longer be “black”mail or PC political extortion on our campuses and in our college sports.

    Pack all that in your leftist,two bit, prejudicial, reverse racist dope pipe and smoke it ; and additionally , I , following your prejudicial , out-of-bounds demands to Arod would like very much to “EyeSpy” your picture ( just like you want to see Arod’s DD-214 paper ) cause you might just look – besides thinking and commenting – like a hateful, racist black.

    Tonite EyeSpy you deserve only Old Testament treatment- an Eye for an Eye- and until you act half- way worthy of a Christian in redemption (apologizing to Veteran Arod) ‘…get to the rear Satan’.

    1. Locke

      As I know how you are I’ll keep this to a minimum.

      You need to read my comment again. It doesn’t say anything about raising the rebel flag with the American flag. Also, I found it funny how you did the same thing that you accused me of.

      Did you ever sit back and think that I may have taken a small offense to the fact that Ashton wrote “NO OFFENSE” in all caps when making his reply to my comment. To tell you the truth I read that as an “in your face” type of gesture.

      I know your most likely going to come back with a “selective reply” so I’m going to grab some snacks, sit back and enjoy the show silently. But please remember, I also agreed with Ashton’s comment about raising the black liberation flag. I take offense to that flag the same way I take offense to the rebel flag and the nazi flag.

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