ICYMI: Connecting some dots over in Jackson County

From a big picture standpoint the gang at SRHS sure was scared of Chancellor Harris and he was recused. It is beginning to look like the good ol’ boys now have just the state court setup they like. I’m still scratching my head on how a $6 million dollar legal bill can happen in a garden variety ERISA breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit but I’ll tackle that in another post.

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  1. This is just like DMR covering their you know what. Big wigs such as Stacey Pickering assisted them in their cover up and still the stupid people in Mississippi reelected him and others that are proven crooks and liars.

    What great leaders we have in Mississippi! Just ask them. They want us to be the most stupid state in the nation and with the results of Tuesday’s election; they succeeded.

    With SRHS, they do not want the big wigs and cronies to be known so Governor Bryant appoints his puppy dogs who will do his bidding.

    1. Mr. Rodgers,

      I hear exactly what your saying. I am not talking about all voters but I would be willing to bet that good portion of Pickering and Bryant supporters could be bought off with a simple 1-year subscription to Gun’s and Ammo or Field and Stream Magazine. 😉

  2. People are dropping like flies down here on the coast. Is incarceration at a Federal prison really that bad??? I am beginning to wonder if they will ever get old Fata$$ and the rest of his cronies.

  3. It shows Bryant’s intelligence by his appointment of Simpson as a questionable judge to help the SRHS Retirees. When Simpson cannot even keep his own house in order, how can he figure out the SRHS dealings? Those people who created this mess are laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. The trouble with people that vote is that they have no clue on the candidates that are seeking election…it seems when they vote, it is like throwing darts at a board…just punch and vote…no matter the outcome.

  5. There are numerous issues at play here, but Bryant didn’t (and couldn’t) appoint special judges, chancellors, etc. in the SRHS mess as that is the role of the MSSC.

    If you want to make disparaging comments about the MSSC and the MS COA, I’ll not be among their defenders. They are a bunch of partisan disgraces who aren’t qualified to be appellate court justices, but darned few folks realize or care. Between the actual appointment powers of the Guv, including those ironically-named ‘justices’ that are currently there and started out as appointments, most are mainly the result of Haley Barbour.

    Speaking of good ol’ Haley, he appointed Chancellor Jaye Bradley in Jackson County (yet another totally unqualified judge originally appointed as a political handout, and who has cruised to re-election as an incumbent*). These folks remain in office solely because of the fact that incumbent judges are a near shoo-in. And the result is that MS citizens are yet again screwed hard and deep.

    *(see above) Bradley’s back-story is “interesting” – she is, at best, middlin’ as a “family court” judge, but as a chancellor dealing with a variety of equitable matters, she has absolutely no qualifications. She f’ed up the situation with the tobacco settlement (due in large part to Page Manino Peresich’s Peresich brothers – Ron and Stephen – among other various folks who keep popping up in taxpayer screwovers). She has also f’ed up numerous other situations. She simply isn’t qualified to be chancellor. And her ex-lawyer-turned-pastor husband Kevin has now found JEE-SUS and is a pastor at Caswell Springs Methodist Church, which is the preferred pew of such troughhogs as various Cumbests, Lassitter-St. Pe’s, Yanceys, etc., etc., etc. Now, in and of itself, that isn’t prohibited, but given the massive conflicts that are rampant, a circumspect chancellor/attorney would reconsider the situation and might not consider running. However, the same scumbags at Dogan and Wilkinson that pimped Paula Yancey (or whatever the hell name she goes by this week) for chancellor are MAJOR supporters of Bradley’s continued chancellorship. As they were of ol’ Gaston Charles “I Can’t Seem to Keep my Dick in the Right Hole” Bordis’ chancellorship. Harris, from what I understand, ain’t part of the problem and hence, he needed to go. Didn’t work via elections, so they got it via the MSSC (who are part of the problem). Fondren, who was just pissed that Bordis couldn’t figure out the appropriate place to put lil’ Chuckie, got caught up in the mess – for those that don’t know, Bordis was carrying on with Fondren’s wife, who was Bordis’ secretary. After Bordis lost to Fondren, Bordis spent a few weeks helping fuck over the retirees before setting up a a sideshop with another Dogan and Wilkinson attorney. Yet another potential for them to give each other well-greased handjobs.

    Anyway, there is only a member or two of the MS appellate courts that any sensible person who isn’t “hooked up” with current politicos would consider as a decent judge. Most need replacing. Unfortunately, the people of MS are pretty much stuck with them because voting them out would take years. About all that can be done is to put “the fear of the vote” into them and hope they consider their reelection when they issue their nearly-weekly laughable and offensive opinions.

    And now, you’ve got a whole bunch of greedy Plaintiffs’ sharks in a multi-million dollar feeding frenzy. If anyone cares about my opinion, Denham is the least offensive of the pack (he ain’t exactly known as a pure public servant – BUT – he is the most likely to take this shit to heart and do it truly pro bono in both practice and spirit). The Reeves’ bunch? Well, I’ll just not say anything other than, “If you are their client, best of luck – hopefully, there will be enough left for you, too, once they get theirs.” The bottom line is that the money that might have gone to the retirees is getting sucked out of the pool with alarming speed and so far, I see no one who is willing to put their finger in the dike. But the fact is that a couple of “no dog in the hunt” attorneys, who were truly working pro bono, could have worked this out in a matter of hours. No, the retirees would not have gotten 100% right here right now, but that isn’t going to happen anyway. And yeah, I can post a general plan, but again, it will not be a 100% right here, right now plan.

    Again, good luck to the retirees – you will need all the luck you can beg or borrow. And again, if I were getting the screwing you are getting, along with the picketing I’d be calling Greg Davis (the USA over south MS) – no, not his office, HIM on a regular basis – he is from what I know a sharp, smart, decent small-town MS guy (but on a personal note, the protests at Dogan and Wilkinson are also highly appropriate, and from certain perspectives, funny as all hell – those assholes are reaping what they have sown).

    PRO-TIP – Dogan and Wilkinson have yet again ***pay attention: brought the bar and the profession into disrepute and their conduct, along with that of certain judges, has caused the public to lose confidence in the neutrality of the judicial process. The conduct in question is in direct conflict with both the Code of Judicial Conduct as well as canons of professional ethics. Just a thought, but if enough complaints to the Mississippi Bar, as well as the Commission on Judicial Performance (both almost useless, but…), and the press, were filed, who knows what might happen?

  6. Damn – I didn’t realize it was so long. But give it a read if you have time. And again, best of luck to the retirees.

  7. Nunn:
    Always enjoy readin’ your straight talkin’, non-PC appreciation of current political cronyism especially your Nicknames i.e. “Can’t Keep His Dick In Right Hole”(CKHDIRH).

    CKHDIRH reminds me of dat weekend game played by drunk footballin’ tailgaters where you aim to fly yo’ bag into dat certain elusive but most rewarding slotted hole. He,he,he

  8. Mr. Nunn….
    Thank you for the wonderful, truthful, post. How true it all is!!! Especially about Fata$$ being the ring leader. He needs to be tarred and feathered and sent to Texas to live with his other drunken boy pal at his ranch. His name is mud here in Mississippi (except by those who he has bought and paid for). But he will have to answer for that….one way or the other.
    I love honest bloggers who pull no punches and don’t worry about political correctness. People complain about what O’Bama has done. Tell me what is any worse than what the Republican clan and Fata$$ has done to the people of this State??? They turned on their own republican brother – Trent Lott….is that what Ronald Reagan preached??? I think not.
    So rave on brother – tell it all!!!!!

  9. So now that McKay and Mangum has bit the dust, someone is still pulling strings. No PUBLIC COMMENTS at the Jackson County Board of Supervisory Meeting today. I guess they will end the year going behind closed doors to do business. Isn’t that what they do anyway? But with so many lies Troy Ross has spent, they will bite him in the butt in the long run. Does he have enough sense to keep his stories straight?

    Nunn, we all know ‘Fat So’ Barbour is pulling the strings state wide and ‘ole lap dog’ Bryant is following behind him picking up the feces.

  10. Slabbed People–My other half told me about this story printed in the paper today and figured I would share it in case some may have missed it. I have no idea if Ms. Lee or other SH people get on Slabbed or look at it but I think it should be known if the DMR withheld records from its final release. If so, what records? I can tell you from personal experience that the DMR investigation and the OSA auditors should be investigated themselves by the Federal Government. These people are dirty with a capital D.


    1. Just read this post Mr. Examiner –
      And what is printed in the article that you referenced is nothing new to all of us here at slabbed. Pickering has done as he damn well pleased since he has been in office, since he is “key” to keeping the $$ game going. I have been told that he is a close relative to Thad Cochran??? And that the “good ole boys” circle the wagons around him – not only to protect him – but also to protect themselves, because he covers their butts and has in the past (as displayed by the DMR document heist). So, until the Federal Government steps in and gets rid of Fat=a$$ and his group of thugs that he has put into place, we are screwed. I think they all deserve nice cells in a STATE prison…in Illinois.

  11. I’m not sure if this is true, but a rumor is going around certain circles (that I will not identify) that the son of Mark Lumpkin, still of counsel with, and former partner of, Jim Reeves (of what is now Reeves and Mesteyer and was Lumpkin and Reeves) who is repping some of the SRHS retirees), was found drunk/stoned swimming in the Ocean Springs harbor in the middle of the night and he got to harbor in a stolen car.

    While I don’t know if it is true, I wouldn’t say I’d be surprised if it is true, given the past antics of both of the Lumpkins, Reeves, various Mesteyers and others in this same pack. And this is the pack of folks that SRHS retirees and the taxpayers of Jackson County have looking after their interests. Again, best of luck to you all – you will desperately need it.

  12. From Dougs tweet to Pickering and Bryant:

    Slabbed New Media @SlabbedNewMedia

    “I guess a D is better than an F, but I wonder how bad it has to be to get an F.”

    I would be willing to bet in reality it is an F based on what could be hidden from the public. And I think it’s only fair to assume they probably have a “truck load” of it. The grade of a D is only assigned based of what is known. 😉

  13. From the short wire at DMR they are back to their old tricks. I have heard from a local businessman that he bid on a boat contract form the DMR and was undercut by Mr. Dial because Dial was leaked information from the Tidelands office. He was given confidential information so he could underbid everyone else. And to top it all off this person has no boat repair experience and towed the boat to David Harris Jr. boatyard up Ft. Bayou next door to Judy Steckler and the Land Trust. How is that for transparency? Joe Cloyd is wrapped up in this. Trust me Joe Cloyd is making easy payments on that big Boston Whaler with an indirect paycheck from the DMR. They got smarter what can you say.

    1. PP,

      I am sure you know that the Tidelands office and/or anyone that Miller has brought on board is highly questionable and should not be trusted to say the least. As for the doughnut eater, the only thing I can envision is an image of a plump chipmunk with its cheeks stuffed full of goodies. 😉 It’s amazing that she has actually survived this long and they have to keep her hidden from public view. But what do you expect—its Mississippi State government and Miller is running the department.

    2. WHY is David Harris, Jr. allowed to do anything at the DMR??? His family should not even be allowed to have any associations at that Agency after the past scandal from his family. This is an outrage!!! Someone needs to have a picketing party at the DMR. Looks like old McKay is still in control down there imo. Are any of those people out there who picketed Joe Cloyd’s place that time???? Some attention needs to be drawn to this. We need help!!!! Fat-a$$ is still sneaking $$ out the back door.

  14. It is my opinion that Miller has some serious bones in his closet along with his buddy, Puh-la$$0. They both had better pray at their Church of the Donut Eaters, that S.H. Anthony doesn’t sing; but I’m afraid it is too late for that! Oops, did I let the cat out of the bag???

  15. Charlene,

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I agree and support your opinion. I think its clear that Miller was selected for that position due to his political connections within the regime. I would love to have the opportunity to meet his wife in person just to ask her a few questions–then observe her reactions. 😉

  16. I’m sure that you could tell her things that she is unaware of Eye. She appears to be a “traditional” wife in the sense that whatever her husband tells her to do, she will do it without question and keep her mouth shut. She is not able to have a mind of her own.
    Generally those types are uneducated, introverted, poor, backwoods country individuals who were beaten down all of their lives and their mothers were always “barefoot and pregnant”. And the best thing that ever happened to her is – you guessed it —>> Miller time!!! So sad, but probably hits the nail on the head in this case. My favorite word for an individual such as she is: sheeple.

    Definition of sheeple: Individual who follows and does whatever order their master tells them to do, without questioning the monitary, moral, or any other significant consequense to themselves and/or others. This individual blindly “follows the leader” and does not use the mind that God gave them.

    And as we all know, that is how the radical republican regime like their women. Beaten down and mute. In my opinion, intelligent women are a threat to their “masculinity” (as if they ever had any). And they always have to have someone or somehting that subserviant to them – whether it be women, slaves, or other weak men. It is how they “enjoy life”.

    So, maybe you should pay the little lady a visit. You might be able to enlighten her about the REAL person she is married to. But don’t be surprised if she won’t listen. Miller is famous for trying to shut the public up, but I understand it isn’t working too well for him right about now!!!

  17. The Donut Eater is too busy watching her LSU tigers lose to do any meaningful work at least that’s what the Information Network is telling me. Her work ethic is too eat donuts all day and pass the buck to the IT department, I hear she don’t miss many food event followed by the Cake Eater down the hall. The chatter over here is that the Tidelands Office gave out inside information to a connected Republican contractor with no experience but with connections to Joe Cloyd to gain access to more funds. I heard this from a businessman down at OS Harbor the other night. This businessman was quite familiar with David Harris and Bill Walker. Seems Jamie talks a big mouth full but the lips just flap, no substance. Just hollow words to keep the public drones satisfied all the while he learnt from Walker’s mistakes and is as sneaky as they get. I am hearing that there is a public information request is oming soon. My guess is the Sun Herald should be careful most of the records have already been shredded by Bill Feidt and that is the excuse that will be given. Anything else will be redirected by the common tactic that I gave you “just what you asked for.” Nothing more nothing less. General Spraggins is claiming overtime covering the Tidelands Office obvious illegal Ann Landers advice to the “Winning” contractor. Gottta love those Christian God fearing Republicans, all their sins have been wiped clean this morning and they will show up tomorrow morning ready to rob the tax payers with a clear heart and renewed spirit.

    1. PP
      I thought that Bill Feidt had jumped ship and moved to Florida?? Or was that a dream??? I know he can’t get another job with Bernie Madoff; and I heard that his mother over on the west side was pretty miffed about people picking on her son. Those ole “Christian” republicans are that way about their litters you know.
      It is my opinion that Bill Feidt and the General have bitten off more than they can chew and realize it at this point. That entire radical regime from Puhl-a$$o to Fat-a$$ and on down the line know that the dominoes are about to fall. They are going to have to find another State to run and hide in. I think Mississippi and the Federal Government all see the light now – and – they have no where to run or hide. They are not as smart as they thought they were – really just poor planners and managers. Even ole Fatso is just a mediocre salesman, although the radical regime continues to brag on him and sing his accolades. They are only fooling themselves….everyone has his number and theirs too.
      Maybe some of them can bunk with Snotty Toddy and Bill Walker?? Oh, better yet, maybe we can all house them at the Church of Donut Eaters out on the highway????? I sure wouldn’t want to be the Pastor of that flock!! It is a bad reflection on the Pastor and the Church too.

  18. Well I do appreciate the humor. One must keep the giggle factor engaged when dealing with the loony toons at the DMR. I have heard that Bill Feidt was instrumental in having all old record destroyed before he left. Especially those that were involved with Judge Snuggles and the Sun Herald. The premise being that they would not be aware that he acted so deeply or thoroughly. Devastating loss of convenience. Funning how all that is working in favor of the DMR now. So David Harris is still the favored benefactor of the DMR and Joe Cloyd and Mr. Dial. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if they could pick a Republican operative that knew a damn thing about the coast. But the newest post from the DMR is that Jamie’s wife has lost her job and Jamie is forcing the DMR employees to go to twice a month pay. I am being told the DMR employees are all bent out of shape because families and children are being impacted so the well paid staff on the sixth floor can get access to the big paychecks quickly. Meantime the employees are being stiffed with switch fees for changing automatic payments and monthly mortgage payments. Children and families are suffering but hey who cares Jamie wants his money now.

  19. Yes, that is the way the radical republican regime rolls PP. They don’t care who they walk on, who they kill, what family they ruin, or any other CHRISTIAN thing that they CLAIM to care about – just as long as they can keep themselves afloat living the entitled lifestyle.
    I would love to see Obama release some dogs loose on them. And now, Philly is using OUR troops (that is why he and Fat-a$$ have been catering to all enforcement and military personnel for so long) to protect THEIR asses. The average citizen of this State does not have a dog in their political hunt. But you can believe that they are all shaking in their boots up in Jackson, or where ever else they are hiding out these days. Hope they all get what is coming to them.
    Now where will Jamie’s poor wife find a job now??? I’m sure he will MAKE her a place somewhere. Shouldn’t be too hard for PUH-la$$o to do because you know what a big dog he is in Washington (wink, wink – what a laugh). And please explain to me how State employees can be paid twice a month?? Are all State employees paid twice a month, or only the DMR?? If so, how is that possible?? Or for that matter, how is anything that they do down there at that Agency legally possible???
    Oh, I forgot, Pickering the Rat is covering their backs.

  20. Charlene,
    Isn’t the current Attorney General a democrat; doesn’t he have some authority in these issues? Just wondering why you believe that the republican party as a whole is to be held accountable for what is happening throughout the state. Trust me…when it comes to corrupt politicos, party loyalty has no bearing. Epps, Bay Saint Louis, etc., the list goes on and on. The common thread is political power and access to our $$$, with no transparency and accountability. If we all concentrated on more than political parties and religious hypocrisy, especially at the voting booth; we might get things fixed in Mississippi. I agree with a lot of things you post, but, by labeling a whole group of people, bashing on a woman you specifically said you do not know and throwing religion-bashing comments in with it…you are not going to gain any respect from people who might be willing to help oust these criminals. I want it as bad as you do, but, not in the “Castro-style” direction led by the opposing team. People, Rs and Ds, Christians, Atheists, etc. are affected equally by these thugs and that needs to be the common ground that fuels the fire to burn down the regime. Maybe you don’t want to enlighten people, maybe your intent is to be anti-republican, anti-Christian and nothing more? My two cents are free and may not be worth that.

    1. Jay,

      In Charlene’s defense, I know she comes on strong (as I do myself) but I always view her comments as “general” which are based on statistical probability when she speaks of individuals or a group of individuals. I know its quirky but for the most part it holds true 80% of the time.

      The biggest concerns that revolve around the DMR and DMR associated personnel is the fact that the vast majority acquire jobs or contracts due to political connections–mainly connections from the Radical Republican Regime of Socialists of Mississippi (RRRSM)

      For example, look at how many positions at the DMR that have been filled without being advertised for some “strange reason.” That is not a problem with Hood (the Democrat) but it should be a problem with DMR HR. By the way, good luck getting any solid answers from that avenue. 😉

      With respect to religion, I see why Charlene slips in comments here and there because the DMR has developed that reputation under its current “failure-ship” that it caters to certain church affiliations. I have made comments about that before and have actually supplied information about religious discrimination but either nobody has the balls to do anything, or its not really happening.

      All in all, I believe first hand that the DMR, it’s HR department and director could be annihilated in court on various conditions of employment and employment practices-IMHO. However, this all is dependent on someone filing a charge and engaging witnesses. I am afraid to say, but I get the impression that none of this will happen because most are tired and don’t want to fight. They want to move on and forget everything about that place. It just sucks that we have multiple people who have been taking their own lives along the way. Hell, we just had another one a few months ago. But, I guess a dead man can’t talk, can they?

    2. I want to sincerely apologize if I have misrepresented my intentions or ideas in any way Mr. Johnson, and I appreciate your critique of what you think I was relaying; however, I feel that it might be beneficial if I lay the cards on the table so that you can clearly see what I am trying to portray.
      1. The DMR is the same today (or worse) as it was when the original scandal began. Only players have been replaced and good, loyal, pulic servant employees fired for no reason whatsoever other than OUR legislature allowed Jamie Miller to do this so the “fun” could continue uninterrupted, and so the MS State Personnel Board (who was supposed to protect these employees) stood by and watched.
      2. Jim Hood is a lone soldier against these people. What can he do?? No more than you or I at the voting booths. I personally do not feel that he is involved in this mess; but I am open to any proof that he is.
      3. I romp on our Republican party (of which I USED to be a card carrier), because they will not, or have not policed their own. They know who they are and could bring a halt to this if they wanted to. Or in the least, they could do what is right and expose them. All of my talking to them was in vain. They have kept silent while thieves, murders, and con-men carry on in their organization. So, I left the party.
      4. I am a Christian. I romp on the church they “attend” (I believe control), because this body allows them to meet there and multiply like maggots. I am not convinced that they are Chrisians; because Christians walk the walk, not just talk the talk. There is no way that any pastor of an organized church body, would not be aware of what his flock is into. If he is, he does not need to be preaching and doing nothing about it, then he, too, is part of the problem, because he is failing miserably as a pastor.
      5. The lady I romp on, that I do not know, happens to be married to a thug-in-chief of Puh-la$$o, who is in the top echelon of the situation of which we speak. Nothing personal towards her, just saying that she is a down-beaten wife. And finally, this leads all the way back to Texas.
      6. The “Castro-Style” that you refer to is because we are all frustrated. Believe me, elections are being stolen – not won; and many Madoff people are involved in this since they have no one to fleece right now and are sucking up money any way they can – example: Bill Feidt. When his name began to pop up time and time again, he flew the coop while the flying was good. When you tell people the unbelievable truth on this matter, they look at you like you are crazy, because it is hard to believe! Believe me, you can’t make this crap up!!!
      7. Thanks Eye for trying to explain to Mr. Johnson.

      And finally, if I have offended you in any way Mr. Johnson, it is not intentional. I have tried to encourage our voters to get out and vote, but I don’t think that will even help. The only thing that can help us, at this point, is a complete awakening of the people of Mississippi and revolution to throw the thugs out of our State. Bryant wants to run all of the outsiders from this State, so let’s do it. Run the garbage that has slithered in here after Hurricane Katrina (carpetbaggers) to take advantage of us, back to their own States. Believe me, there are lots of them.
      Hope I have explained how I feel Mr. Johnson – and you, Sir, have a great day! Meanwhile, I am late for work.

  21. Well, Eye/Charlene, you have explained your comments and thought process behind them very clearly; and I am definitely more understanding of your viewpoint. As I said before and it holds true with your recent post, I agree with an overwhelming majority of what you say and believe. I hope I did not portray a defensive position, because I cannot defend anyone that you speak of, just hoping your tone doesn’t scare away some who ride the fence of forgetting what they have been told and seeing what is really happening for themselves. I know the system is flawed, I know that the “good ole boy” club exists across Mississippi and it is definitely not limited to the DMR. I have worked for, and as a contractor to, the government most of my life. That being said, almost any of the occurrences that have happened in this debacle, would have been an automatic termination and/or lawsuit if they happened in any of the establishments I have worked in. At my current location, government employees and officials get terminated for very, very small incidents. Across the state, these people need to be held accountable for their conduct, their responsibilities, and ultimately, for being qualified to hold the position that they occupy. Mississippi has an infection of people who hold jobs that they are not qualified to perform, which directly affects the citizens. I don’t know if elections are sufficient enough anymore to cure this infection. I honestly believe that we have to act beyond that to ensure we have the right people in control of our state and local agencies. People are just tired….but, there is not an avenue to seek timely gratification, so, it is hard to organize a cohesive movement to make change. I hope it happens, I hope enough people like US (yes, I include myself with people like you, lol) finally get enough of the BS and act on it.

      1. Everyone who is interested in putting a stop to political corruption on the Coast needs to go to the site that Doug has listed here and sign up the Coastal cities and help spread the word.
        Could use some help here Eye, Jay, Point Park, and others. We have to start some where. Where is the Snake Nation people when you need them??? How about it guys?? Any help out there??? Spread the word….every one go to this site; read entire article, and sign up if you want the coastal cities to be cleaned up. Thanks!!!

    1. This is the initiative Barksdale should have funded this past election instead of MAEP. Fix the corruption and a whole host of other problems will clear up by default.

  22. I have equal distain for those that abuse their elected positions, my disproportionate acrimony towards Republicans is simple because they hold the vast majority of public offices and continually gain more despite more public abuse of tax payers money. An I too am a Christian but unlike Jamie Miller and Joe Spraggins I don’t hold myself above the right of faith. Jamie and Keith Davis along with the current Governor held a sanctioned Marine Patrol ceremony at his private Baptist Gulfport church. Jamie also required all public attendees to bow and recite a Catholic prayer at a CMR meeting. There has long been rumors of DMR staff conducting religious ceremonies on public property on public time. The Donut eater held a public meeting on the disaster grant at her private church in Long Beach. Got to spread those public tax payers money around. Spraggins held a Breakfast prayer ceremony at a local coffee shop with Marine Patrol officers in tow. So much for the constitution and the separation of church and state. That is only at state on convenience at the DMR. And I don’t have a lot of good things to say about that thug Jim Hood. He stood by and did nothing while the DMR imploded and Rat Pickering and his henchmen provided cover for the Republican DMR connected at the expense of mainstream DMR employees. Thug then and a thug now. So I hope your are saying a good solution that everybody would be on board with would be to have term limits for all elected officials, because if does not matter who is elected the system corrupts and corrupts thoroughly. As for the current Tidelands scandal that is being swept under the rug, I would suppose everyone would be Ok with firing Slater and baring Mr. Dial?

  23. I do want to point out most of my previous post was either previously posted or commented on except the disaster grant. I attended that event. I was told at that time Ms. Scallon had rented the church for that purpose. I don’t have much faith the fishermen are going to get any of this money. I am being told a lot has already been spent on extravagant travel and food. I don’t have proof of this but my source is very reliable, a fisherman. So if Karen Nelson or Anita Lee is reading I suggest you do a information request and specifically ask for a expense accounting to the Bonnet Carre Disaster Grant. It is public information and the public has a right to know how those dollars are being spent.

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