These Periscope broadcasts of the Bay City Council…..

Are becoming quite popular. For me the highlight of the night was when Mayor Fillingame told the council the supplemental bond agreement that he signed promising to segregate and deposit the $13/month water and sewer surcharge into a dedicated debt service account “is more your” (the city council’s) “agreement than it is mine”.

Meantime folks I reckon that surcharge everyone, most everyone pays the politicians promised would be used exclusively for debt service was really a back door tax increase so hare brained schemes like that free trolley no one rides could be funded. The people that live here are only schmucks after all that deserve to be parted from their money in such a way. Maybe Councilwoman Macdonald can propose a taxpayer funded program to help the ‘les’ fortunate because as it turns out most of the agreements that the Mayor signs do not apply to the executive office evidently, only the rest of us that actually pay the freight.

If I were to file a writ on mandamus it would center in on the Mayor’s use of dedicated funding sources for operating cash flow just like this diversion of the surcharge.

Stay tuned.

14 thoughts on “These Periscope broadcasts of the Bay City Council…..”

  1. The mayor does not respect contracts, council resolutions, city ordinances or State Law. He is fundamentally corrupt. He is a Prima Donna, pathological fibber that actually believes his lies to the point he continuously says them in front of the voting public, the media, the City Council and the Counselor weekly and always proven and documented as lies.

    Mr. Boudin was being politically correct when he said he has created a relationship of mistrust! Wow, is that putting it lightly!

    The savings on the Council Chambers is as big of a whopper as he has ever told. The Maintenance barn in the back is on the same electric, water, sewer and insurance bill as the council chambers. Not to mention the leaking faucets that run continuously in the rest room that maintenance personnel use.

    What about insurance claims and reimbursements being used to supplement his spending habits? Missing cash from the rental properties, payroll mismanagement just to scratch the surface.

    The Council is now getting a grip on him. He put himself in the penalty box now they need a baby sitter the next year and a half to watch him!

    Keep up the good work council! He will go down swinging and Wendy and Bobby will slip back in his corner if possible!

  2. I am interested in these videos. Thank you for posting. I came here because I used to follow you to keep up with the school board shenanigans but all of a sudden you got quiet and quit writing anything. Did the Artigues, Nicauds and Rigbys get to you? Did the school board get you? What happened? I thought you would take care of business and stay in the loop.

    1. The reason Doug doesn’t cover BSL as much as he used to is because he just about begged for people from the area to donate to Slabbed & nobody did. I think he’s covering it now because he can’t stand to be away….. it’s better than General Hospital!

    2. Slabbed unraveled the whole deal for the most part except for answering two questions:

      1. How the money was split on the back end.
      2. Was this whole deal orchestrated from Bay City Hall.

      The civil litigation settled right before what I’d term a key deposition so we are likely to never know. That said there is evidence that strongly suggests the answer to #2 is yes.

      Since the Bay Tech deal went down Waveland voters have now replaced both of their trustees with one going down to electoral defeat and the other wisely heeding the handwriting on the wall declining to run.

      I’m not going to go into the reasons why the whole saga was not an easy topic to report but I put a lot of forethought into the whole thing before Slabbed published the first post on the topic. It would not have been any easier even if I had known back then about the political change which the series here served as a catalyst.

      The bad news is when it comes to transparency and the BWSD is the fight is just beginning.

  3. Windy, Bobby, Jeff are in his corner ALWAYS. Doug floats in and out.
    They all need to go. The election is approaching : BSL needs quality candidates. Who are they?

  4. My goodness, Doug, did you use that nasty word “diversion” while speaking about the Mayor?!! Keep a civil tongue in your mouth!!
    This whole scenario with the elected officials in the Bay has become a situation that those of us who are parents can really relate to.
    It is when you have a rogue adolescent who is fighting for all they are worth to keep from having to go by any rules you may have to impose on him to keep him safe and legal until he becomes “of age.”
    The Council has finally (with the exception of McDonald) looked this sassy kid (Les) in the face and told him he will go by the rules (him and his friends) because you are not going to be labeled a lazy parent. Yep, that’s where they are. And boy he doesn’t like it saying things like the bank agreement is mores yours than mine—mindset of a teen–“those are your rules, not mine!”
    My favorite display last night was Joan Coleman again. She’s the gift that keeps on giving. She was highly insulted at something she claims Councilman Boudin said. I missed it. But, she never took the podium to express her outrage that the $13 surcharge on her utility bill is missing nor to ask where it was all the while Boudin and Falgout are hammering the Mayor and his new bookkeeper for answers. Now that is an insult, Mrs. Coleman. For someone to take part of your utility bill and do whatever he wants with it rather than the purpose for which it was levied against you. There comes that nasty old word again—diversion!!!
    But you had to love the guy who was worried about them having too many light bulbs in the Council Chambers. Where has that genius been hiding for six years????????
    Like I said last night for those of us who have followed this financial disaster for six years, it really gets a little boring having to hear from people who have never bothered to attend a meeting and who have no clue what the hell is going on rant about light bulbs and who said something ugly to them.
    Council, stick to your guns, be the adult in the room and don’t be intimidated by that “Dancing With the Stars” mentality.

  5. Biggest Question……Is his legal defense to be deemed incompetent to stand trial? Is this an act or is he just plan incompetent?

  6. I am sure everyone who attended the meeting last night heard the Mayor tell me that the 2013-2014 Audit would be on the website today on pdf so the public could read it and print their own copies at home.
    Do I need to tell you that did not happen. Well, he has until next Tuesday to comply with my Public Records Request for the Audit and that is his deadline. Deadlines are not his strong point, but waiting is not one of my virtues either.
    Concerned Parent, don’t think we have abandoned our coverage of the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District. Let me just say to you to keep January-2016 in mind!!!!!!

  7. Maybe its time a group put together a few dollars and sue all of them for failing there jobs. I have filed out plenty of complaints with the auditor, and ethics clowns yet received no response… Maybe the courts will react.

  8. Poolman,
    Take the lead from Waveland and just take care of business at the polls in 18 months. If we could do it, the voters in the Bay should be able to.

  9. What a real piece of Cr_ _ our mayor is. Is this man insane? To make a public statement that he does not have to follow the rules the council has voted on. How is he still walking around and not in prison. Where is our State Government to prosecute this obnoxious person ?

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