A Place Apart: A Meltdown in Super slow Mo….

There are again rumors swirling about regarding more major transparency problems at Bay City Hall to go with a local business being harassed earlier this week by city employee Jerry Beaugez, who slapped a C&D on an eatery that was repairing an awing after this past week’s major rain event.

Contrary to what Hizzoner and his advisers must be thinking, dragging this out and retaliating against businesses owned by people that he perceives as his critics will make things even worse over time, not better as does stonewalling Public Records Requests.

Lana Noonan reported to Slabbed New Media after last night’s workshop that Mayor Fillingame’s major reason for moving the City Council Chambers is that “information is flowing out of the Council Chambers and that has to stop”. The arrogance is astounding.

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  1. WOW! He is desperate and out of touch. All information today is done by electronic means. Try to control that and you can control the world! LOL He stated defiantly that he is is The CEO of this City…..

    That is the problem. It is a basic fact that the lowest standard of the boss will become the highest standard for everyone else. If you lie and deceive, cheat the pay roll for someone, mismanage, point fingers etc… That will become an acceptable standard for everyone! That is a proven fact in business. Les works on the Dictator Theory….Threatens jobs and security of his underlings and continues his path of no leadership.

    Fact: His supporters are becoming fewer and fewer. He is just going down swinging!

    1. People are getting hip to the audit and I could not be more pleased.

      Political turmoil engulfs Bay St. Louis ~ Doug Walker

      An audit and the problems it reveals is not a “political controversy” or “political turmoil” unless the Chief Executive refuses to fix the problems that have been identified. There is no political compromise to be found in an administration thinks state law is a mere suggestion and bills don’t get paid on time running sometimes a year plus late.

      Rather, it is a situation where either you are doing your job or not.

      The commenters to Walker’s story understand this, I’m not sure WLOX does based on that report.

  2. Jerry The Cherry—He was run off by a previous BSL Police Chief as well as The County and low and behold Les hires him to a key City Position.

    Lack of Leadership and lack of surrounding himself with good and qualified key people has been his demise from the get go. He was beholden to too many people and his personality requires puppets. They are puppets because he employs them in positions they cannot get or qualify for anywhere else except in “The Big Rock Candy Mountain”.

    They have to compromise their personal integrity to the point they are culpable in his debacles.

    Les is the text book example of failure to lead.

  3. It is called Institutional Lack of Control leading to Institutional Incompetence!

    Institutionaly he is a disaster!

    He is a poster child for incompetence and lack of integrity!

  4. Holy Information Leak Batman,

    What, FillingBSgame thinks the walls are bugged ? Paranoia has taken over the dictator’s mind. Will he commit suicide in his bunker?

    Rock-a-chaw story: My deacon, 82 years old, claims that when he was on the Rock-a-chaws’ football team he got a few Rockachaws in his butt when he scored his TDs. With today’s selective herbicides do Rockachaws still exist on the football field?

  5. I hope We paid our MML Workers Comp this term…… I heard Jerry the Cherry has a nasty gash on top his head from working under HisAssHolieness’s desk! Busted I heard!

  6. Paying Attention you are hilarious.!!!
    There is an old political saying “if you can’t help your friends who can you help?” Les has taken this phrase and helped too many of his friends in hiring positions in BSL. Friends are not always best suited as employees in his administration. I think he put their names in a hat and drew to pick their spots. It is obvious they were not put their for their skills.
    The building department again needs guidance on what the difference is on certain construction jobs. Whether a permit is actually needed or not. I guess when in doubt, just make them pay and permit. Don’t bother to find out if this is the proper procedure.

  7. Amazing that the city makes the same mistakes over and over again. With the current audit not being complete and the finding not addressed, what will this years audit reveal?

  8. If someone done give me Les’ address I’m willing to send him 4 pounds of Blue Runner red beans and a “photocopy” of Paying Attention’s scientific health post bout how Les should bees smellin’ his own home cooked farts for good health and smarts.

    Pursonal Note to Les’ health: Don’t soak dem beans overnight nor done add bakin’ soda but do add two shakes of dat ole’ BSFillingame Seasoning for dat full hydrogen sulfate scent !

    Deep nasal inhales Les’ keepin’ yo’ mouth closed – dat bees good bro’- yo’ gonna live forever in dat solitary federal cell awaiting yo’ arrival.

  9. http://www.sunherald.com/news/local/counties/hancock-county/article42110799.html
    Great Article. Let only hope this could be another nail in the coffin for our Leaders. And the Police Chief gets caught up on relying what Lyin Less tells him. You know Less will throw him under the bus like he does everyone else. Poor Poor Pitiful Less…
    He didn’t know the law changed. “Ignorance is not a defense”
    I guess with all of his stupidity he didn’t learn to read either. Maybe when signing those documents he relied on his ” attorney”. Watch out Donald the Bus is about to hit you too!!

  10. Speaking melt downs of another type, the state of Mississippi is on the verge of continuing on with its own melt down if the citizens keep voting for the regime or choose not to vote at all

    The Sun Herald has a story in today’s paper predicting a low voter turnout.

    To make matters worse, they havnt even posted a story against Pickering for the issues he has caused the tax payers of Mississippi and the Sun Herald itself. For what odd reasons I do not know and I remain skeptical as the election is just a few days away. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong and I am not talking of a simple story reporting Pickering’s campaign funding fiasco.

    Who really knows what the true reason is. Perhaps the paper is being quite on the Auditors race because the vision of “Wholesome CONservative Mississippi Family Values with their “upper crust” do not quite line up with Joce Pritchett’s. Or, perhaps the SH is waiting to launch the story on Monday or Tuesday morning.

    We will see.

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