An early Easter Egg for Charlene…..

Hurricane Warning Flags

Slabbed is not quite ready to declare and hoist the Hurricane Warning flags but there has been a discernible increase in chatter related to the MDOC scandal that began on a low level in June after former MDOC Commish Chris Epps’ sentencing was delayed indefinitely steadily increasing since.  I’ve mentioned this once before though I’m not predicting anything but the MDOC scandal has the potential to greatly exceed Operation Pretense in its scope and breadth. On a timeline the Epps sentencing postponement happened in June and by that time, I had received a tip that the FBI was significantly ramping up its manpower resources in Jackson. By mid-August indictments related to MDOC were unsealed against Irb Benjamin and Sam Waggoner. Here is the salient verbiage from the US Attorney Press Release that is generating some of the chatter:

Waggoner was charged by Criminal Information with one count of bribery related to his payments of bribes and kickbacks to Epps from sometime in 2012 until at least August 26, 2014. According to the Criminal Information, Waggoner was a consultant for Global Tel-Link (GTL), which provided telephone services at MDOC facilities. The Criminal Information cites two specific instances in 2014 where Waggoner paid Epps kickbacks from money Waggoner received from GTL as a consultant.

The use of local CONsultants (aka Buffers) by the business community as a conduit for bribery schemes to get government business is nothing new folks. And when you couple the doings in Jackson with Sean Anthony’s sentence being delayed twice in successive months (September delay linkOctober delay link) with Anthony’s sentencing essentially postponed indefinitely one is very safe in assuming there is much more to come as rumors continue to swirl surrounding Anthony’s former company and a former state wide public official.

I guess all this is long winded way of saying the Feds are not done poking around in local doings including the construction of the recently named Jackson County Jail which according to water cooler talk in the investigative community has the FBI looking closely at an elected official along with one of the jail’s contractors.

None of this will completely unfold by the end of the year but the my crystal ball tells me the odds are very good we will see additional news hit the cycle on at least one of the three items mentioned above before year end.

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  1. The feds are looking at one supervisor and one contractor? I would assume if they are doing their jobs, they would be looking at ALL the Jackson County Board of Supervisors. Can you find an honest one serving on the board at present?

    Where were they yesterday during the hearing in Jackson? Did they see the light? Or were they just too busy thinking of ways to enrich themselves and the people involved in the SRHS scheme of things? When all is said and done, the lawyers will get rich, Anderson, Inc. will not be charged, and the retirees will be screwed. Justice? I don’t think so!

  2. I had one rough day today! I am so glad to be relaxing and reading slabbed!
    I think you should rename this article Doug. Instead of egg, it should read “Big bag of crap about to hit the fan”. Because that is what is going to happen….the FEDS are just methodically slow so that they can dot their i’s and cross their t’s.
    I agree that it will still be a bit before it all starts unrolling for all to see, and it won’t be soon enough for me. I only regret that so many will slide through the cracks; ones that need to go and serve prison time and pay restitution. But I understand that they are after the big dog…arf! arf! He boasted and ran his mouth so much and he must have really made someone mad. Maybe that will teach him to watch who he’s tromping on. Can’t wait until the fun starts.
    Like I done told ya before….pull you up a chair, grab you a yahoo or drink of some sort, and get you a treat to enjoy while the fireworks start. I’m sure that there are some (won’t name names) at the DMR who are wearing Depends to work on a daily basis and praying that they can slip out of the net. So sorry.

  3. And P. S.
    I hope to see all of the DMR “Christians” in the pews at the Baptist church on the Highway in Gulfport this Sunday. They need to be on their knees praying that they can come out of all of this unscathed and pray for forgiveness for all of the wrongs they have bestowed upon their fellow man. I’ll be watching.

    1. Charlene

      Your nothing short of a true legend. A statewide public official? Hmmmm. I wonder who that could be? Since it’s all going down around Mutha Fukin’ G-Port I only have one “statewide type” in mind.

  4. Factoid or a DOC related storm flag?

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans are sentenced to probation with private companies every year by well over 1,000 courts across the U.S. In Georgia, a state of less than 10 million people, 648 courts assigned more than 250,000 cases to private probation companies in 2012. In Tennessee, probation companies supervised a minimum of 50,000 offenders that year, and probably at least 80,000. Probation companies in Alabama work with well over 100 courts across the state. And in Mississippi, leading firm Judicial Correction Services expanded aggressively into new markets in the Mississippi Delta region, including some of the poorest counties in the country, before abruptly pulling out of the state altogether in December 2013.

    The whole enchilada here.

    There was a recent filing in a matter concerning Biloxi. The actual filing does mention a certain corporation..

    Bonus. Answer or question: What is a retroactive contract?

  5. rfp, this is a very interesting post. It is right in line with the continues milking of the Taxpayers of this State by the Raging Rabid Rogue Republican group that is controlled from Texas and operated by the elected officals of this State and designees of the same. There is no hope for change unless the people of this State (1) get out and vote, (2) vote out all incumbents and republicans associated with the current regime, and (3) grow some balls.
    No sense in whinning if you aren’t willing to get off your arse and do something about it. That is why nothing has changed so far – no one wants to do anything about it. How hard is it to go vote??? It is our responsibility to vote. How many are shrugging their responsibilities???
    As I have stated before – go vote the trash out. Or shut up and keep the status quo. The people in Jackson county had enough of John McKay and you see what happened there. The people in Cumbest’s district are idiots evidently, because they kept him (or else they are all kin to him?). Don’t know about the other supervisors, but I do know that we can turn this State around if we all get out and vote this trash out.
    You can see how afraid the regime is about addendum #42. They are afraid they will have to follow the laws that they made. Drastic times call for drastic actions. They have no one to blame but themselves. Sit back, grab a cola and some popcorn….I’m with Doug!

    1. It’s seems most of the probation action is happening right out our own front door–in the dirty South.

      No doubt the regime is against #42. God forbid wanting to improve our educational system.

  6. Yep, I saw all the ‘big dogs’ on TV this week claiming how terrible it would be to vote for #42. And Governor Bryant praising his wife to high heaven. If she is that good, maybe she should have run for governor? Those Republicans want Mississippi to remain #50 in the nation for the most uneducated people. And we people in south Mississippi follow the leader and reelect the same crooked, inept politicians. We just got lucky by getting rid of egotistical McKay.

    1. Eye, I have been studying up on Joce Prichett and I like what I’ve found. She appears to be the real deal and very well respected. I believe she will get my bloc vote. I am on the move to get her all of the votes that I can muster. Hope all of Mississippi does the same. We need a break. It is time for a change. After all, he was “pushed” into office by Fat-a$$ if you recall, so it is time for us to give him a push out!!!

      1. What do you mean by being “pushed into office”. I can see something like that happening within the Baath Party in Iraq or within some rogue Islamic group.

        Oh wait. The fundamentals and mentality are similar to those involved with the Radical Republican Regime of Socialists of Mississppi. RRRSM. They just happen to believe in a different God.

        1. You are so funny Eye! And you are right. It was the R3S’s that backed him all the way. The good old boys don’t want their cushy “way of life” to change; which includes continued arrogance, robbing from the Taxpayers, special interests, money on the side from lobbyists, free rides, and free everything else!!! (not to be confused with additional perks like wine, women and song!!) Whatever would they do if we put an end to their party??? Get a real job and go to work??? A real job would kill most of them.
          I look forward to the day when Mississippi will get some real public servants elected who give a damn about our State and its people. Men and women who will bring us to the top of the “good lists” for a change. I think it is a dream that can be realized when the people of this State have finally had enough and realize that they hold the power at their fingertips!!!!

          1. Charlene

            You are correct. No doubt they don’t want anything to change. The more educated the citizens are, the more votes the Regime will lose.

            Just look at the crap they are pulling with the ballot structure on Initiative 42. I see it as purposely confusing voters which in my mind is truly unamerican and they should be charged with a crime in some fashion. They are literally trying to manipulate a democracy.

            1. Over the past few days we saw the Clarion Ledger endorse Prop 42 and then have Sam Hall and Geoff Pender write columns on why they both opposed it. I signed the petition to get it on the ballot.

              I have thought about Prop 42 alot. My govermental auditing background is overwhelmingly in K12 and I know many of our school districts can use the extra money, especially the more rural school districts.

              I have come to the conclusion Prop 42 is not the solution to the money problems in Mississippi public education. I may devote a post to the reasons behind my thinking.

  7. And don’t forget to vote for Tom Blanton for Public Service Commissioner. He is the lawyer/oil man who has put MS Power on the ropes.

  8. My Fellow Americans,

    Please show your support for Joce Pritchett November 3rd–This coming Tuesday.

    As seen on the Slabbed Tweet Tracker, The Clarion Ledger has endorsed her for The Auditor of Mississippi:

    Also, please see Joce’s latest video located on the pritchettforauditor Facebook page:

    It’s time for Stacy Pickering to hit the skids.

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