Sad to say I’m not very surprised that this Lake George deal

Is just another way certain local political Bubbas can belly up to the taxpayer trough:

Jackson County supervisor says he co-owns land in Lake George area ~ Karen Nelson

Cumbest told the Sun Herald he is part-owner with his family of 40 acres in George County that likely will go under water if the lakes are built. He also is part owner with his family of 200 acres in Jackson County near where the dam is proposed for the lower lake, he said. The 200 acres in Jackson County is undeveloped and without roads, he said. The 40 acres in George County are on a road, he said.

Cumbest has been the point man on this project for the supervisors, and last year went to Washington with George County representatives to seek funding for Lake George.

A chip off the ol’ block? The word Brazen comes to mind here.

Locals in Wiggins still tell stories about the politically connected land swindles that preceded Pat Harrison’s Flint Creek water park back in the day. Lake George appears to be a 21st century replay.

The problem sourcing with prostitutes….

The good ones are in large part mattress actresses that deceive for a living.

David Vitter – Interview with Wendy Ellis, October 13, 2015 ~ Jason Berry

Shortly after Jason’s post was published Clancy Dubos rolled out an article highlighting it that was not long for the internet as it was deleted seemingly as quickly as it appeared. It still exists on the internet though:

Deleted Article From Gambit: “Vitter mistress: He told me to get an abortion”

The major problem with the Gambit piece was that Team Vitter highlighted some big inconsistencies in Wendy Ellis’ latest statements in her interview with Jason in fairly short order, the interview being a quality watch nonetheless. That said AZ can’t catch a break as I saw a power user on Twitter suggest that Jason took payola to run the story in advance of the election. On the polar opposite side of the instant reaction was a political operative that asked me why the piece did not run, “before the start of early voting”, meaning its impact on the election is diminished. My personal take is sometimes in news publishing you can’t win no matter which way you go but I’m pretty darn sure that AZ, like Slabbed does not run a story before its time. And if its time is two days before or three weeks after an election so be it.

David Vitter is a complicated electoral subject in Louisiana. For all the sinnin’ he’s done the man has also brought home lots of bacon and people remember that when they hit the voting booth. Lifers here should remember Vitter’s senate office cut major red tape to get Patricia life saving surgery for instance.

In any event if there is muck to be raked on Senator Vitter and his past sins, my money is on Jason to bring it to light.

The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy. ~ Edwin Edwards