Burnin’ Rubber in the Bay

“We worry about the potential of people burning out, running into traffic and running into a bunch of people,” Dobbs said. “It also tears up the road. It just blows my mind when other cities allow it. We have zero tolerance for it.” ~ Biloxi Police after DUI arrest Cruisin’ the Coast 2015

The following comment was left on a Facebook post featuring the Youtube video above:

It’s official next year I will make my way to the bay …because the cops are dicks on the other end of 90 about the burn outs ..

I look at that Youtube video and can safely predict that it is a matter of time before people get hurt on Main Street in Bay St Louis during a future Cruising the Coast because it’s not a matter of if but when.

File this one under Country Boys gone to town.

5 thoughts on “Burnin’ Rubber in the Bay”

  1. Burning out in front if Gallery 220 in front of oncoming traffic. The car spun out into my lane and the crowd cheered him on.
    Called dispatch. The woman at dispatch on the phone wanted me to clearly define for her what a turnout was and why it was dangerous. After trying to clarify I finally gave up and told her to wait until they get someone killed. Seriously, it is Cruisin the Coast and Bay St Louis Dispatch does not know what an unsanctioned Burnout is?

    1. Our current countywide dispatch system is a major issue. It’s a joke. Most of the staff is not well trained and have very little empathy for people that call in. I have given up. Like you, I have called to report reckless driving, drunk drivers, etc., only to be blown off or to have to spend time explaining something that is quite obvious. Talked to multiple people affiliated with the 911 board about training and the poor call quality and the need for improvement….to no avail. One official, will not name, said, well what do you expect? We don’t pay them much and the positions are filled by friends and family. #SMH

      Unfortunately, it will probably take a major tragedy or more for things to change.

      If there is an emergency in Bay St. Louis the only people you can count on is the fire department. They actually know the landscape, the community, and don’t need to ask multiple times what address, where exactly is that and what is it you need help for again? I have a feeling they take care of a lot of things central dispatch misses – like calling AMR, the power company and/or the police in if needed. Would be interesting to know how much central dispatch misses and who is tracking their calls for quality and response time. TBC…..

      1. As these are public and civic type employees who are being paid by the citizens I would personally recommend you or anyone’s to throw them under the bus.

        If these people are not fulfilling their obligation through lack of training, supervisory controls or plain laziness, I would take close notes and start sending it out to the media.

        They will learn quickly if a few stories get printed. Then of course the comments will likely follow. 😉

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